Credit Cards for People with excellent credit score.

Good credit cards for Those with Excellent Credit

Best excellent credit credit cards When you have an excellent credit score the world of opportunities offered through credit cards is open to you.

There are several benefits you can get from a credit card if you have a great looking credit report. Some of the options available to you are

  • low interest rates,
  • reduced or no fees for using a card, and
  • of course benefits and rewards.

When you can apply for any card you want to be sure to find the credit cards which offer you the most to benefit your lifestyle.

Another thing you want to keep in mind when looking for a card exclusive to those with excellent credit scores is if they have an annual fee and the benefits offered by the card are worth it.

Below are some of the best credit cards with these types of benefits for those who have an excellent credit score.

Membership Privileges

American Express Gold Card One of the best credit cards for people with excellent credit scores is the American Express Gold card.

This is because American Express offers several benefits to their cardholders. While the Gold card does have a $150 annual fee it offers cardholders the ability to earn Membership points with each purchase which is made using the card. The points can be cashed in on a wide variety of travel, entertainment, and shopping options.

American Express card holders are also invited to events which are exclusive to only cardholders. Cardholders also get several other excusive opportunities extended to them.

These exclusive opportunities range from getting the chance to buy tickets with the best seating for concerts and events to the ability to enter first class lounges in airports.

American Express cardholders do not need to be flying first class to enter a first class airport lounge. They just simply need to present their card to gain entrance.

Other Good Credit Cards

Chase Sapphire credit card

Chase Sapphire credit card is another card which is offered just to those who have excellent credit report scores.These cards offer a points and membership program which rivals that of American Express but unlike the cards offered though American Express there is no annual fee for this card.

One of the benefits Chase offers these credit card holders is the ability to use the points they earn by using the cards on almost anything imaginable.

The other benefit of having this card is the excellent customer service offered to its cardholders.

Chase makes it easy for Sapphire cardholders to reach a live customer service representative each time they call with an issue.

The Discover Black credit card.

The Discover Black credit card is exclusive to only those with excellent credit scores.The card has no annual fees and low interest rates for balances held on these cards.

Additionally this card comes with a cash back program which offers card holders up to 5% cash back on the purchases they make in their featured categories.

While the 5% cash back categories may change the card offers 1% cash back automatically for any purchases made on the card. There is no annual fee for this credit card.