How to Accept Credit Card Online Payment?

accept credit card online payment – With the advent of Internet shopping more and more businesses be it small scale or large scale are offering an option for their customers to shop online and also accept credit card online.

Credit cards are today by far the easiest and the safest option to pay online and paying by cash is turning out to be a less and less feasible prospect.

This is making it increasingly important for online businesses to accept credit card online. But what are the various ways to accept credit card online?

    1. Merchant Accounts

The most commonly used method is to go in for a merchant account by way of which you can carry out credit card transactions without any hassle. But with the credit crisis banks have made it difficult to open merchant accounts and demand proof for business credibility and experience.

This has made more and more business owners to approach third party credit card processing services to accept credit card.

    1. Third Party Processing Services

Third party processing services open and operate merchant accounts on behalf of the business owner and permit them to accept credit card online and make transactions using credit cards simpler. However they would charge the business owner a percentage of every bill that is processed by them.

But today there are a lot of services available over the web and otherwise using which you can accept credit card online.

    1. Paypal PayFlow

The most popular among them is the one offered by Paypal which has already proven its credibility by registering close to 50 million users.

The service that is named as Payflow permits online credit card transactions. The service is proven to be safe and offers numerous add-ons services like recurrent billing and full protection against credit card fraud.

However this option would not be a feasible option for large scale or even medium sized business which would need to use credit card payments for high volume transactions.

accept credit card online payment – The efficiency of the service would depend upon the speed of the Internet connection that you have and using the service for a large volume transaction and that too repeatedly may slow down your payments infinitely.

For more speed and robust services it is always advisable to go in for either a third party processing service or open your own merchant account.

In fact businesses that are new could go in for third party services and after being in the business for sometime move over to opening their own merchant accounts.

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