After Bankruptcy Credit Cards. How Can I Get a Credit Card after Bankruptcy?

After Bankruptcy Credit Cards. 

Filing for bankruptcy is one of the hardest things that many people will have to do in their lifetimes.

It is made even harder when it is time to re-establish credit or obtaining credit cards after bankruptcy filing.

This is because not all companies are willing to give you a chance.

They are worried that you will simply run up your credit and then file again for credit card bankruptcy.

Of Course, with the recent changes in the bankruptcy laws, there are more credit card companies which are willing to work with you in a much shorter period of time.

It is a good idea to have a plan in place so that you will not be taken advantage of.

Right after you file for bankruptcy, you are sure to get a lot of mail from credit card companies offering to give you a credit card.

The problem is that many of these will have extremely high APRs or they will have high membership fees.

It is possible to get a credit card which will allow you to re-establish your credit while still keeping money in your pocket to be able to pay for things. The thing to remember is that you may have to start somewhere to get to where you want to be.

    1. Best Credit Cards to Apply For After Filing for Bankruptcy

Best Credit Cards After Bankruptcy Right after your bankruptcy, you should start to look for credit cards which will allow you to carry a balance for a slight membership fee.

Look for cards which will have a membership fee of less than $200 a year.

This way you can carry a balance and make purchases. You will not be able to get a very high purchase limit, but you will be able to have a credit card which can report responsible purchases and responsible payments.

This will help you to boost your credit score so that you can get the kinds of credit cards you really want.

    1. When to Apply for a Credit Card after Bankruptcy

Credit Card Bankruptcy One question people often have is how long they should wait until they get a new credit card.

      It is a good idea to get started right away.

This being said, there are some cases in which you are not allowed to start any new debt while you are in bankruptcy proceedings.

Find out what your legal obligations are so that you can make sure that you are not in violation when you get your new card.

    1. How to Apply for a Credit Card after Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Card Credit Debt Personal The method you will use to apply for your credit card will depend on where you are getting it from.

  • These days the most likely place to apply at will be online.
  • If you are applying through your bank, you might apply simply by stopping by.
  • In some cases, you might also apply through the mail. Just make sure that your information is secure when you apply so that you will not have to worry about anyone stealing your identity and causing you further debt problems.