Know the Best Al Rajhi Bank Creditcards for you

Check out, compare and choose from variety of Al Rajhi Bank Creditcards offers. These cards comply with Sharia conditions and deliver wide range of advantages in meeting customers’ specific needs.

Al Rajhi Bank being the largest Islamic bank in the world has major investments in Saudi Arabia.

Al Rajhi Bank Creditcards - Superior Cards

Since the company started their banking and trading enterprise in 1957, they never cease to introduce new product innovations that contribute significant improvements to the financial industry in the Kingdom.

The bank also signified its presence in international banking through the launching of Al Rajhi Bank in Malaysia in 2006.

Abiding to the accepted Saudi business standard that closely follows Islamic banking principles; the bank aims to bridge the gap between contemporary financial practices and fundamental Islamic values.

This will apply to all the existing products and services on banking, personal finance, home financing, car financing, Al Rajhi Bank Creditcards, and other diverse financial services.

Exceptional Features of Al Rajhi Bank Creditcards

Getting a credit card from Al Rajhi Bank is relatively easy by simply completing the application form and submitting the same with the required documents.

Obtain the card of your choice by scrutinizing their features and other benefits that are exclusive with the card’s type.

  • These cards are Sharia compliant and not charging any fees or commissions on late payment.
  • Cardholders can avail of Supplementary cards to other members of the family.
  • With the cards, have a consistent access to special offers and big discounts at high-end stores.
  • All the cards are enabled with safety features for online shopping.
  • Card members are entitled to necessary services and emergency assistance worldwide.

Visa MasterCard Platinum Creditcards

Enjoy higher credit limit with Platinum card and live according to your own lifestyle.

Avail of up to five additional credit cards for the other members of the family to enjoy.

Visa Infinite Creditcards

The Infinite credit cards are obtainable only by invitation. This is definitely a card of great privileges.

  • Have high credit limit for card members to enjoy starting from SR 375,000
  • The card enables access to VIP lounges at airports worldwide

Visa MasterCard Gold Creditcards

The Gold card is useful for shopping and cash withdrawals.

Al Rajhi Bank Creditcards - Excellent Card Features

  • Enjoy a grace period for this card up to forty-five days
  • Way to earn through Rewards Points Program by simply using the card, redeemable at selected merchants

Visa MasterCard Silver Creditcards

Silver cards are Sharia compliant card and an ideal companion if you need more than the usual spending.

  • Offers 45 days grace period
  • Useful in purchasing product and services as well as withdrawing cash
  • Avail of Rewards Points Program by just using your credit card

YouVisa Creditcards for Ladies

The YouVisa cards for ladies are designed having the needs of women in mind.

  • Grace period of up to 45 days
  • Availability of earning points for Reward Program redemption

Tasawaq Card

The Tasawaq card is identified as low limit credit cards, which allow payment through POS terminals and do online shopping.

  • The card can be used in shopping and withdraw cash with ease
  • Have the advantage of controlled card limit and become responsible in handling your finances

All Al Rajhi Bank Creditcards are available for instant issuance at all Al Rajhi Bank branches.

Cards of all approved applications are sent directly through reliable courier companies.