The Value of American Express Business Cards

We can describe American Express Business Cards as simple and easy means in saving money from business spending.

American Express Business Cards - Savings on Spendings

Business owners using this card can take advantage of lowering their expenses through rewards and discount schemes.

This is also a big help to organize the company’s bookkeeping process by providing year-end statement summary, presented with itemized and categorized transactions.

Additionally, those newly established businesses can take the opportunity of building their business credit that will be useful for obtaining loans should the business need them in the future.

This business card from American Express has features designed for use of small businesses. Other than having no-fee, it offers a credit line and capable of earning cash rebate at the same time.

Essential Benefits Business Cards Offer

What exactly are the itemized benefits that American Express Business cards provide?

The following will help you understand how business credit cards can help support your business all the way.

Rewards and Savings

Get the chance of earning annual cash rebate for up to $1,250 every year. Card members will simply have to use their cards for all their business purchases such as travel, entertainment and office supplies.

Expense Management

Small businesses should have an effective and reliable management of their expenses.

Here is how American Express Business Cards can help in this aspect.

  • Have better financial control over card expenses through Online Account Access.
  • Chances of getting your employees free supplementary cards that will extend the card’s benefits to them.
  • Businesses can securely and conveniently access management reports anytime. For example, they can download reports into accounting software and make use of them for tax preparation. They will be provided with summary of expenses that can be used as reference. The expense management of companies will have better flexibility.
  • Choose paying your account using telephone or the internet. You can also do your payment at local bank branches, ATM or through mail.
  • Depending on the approval, you can get cash advance that can be withdrawn at automated banking machine.

Greater Purchasing Power

Card members of American Express Business cards can get the advantage of having no annual fee and free supplementary cards for their employees. Business owners can obtain cash flow leverage through the option of paying in full or paying over time.

American Express Business Cards - Cash Back

Travel and Entertainment

Get help on travel and entertainment, being the two major business expenses.

Card holders can avail of preferred ticket access to many entertainment events.

Have an automatic travel accident insurance whenever you travel using common carrier conveyance.

Security and Protection

Businesses can get emergency card replacement should the card be lost or stolen.

Your business can be covered with disability plan. This will benefit the company from valuable protection versus the financial hardship due to permanent or total disability without paying an extra cost.

Business owners can treat American Express Business Cards as a great privilege. The cards offer valuable flexibility through effective card management.

Applying high level of responsibility to your business through the help of business cards will lead to happiness and many years of business profitability.