Exploring American Express Cards

American Express cards represent the product of a great company founded in 1850.

American Express Cards- Great Cards

The company as renowned issuer of credit cards worldwide is responsible for offering wide selection of cards catering to customers of varying class and strata.

The two major categories of cards from American Express are credit cards and charge cards.

These cards are customized according to the needs and the paying capacity of cardholders.

Prospective card members can choose among the wide variety of Amex cards and enjoy the benefits they provide.

American Express Cards – Charge Cards

Charge cards does not commonly charge interest from cardholders, but require them to settle their balance in full per issued statement.

These cards customarily have higher or mostly unlimited spending limit features.

If you intend to have greater control of your finances as well as better financial flexibility, the charge cards from American Express will definitely meet your requirements.

With these cards, you can pre-set your spending limit as long as the statement balance is will be paid in full every month.

The following are Amex charge cards:

The Green Card. This is charge card for consumers that appreciate convenience, flexibility and security.

The card makes life easy with special airfares including valuable discounts in many hotels around the world. Cardholders enjoy access to the fund they need without pre-set spending limit.

Moreover, the card has global reassurance, which includes travel accident insurance and global assistance.

The card also has Amex membership rewards and extends use to family members through supplementary card membership.

American Express Cards- Card of Choice

The Gold Card. With this card, points can be earned faster. Cardholders can experience the power of membership rewards program.

This card from American Express have no pre-defined credit limit and consider cardholder’s spending patterns and payment behavior.

Gold charge card offers zero liability on lost cards and protection from online fraud.

The Platinum Card. This card features earning points from your spending, redeemable for rewards and does not expire.

Card members can enhance their lifestyle with the benefits from superior brands and services. You can avail of priority pass during travels.

American Express Cards – Credit Cards

Credit cards from American Express provide access to special offers, unique discounts, and popular invitations to sales for member-only.

Moreover, card members are rewarded from their spending through membership rewards program. This program facilitates the earning of points redeemable for rewards that boost your lifestyle.

These credit cards have features that will make the cardholder confident during their travels around the world. The global assist of American Express offers security by giving emergency medical as well as legal assistance.

The card members can enjoy great financial flexibility by taking advantage of the company’s low interest rates.

The following are Amex credit cards:

Personal Credit Card. This credit card from American Express features essential benefits that provide financial flexibility for individual spending needs.

Small Business Credit Card. This credit card is loaded with membership rewards beneficial for cardholders to support their businesses.

Corporate Card. This card offers businesses in managing their expenses better in addition to great rewards and other valuable features.

Gift Card. This prepaid card has specific value that can be used in establishments that accept American Express card. Use gift card to purchase your meals, get entertainment or buy items from catalogs, stores and online vendors.

For more information, comparison of card or applications, you can visit the official website of American Express.