American Express Company – The All-in-One Financial Service Company

American Express Company is one of the many reputable companies in the financial world that has a wide variety of products.

Among the company’s products include:

American Express Company - Office

  • Credit and Charge Cards
  • Expense Management Services
  • Business and Consumer Travel Services
  • Travelers Checks and Other Prepaid Products
  • Merchant Processing and Acquisition Services
  • Network Services
  • Point-of-Sale Products and Services
  • Information and Marketing Products and Services for Businesses and Merchants
  • Trend Analyses and Consulting Services
  • Loyalty and Rewards Programs Design for Customers
  • Fraud Prevention Services
  • Publishing of travel, cooking, time, wine, and luxury lifestyle magazines,
  • Online Programs for Customers.

Since 1850 when Amex was founded, its market has been continuously growing. To date, the company’s customers include small businesses, medium-sized companies, large corporations, and regular consumers.

The products and services are sold through online applications, direct mail, third-party sales services, in-house sales, and direct response to the company’s advertising.

American Express Company is not Only a Charge-Credit Card Company

In the past, American Express Company has focused more on its charge-credit card products and services. However, with its new partnership with different companies; it has elevated to a different level and now has become a banking institution.

American Express Company - Pay Tellers

Among its banking services include certificates of deposit, savings accounts, bill payments, direct deposit, free ATM withdrawals, and instant payments from person-to-person.

This transformation has made Amex more adept to the growing environment of online commerce.

Today, Americans are more willing to do business with more than one bank or change banks.

Mobile payment market is becoming popular and widely used. Amex hopes that their current products and services will have bigger share in this growing market.

Actually, Amex became a bank during a very critical economic struggle. However, that economic situation has opened the window for Amex for another business opportunity.

American Express Company’s Growth Factor

The growth of American Express as a Company is not only due to its remarkable products and services.

American Express Company - Knowledge

One factor that makes this company grow and be patronized by most consumers is its commitment to support the communities where their employees and customers live.

The company’s efforts in supporting communities have given them recognition as one of the United State’s Top 50 most community-minded corporations.

Currently, Amex has launched three new specific efforts with the purpose of promoting civic action, which include:

  • Serve2Gether Consultation – In this program, Amex assigns employees to local nonprofit entities to provide free consultation services related to organizational structure and management.
  • Developing Innovators Leadership Camp – This pioneering leadership program is not only for Americans, but has brought together fifteen innovators from different countries worldwide. Among the countries include Cambodia, India, Zimbabwe, and Nicaragua.
  • Partners in Preservation – This program is aimed to help in the preservation of local cultural and historic places around the country. To date, Amex is committed to provide more than fifteen million dollars to preserve historic sites in seven cities.

With the recent effects of Hurricane Sandy, Amex’s community support programs will truly help more people and businesses bring back what they lost.