Facts Related to Amex TrueEarnings Business Creditcards

Amex TrueEarnings Business Creditcards feature cash back that is valuable to consumers.

Amex TrueEarnings Business Creditcards - Cards for Savings

The popularity of cash back credit cards is evident with consumers in terms of earnings.

In the last two years, the number of cards that offer rewards and cash back in the market has doubled.

Accordingly, about 75-percent of over 245 credit cards are classified as standard cards instead of gold or platinum.

Moreover, 20-percent of these credit cards have rewards scheme of earning points useful for shopping benefits.

Air miles rewards account for ten-percent of the cards and cash back followed at 9-percent.

Cash back are bonus points earned that accumulates overtime when making purchases using credit cards with such feature.

Cash Back with Amex TrueEarnings Business Creditcards

True Earnings Business card from American Express provides more cash back earnings on the daily purchases made by card members.

The earnings will accumulate by paying usual expenses with these cards.

Amex TrueEarnings Business Creditcards - Cash Back Feature

  • Get four-percent cash back on purchases for gasoline at stand-alone stations in the U.S. including Costco. This is applied with up to $7,000 purchases per year.
  • Get two-percent cash back on spending at U.S. restaurants.
  • Get two-percent cash back on every eligible travel purchases.
  • Get one-percent cash back on all other purchases. This includes purchases at Costco.

OPEN Savings with Amex TrueEarnings Business Creditcards

Avail of automatic discounts on purchases made using your True Earnings Business card at all OPEN Savings partners.

  • Savings is automatic and there is no need for enrolment.
  • The savings earned are additional to all other promotions or discounts.
  • Take advantage of maximizing discounts by combining OPEN savings with other rebates, offers and coupons.
  • The OPEN savings earnings are conveniently credited to the monthly credit card statement.

Participating OPEN partners are available on necessary business expenses related to lodging, transportation, shipping, technology solutions, office supplies, gifts and services.

The savings would be from 3-percent to 10-percent on the usual goods and services that you buy.

Get More with Amex TrueEarnings Business Creditcards

Easy Travel. Have a convenient travel with the necessary insurance and assistance including Car Rental Loss/Damage Insurance, Global Assist Hotline, Roadside Assistance and Travel Accident Insurance.

Amex TrueEarnings Business Creditcards - Added Features

Assured Protection. Have peace of mind and get protection for your purchases and identity. This includes Extended Warranty, Identity Theft Assistance, Fraud Protection and Dispute Resolution.

Convenient Account Management. Easily manage your business through Online Account Management. Helpful features such as online statements, year-end summary statement, accounts alerts and access authorization.

Reliable Service. Small business owners can take advantage of 24/7 card member service for personalized help from reliable customer service representative.

The good thing about Amex TrueEarnings Business Creditcards is that the earnings come from your usual daily spending, which does not require tedious monitoring.

In maximizing the benefits of credit card with cash back feature, card member should take note of responsible use of their cards and avoid payment of interest by settling the account balance consistently every month.

In order to have more information to help you choose the best credit card that will suit your spending needs and taking advantage of features, visit American Express official site.




Are Amex Starwood PreferredGuest Creditcards the Best Travel Benefits Credit Cards?

To know if Amex Starwood PreferredGuest creditcards are the best for travel benefits, let us check out their remarkable features and offers.

Most people who have used these cards claim that if you are looking for an awesome travel benefits credit card, which allows you to earn free stays at high-end resorts and hotels, and can be used for airline miles programs; these are the cards for you.

Additionally, these credit cards come with extra purchase protections, travel benefits, and more.

At a glance, here are some of the benefits and features of the Starwood PreferredGuest credit cards from Amex:

Amex Starwood PreferredGuest Creditcards - Hotel Stays

  • You can achieve up to 25,000 bonus points. For your first purchase, earn 10,000 points and additional 15000 points upon spending $5,000 during the initial six months of card ownership.
  • There are over 1,000 hotels in about 100 countries all over the world where you can redeem your Starpoints for free hotel stays without blackout dates.
  • If you want, you can redeem your Starpoints with no blackout dates on over 350 airlines with Starwood Preferred Guest Flights.
  • Actually, there are no limitations to the number of Starpoints, which you can earn through these credit cards.
  • Also, get 5,000 Starpoints if you decide to transfer 20,000 of your earned Starpoints to a frequent flyer program. Your choices are over 30 airlines for this program.
  • Your annual fee is waived for the first year and after that, you will only pay $65 for annual fees.

How Starpoints are Earned with Amex Starwood PreferredGuest Creditcards

Definitely, every time you purchase using Amex Starwood PreferredGuest Creditcards, you earn Starpoints towards free strays at Starwoods Hotels and Resorts.

For each eligible dollar spent, you can get one Starpoint. Apparently, the current offer is for you to get 10,000 bonus points for the first purchases made with your new credit card.

Actually, with those bonus points, you can already obtain free night stays at a category 4 hotel.

Amex Starwood PreferredGuest Creditcards - Travel Rewards

Of course, as mentioned earlier, you get additional 15,000 points when you are able to spend worth $5,000 during the initial six months cardmembership.

If you are a frequent guest at any of the Starwood hotels and resorts, earning points is much faster because you can earn up to five Starpoints.

You can earn two Starpoints for booking using your card and two Starpoints for being a SPG member. The additional point is earned if you are either a Platinum or Gold member.

To top it all, the SPG program has nine unique products to satisfy your travel needs: Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, W Hotels, Four Points by Sheraton, Aloft, Le Meridien, The Luxury Collection, Element, Westin Hotels and Resorts, and St. Regis.

Not only that, there is a current promotion where you can get your third night for free if you stay at any participating Sheraton Hotels and Resorts for two consecutive nights. Isn’t that awesome?

Your Starpoints are not only for hotel stays. You can also use your Starpoints for flights in over 350 airlines. Now, that is amazing, isn’t it?

The best part of owning these credit cards is the excellent customer service you get from American Express.




Why Prefer Amex Starwood PreferredGuest Business Creditcards?

Amex Starwood PreferredGuest Business Creditcards are your way for remarkable vacation giveaways.

Amex Starwood PreferredGuest Business Creditcards - Card for Hotel Stays

Be one of the guests and look at where Starwood Preferred Guest can take you through the American Express card.

It is your access to the nine most interesting hotel brands with over a thousand hotels and resorts worldwide.

Start earning the necessary Starpoints using the card for the opportunity to redeem wonderful redemption options.

Have unique experiences and the firsthand access to great sports events, music and arts entertainment being an SPG member.

These are among the reasons why you should prefer Starwood Preferred Guest Business credit cards from American Express.

All About Starwood Preferred Guest Program

SPG program delivers great privileges from three membership levels. One of these levels is the preferred, which can be earned using Amex Starwood PreferredGuest Business Creditcards.

  • Members can earn two Starpoints from any eligible U.S. dollar spending at restaurants, charges for room service and many more.
  • With at least 2,000 Starpoints, have options to redeem free night awards, award flights and other valuable redemption options.
  • Get privileges as members for quicker way of earning bonus Starpoints for hotel stays.

The rewards opportunity is guaranteed without any expiration by just showing account activity in a year.

Getting the rewards the Way you want them.

Amex Starwood PreferredGuest Business Creditcards - SPG Program

The free night awards can be availed when you have needs of them. Meaning, whenever a room (standard) is available, it can be reserved even on holidays or during big events. Members have flexibility in redeeming awards nights using cash and Starpoints combined.

  • If you redeem for four nights at the selected hotels and resorts, the fifth night will be free.
  • Have an opportunity to upgrade rooms when available with just few additional Starpoints.
  • Use Starpoints for instant awards while staying in the hotel for choices of in-hotel indulgences.

Making Use of the Starpoints to Soar

With the SPG Flights, get an access for airline tickets to over 350 airlines with no blackout dates.

The airline transfer program permits the conversion of Starpoints into frequent-flyer miles applicable to more than 30 major airlines.

More with Amex Starwood PreferredGuest Business Creditcards

The foregoing are the basic privileges Starwood Preferred Guest program can offer, and American Express gives more for the advantage of card members.

Amex Starwood PreferredGuest Business Creditcards - More Offers

  1. The card offers zero-dollar introductory annual fee during the first year of card membership.
  2. Take advantage of earning 10,000 Starpoints after your initial purchases. Additionally, get 15,000 bonus points if you will be able to spend $5,000 in six months.
  3. Have an opportunity in getting more Starpoints that are useful for hotel stays. Earn five Startpoints with each dollar of eligible spending directly charged with participating hotels and resorts.

With the Amex Starwood PreferredGuest Business Creditcards, members can maximize their privileges in using the cards and get the best out of Starwood Preferred Guest Program.

Members have the essential protection and support that are common with American Express cards such as Extended Warranty, Fraud Protection Guarantee, Identity Theft Assistance and Dispute Resolution.

On the other hand, support is given to all card members in managing their accounts by facilitating online account management including 24/7 Cardmember Business Service.

Above all, American Express makes your travel easier by providing the necessary insurance and assistance including the guarantee of Global Assist Hotline; Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance; and Baggage Insurance Plan.




Are Amex Small Business Cards Helpful to your Business?

Amex small business cards can provide sufficient funding for your business.

Small business credit card is a good alternative solution for small businesses, which are experiencing difficulties in finding the finances needed to start their company.

Aside from many valuable offers and attractive incentive programs, small business cards offer several advantages for businesses.

Amex Small Business Cards - Financing Business

In using credit card, owners can easily record and monitor business purchases. Credit card companies issue monthly statements that itemized all credit card transactions related to the business.

Business credit cards allow business owners to avail of credit cards for their employees. This is a convenient way to extend purchasing capabilities to trusted employees with the proper expense reporting and monitoring.

You can have protection from any fraudulent transactions that happened using the credit card. This is a brilliant way to protect your business finances.

Establishment of good credit rating is easier if your company have Amex small business cards. Take advantage of the excellent rating to avail of additional funds for your business.

In addition, more advantages can be achieved by small businesses if they are able to manage their business credits very well.

What do Amex Small Business Cards have to Offer?

Small business cards from American Express have great features designed to help you start and build your own business.

  • Earn membership rewards points that you can use to redeem cash and other services.
  • Take advantage of accelerated rewards program that offer points earned by using card to buy the needs of your business.
  • Business credit cards usually offers zero introductory annual fee that you can take advantage.
  • Operate the business 24/7, any time and anywhere by using the online account management option.
  • Have a peace of mind knowing your business is protected and enjoy Amex small business cards exceptional customer service.

What are the Popular Amex Small Business Cards?

It is your privilege as business owner to know and understand which business card offered by American Express will meet your business financial requirements.

Amex Small Business Cards - Card Preference

Business Gold Rewards Card

This business card is best in earning points faster.

Earn 50,000 Membership Rewards points by spending $5,000 within the first three months of using the card.

Business Platinum Card

This business charge card has over forty premium benefits for your business advantage.

Get 25,000 Membership Reward points by simply spending $5,000 during the first three months your card membership.

Gold Delta SkyMiles Business Card

This is an airline business credit card that can earn miles that can be applied to Delta Award Travel.

Earn for your business 30,000 miles by spending $5,000 in three months time of your card membership.

Amex Small Business Cards Value Added Services

These small business cards from Amex have tools that can enhance your business efficiency.

  • Reward your company by earning Membership Rewards points from employee credit card spending.
  • Implement spending limits and spend tracking alerts to monitor business spending easily for your advantage.
  • Have an online statement and year-end account summary that is useful in the accounting, analysis and reconciliation of business expenses.

Always have sufficient business finances with Amex small business cards and take advantage of community support and networking opportunities.




Amex Premier Rewards Gold Cards – High-End Cards at Lesser Cost

Do you know that Amex Premier Rewards Gold Cards work like Platinum Cards, but cost lesser?

Amex Premier Rewards Gold Cards - High-End Card

Actually, these cards are not credit cards; but are charge cards that are better than American Express Gold Cards and can be equal to Platinum Cards in terms of rewards

and benefits.

If you are looking for the prestige that Amex Gold provides including the numerous benefits, then this is a good choice for you.

Among the frequent traveling executives and young professionals, American Express is the brand that comes in their minds when they think of prestige.

The two leading Amex high-end cards that offer concierge and travel benefits are the Platinum Cards and Premier Rewards Gold.

However, if you want to get a high-end Amex; but don’t want to shell out $450 for annual fee, Premier Rewards Gold is the card for you.

The introductory offer of waiving the annual of $175 for the first year is another great advantage.

These cards also let you get an exclusive access destinations and events for Gold Cards wherein you can enjoy hotel amenities and travel packages worldwide.

Fundamental Information about the Amex Premier Rewards Gold Cards

Interested in owning Amex Premier Rewards Gold Cards? Here is some of the fundamental information you should learn about these cards to help you decide in getting one for you:

Amex Premier Rewards Gold Cards - Excellent Features

  • You can earn more and fast – During the first three months of your card membership, you can earn 25,000 Membership Rewards if you are able to spend $2,000 and 15,000 Membership Rewards points if you are able to spend within a calendar year worth $30,000. The points are easily earned with three points on airfare, two points on gas at stand-alone stations in the U.S. and one point on all your other purchases. However, you can only earn the points on eligible purchases.
  • Amex Travel Rewards – When book your cruises, flights, vacation packages and hotels through the American Express website; you can earn travel rewards and enjoy no blackout dates and seat restrictions.
  • Various Redemption Options – You can have flexibility in redeeming your earned points. You can use your earned points for gift cards to shop for over 300 popular brands, dining, and entertainment.
  • Available Protections Access – When you travel, you can access the Baggage Insurance Plan. And, when you shop, you can enjoy the Purchase Protection, Extended Warranty, and Return Protection.
  • Gold Card Events Privileges – You have access in selecting shows, concerts, sport events, and more.

You can visit the official website of American Express if you need or want additional information about these cards and know the terms and restrictions that apply for earning and redeeming points.

What are the Benefits of the Amex Premier Rewards Gold Cards?

Amex Premier Rewards Gold Cards definitely offer excellent benefits to cardholders. To give you a bird’s eye view of the various benefits, here are some for your information.

  • As mentioned earlier, you avail of the Baggage Insurance Plan that provides up to $1,250 for carry-on luggage and up to $500 for your check in baggage.
  • You are entitled for a travel insurance coverage of up to $250,000 for you and your family.
  • In order to give you protection while you shop, you will be provided with Fraud Protections and Purchase Protection. You will not be liable for any fraudulent transactions and you are protected when you use your cards against breakage or theft for up to ninety days from the date of your purchase.

To learn more about the other benefits, you can visit the American Express website.

Remember that if you are looking for a very good rewards program, strong benefits, and prestige, you may very well consider these charge cards.




Travel and Earn Miles with Amex PlatinumDelta SkyMiles Creditcards

The Amex PlatinumDelta SkyMiles Creditcards provide card members the benefit of earning reward miles, especially for those who usually travel with Delta Airlines.

Amex PlatinumDelta SkyMiles Creditcards - Travel Benefits

With the card, you can earn miles with every dollar spent including airline related purchases.

There is also a chance of earning bonus miles and getting a reward for a companion airline ticket every year upon renewal of your membership.

The card has an annual fee of $150 and it is offered to consumers with good to excellent credit.

Amex PlatinumDelta SkyMiles Creditcards apply variable APR rate on purchases and provide flexible payment of charges over time.

Offered Benefits of Amex PlatinumDelta SkyMiles Creditcards

Card members of Platinum Delta SkyMiles from American Express have opportunity of enjoying great benefits.

Use card and Earn Miles. – Every dollar you charge to your card can let you earn one mile. This includes purchases of materials, inventories and even payment of your monthly utility bills.

Travel with Delta and Earn Miles. – If you travel with Delta Airlines, you will earn miles on every ticket purchased. The miles that add up will get you closer in earning your next vacation.

Amex PlatinumDelta SkyMiles Creditcards - Travel Features

Applying the card’s Miles Boosts. – Establish an earning of up to 20,000 MQMs every year through the built-in Miles Boosts. This can help you reach the Medallion status easily.

Medallion Qualification Miles or MQMs are tool in determining SkyMiles Medallion status. One can earn MQMs through any eligible flight activity as well as SkyMiles partner activity.

You can also earn Medallion status by earning through the total Medallion Qualification Segments flown.

With the Amex PlatinumDelta SkyMiles Creditcards, you have opportunities in earning Miles Boost for 10,000 MQMs if you reached $25,000 of eligible purchases in a year.

You can also have additional Miles Boost for 10,000 MQMs upon reaching $50,000 eligible purchases in the same year.

Take note that the Miles Boosts are already build-in to your card. Card members are not required to enroll nor calculate, and all they have to do is to use their cards.

Other Plus of Amex PlatinumDelta SkyMiles Creditcards

The Platinum Delta SkyMiles cards have the usual added protection and services common to American Express cards.

Travel Protection and Assistance

Global Assist Hotline. – Card members can depend on American Express cards for 24/7 medical, financial, legal, and other assistance necessary while traveling.

Travel Services Worldwide. – With the Amex largest travel networks spread over 140 countries, you can avail of any travel assistance including travel arrangements, securing emergency card replacement, getting Travelers Cheques, securing emergency cash and many more.

Provision of Traveling Necessities. – Using Amex PlatinumDelta SkyMiles Creditcards provides all the necessities when you travel.

  • Secure your hotel reservations with SkyMiles, and you will have a room even if you are late on your arrival.
  • Have a worldwide access for cash advance at more than 500,000 Automated Teller Machine.
  • You will be covered with car rental loss & damage insurance if you use your card to rent a car.
  • When you use the card in purchasing Common Carrier Conveyance ticket, you will have a Baggage Insurance Plan that offers coverage against any loss, damage or theft of carry-on baggage.
  • Get yourself and your family protected with a Travel Accident Insurance.




What Cardholders Can Get From Amex PlatinumDelta SkyMiles Business Creditcards

Can you get a lot from Amex PlatinumDelta SkyMiles Business creditcards?

If you are a first-timer for these cards and haven’t had any of the Delta SkyMiles Business Creditcards within the past twelve months, you can receive more.

Amex PlatinumDelta SkyMiles Business Creditcards - Card for Business

As first-time user, you can get 15,000 bonus miles points and 5,000 MQMs on your initial purchase. If you are able to make a purchase of $500 during your first three months of card membership, you will receive additional 15,000 bonus miles points.

What else can you get? Being a card member of these business cards, you can get protection for your identity and your purchases.

You can extend the warranty of your purchases up to an additional of one year on eligible products or services when you use your business card.

Protection and Support from Amex PlatinumDelta SkyMiles Business Creditcards

There is no need for you to worry when shopping online since Amex PlatinumDelta SkyMiles Business Creditcards are protected against fraud.

Amex PlatinumDelta SkyMiles Business Creditcards - Service and Protection

If you think that your identity is compromised, you can request for assistance from Amex to fix things and come up with strategies to protect your identity better.

Amex will investigate any unauthorized charges as soon as you make a report and you are not required to pay until the matter is resolved.

You don’t only get protection from Amex, but you are also provided with tools and assistance to help you manage your business when needed.

What are these tools and services? First, you are provided with online statements in order for you to easily prepare reports for invoicing customers, make a budget, and find receipts.You will be alerted when payments are due or when your account reach certain levels.

The year-end summary report is available just in time for tax payments. You can also avail of the Authorized Access where you can authorize employees or other parties manage your credit card account online.

How Traveling is Easier with Amex PlatinumDelta SkyMiles Business Creditcards

When you use Amex PlatinumDelta SkyMiles Business Creditcards in booking any flight with Delta, you and up to eight of your companions booked on the same flight will each get a free checked bag.

Amex PlatinumDelta SkyMiles Business Creditcards - Travel Support

You also don’t have to worry about your baggage since you are covered by the Baggage Insurance Plan.

Renting a car is easy and safe because you are covered if in case the car is stolen or damaged as long as you have used your business credit card for the reservation.

When you travel, you are guaranteed to get medical, financial, legal, and emergency assistance at any given time.

These cards also provide roadside assistance to cardholders. Having an empty tank, flat tire or needing a tow will never be a concern anymore.

Now, would you consider getting these cards?

If you are a frequent or regular flyer of Delta Airlines and the annual companion passes are important to you; these credit cards are good kept in your wallet.

These cards may not have the best return for your spending, but they are close. The best is to use these cards wisely and effectively in order for you to get the companion passes.




Would You Apply for an Amex Platinum SA Creditcard?

Will you choose Amex Platinum SA Creditcard as your first credit card?

Actually choosing and being approved are two different things. You might want this card, but you might not be qualified for it.

First, you must be at least eighteen years old before you can apply for these credit cards.

Amex Platinum SA Creditcard - Card Application

Also, you must provide a photocopy ID/IQAMA and passport, proof of your employment if you are employed or commercial registration if you own a business together with a completed application form.

If all requirements have been submitted and your application is approved, you will receive your Amex Platinum card in about fourteen days or more depending on the volume of application.

If you desire to obtain Platinum cards for your family members, you need to fill out application forms and pay the annual fee of SAR 450 for every additional card you get.

Remember that the age requirement applies to all application. Therefore, your family member should be over eighteen years old.

The annual fee for these credit cards is SAR 900 and you will know your credit limit when you receive your card through your mail.

The Difference between Amex Platinum SA Creditcard and Platinum Card

Sometimes, customers are confused between Amex Platinum SA Creditcard and Platinum Card.

Eligibility is one of the distinguishing factors between the two cards. Platinum cards are by invitation only, while Platinum credit cards are for all qualified applicants.

This means that you cannot obtain a Platinum Card unless it is offered to you by Amex.

However, when it comes to benefits; there is no much difference. Both cards carry great benefits and services. Although Platinum card owners get more attention from dedicated account managers and has no pre-determined spending limit.

Both cards are billed in Saudi Riyals or US Dollars. All purchases made outside of Saudi Arabia will be changed to Saudi Riyals or US Dollars.

Therefore, cardholders can choose their billing in either in Riyals or Dollars depending on their preference. They also switch the currency at any time they want after filling out a new application form for the preferred currency.

Added Services for Amex Platinum SA Creditcard

In addition to the numerous great benefits a cardholder gets from Amex Platinum SA Creditcard, there are still added services for the satisfaction of cardholders.

Amex Platinum SA Creditcard - Great Uses

When the card is lost or stolen and Amex is notified immediately, the cardholder will not be responsible for losses resulting from someone else using the credit card up to over SAR 200.

Platinum credit cards are accepted in millions of locations worldwide and thousands in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This wide acceptance makes shopping easy and efficient.

Paying the card account is also very convenient and easy. Cardholders can choose from the many ways of paying the account such as Online Payment, Sadad Service, SARIE Bank Transfer, Telephone Payment, Check, Cash, and Direct Debit.

Cardholders can pay at any branch of Saudi Investment Bank, as well.

If you wish to apply for these credit cards, visit any of the branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or go online and fill out an application form.

After learning the many benefits and services of Amex Platinum credit cards, you will surely choose this to be your first credit card.




Benefits and Perks that Go with Amex Platinum Cards People Must Know

Do you think that Amex Platinum Cards are overpriced and overhyped? Yes, the annual fee of $450 might be expensive, but if you get to know the numerous benefits and perks that go with these cards, you will think otherwise.

Amex Platinum Cards - Luxurious Travel

When it comes to prestige, there are no other cards that can provide a good combination of prestige and benefits like the Amex Platinum.

Platinum cards have many added perks that are not only exclusively for the ultra-rich, but are made available for most international travelers.

Some of these new perks and benefits are actually attainable; therefore the annual fee of $450 can be considered an investment rather than an expense.

These charge cards bring the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about.

You can experience the joy of traveling with exclusive privileges such as having additional amenities at luxurious resorts and hotels worldwide, and assistance from the superb Concierge services.

The Benefits and Perks from Amex Platinum Cards Enumerated

Commonly, reviews talk about the basic features and benefits of Amex Platinum Card first before discussing the added benefits and numerous perks.

Here, we will discuss first the added benefits and perks that people must know about these cards.

Free Access through Membership to the Priority Pass Select

Normally, cardholders have access to American, Delta, US Airways, and Continental lounges. But today, these cards offer complimentary Priority Pass Select that provide cardholders access to airport lounges around the world.

If you are a frequent international traveler, this free access will provide you savings of around $400 by not paying the fees for access to lounges.

Benefit from International Airline Program

When you purchase an international flight ticket for a first-class or a qualifying business through American Express Travel Services, you can get a companion ticket.

This perk is a must if you travel overseas regularly, but is likewise beneficial even if you will use it only once.

Airlines such as Air France, Delta, Cathay Pacific, Virgin Atlantic, Japan Airlines, China Airlines, Mexicana, KLM Royal Dutch, South African, Lufthansa, Etihad, and others participate in this airline program.

Airline Fees Reimbursement

One of the most favorites perks for Platinum cards is the airline fees reimbursement of up to $200 each year.

All you need to do is to choose your favorite airline and you become eligible to collect up to $200 statement credits to cover any added fees from that particular airline such as on-board entertainment, in-flight food and drinks, and others.

Amex Platinum Cards - Rated Platinum

Travel Accident and Baggage Insurances

Isn’t it a great relief if you know that you and your baggage are safe when you travel? If you purchase any eligible travel with your Platinum card, you can get up to $100,000 dismemberment or accidental death insurance, and up to $3,000 baggage insurance.

Fine Hotels and Resorts Program Benefits

American Express and more than 700 hotels and resorts worldwide are partners in offering cardholders wide selection of perks and upgrades.

The Fine Hotels and Resorts Program is exclusively offered to Centurion and Platinum cardholders.

The benefits include free upgrade of rooms during check-ins if there are available rooms; late checkout up to 4:00 p.m., complimentary stays for the third night, complimentary breakfast for two every morning and many more perks offered at numerous locations.

No Fees for Foreign Transactions

Cardholders can enjoy great savings by not paying any foreign transaction fees when they use their Platinum cards. Whether the purchase is made outside or inside the US, foreign transaction fees will not be charged to cardholders.

Shopping and Driving Benefits

Enjoy the peace of mind that what you purchased is protected through the purchase protection offered by these cards.

You can also enjoy the return protection and the automatic extended warranty when you purchase using these charge cards.

To learn more about the basic and other benefits and perks of Platinum Cards, visit the official website of American Express. If you are interested to apply, you can also do so online through the website.




Why Prefer Amex Personal Cards?

Many individuals prefer Amex personal cards for several reasons.

Amex Personal Cards - American Express

Today, owning personal credit cards is not only for luxury, but also for convenience. This is the reason that credit cards are necessities to most people.

You can use the online access capability of Amex personal card in keeping track of your spending as well as your budgeting.

Individuals who travel often found it easier to make reservations in hotels and restaurants using personal cards from Amex. This is not so, if you will try to book by yourself.

The benefit of earning points for use to have a family vacation is what appeals to others.

Oftentimes, earned points are left with more than enough to plan for a second trip.

Owning an Amex personal card can provide you with upgraded services in hotel facilities. This is one great treat in having a fabulous experience while visiting places.

These and many other reasons made Amex personal cards preferred by consumers.

Great Features of Amex
Personal Cards

American Express offers personal charge and credit cards with great features and benefits.

You can check some of these here:

Gold Delta Skymiles

Amex Personal Cards - Delta SkyMiles

  • This card offers zero introductory annual fee in your first year.
  • You will have reward bonus miles of 30,000 after the first $500 purchases made within three months.
  • Make an automatic earning of two miles for every dollar spent on qualifying Delta purchases and Delta Vacations purchases.
  • Gold Delta Skymiles of Amex personal cards provide you with several traveling convenience including checking the first bag free every time you fly with Delta. Getting self a priority boarding and get to the plane sooner.
  • Get the benefit of 20-percent In-Flight Saving applicable on food as well as entertainment.
  • Cardholders can manage their account online to view card activities, schedule payments, program alerts and checking SkyMiles balances.

Platinum Card

This card among Amex Personal cards offers you with a Platinum Card lifestyle.

Amex Personal Cards - Platinum

  • Have personal travel privileges such as extra amenities in luxury hotels worldwide, premium Concierge service and without any pre-set spending limit.
  • Get to earn 25,000 points if you spent $2,000 during the first three months using the card.
  • Enjoy the Membership Rewards Program that provides a benefit of getting 2-times points when booking online, and one point for every dollar spending.
  • Enjoy an exclusive access to airport clubs with the Priority Pass and Airport Club Access.
  • You can take advantage of great many ways of using your earned points including paying for travels, special amenities, car rentals, shopping, transfers and donating points.

Premier Rewards Gold Card

Get a glance of the benefits you have from Gold Card of Amex Personal Cards.

Amex Personal Cards - Gold Card

  • Start earning 25,000 points easily by spending $2,000 during the first three months using this American Express card.
  • Have an opportunity to earn 3-times points on airfare, 2-times points on groceries and gas, and 1-time point on anything else.
  • Travelers can avail of travel privileges including no blackout dates, point miles, assured reservations, baggage security, and upgrading of vacation.
  • You can enjoy personal privileges for entertainment such as preferred seating, presale tickets, and exclusive offers.

Starwood Preferred Guest Card

Card members of SPG card can explore great guest preferences.

Amex Personal Cards - SPG Card

  • Take the opportunity of earning up to 25,000 Starpoints during the first six months of using the card. These points are equivalent to two nights stay at the Westin Hotels free.
  • During your SPG hotels and Resorts stays, earn five Starpoints for every dollar spent, two Starpoints for every dollar spent using the card on top of the two Starpoints earned as SPG member. In addition, earn one additional Starpoint with SPG Platinum or Gold status.
  • Being an American Express Starwood Preferred Guest Card holder, look forward to redeeming Starpoints, and avail of free nights applicable to more than 1,000 hotels. You can also redeem the points for free flights to over 350 airlines.

With these great features and benefits, you will understand why most individuals prefer Amex Personal cards.