Amex Airport ClubAccess Creditcards – The Cheapest Way to Access Airport Lounges Worldwide

Are Amex Airport ClubAccess Creditcards really the cheapest way to access airport lounges anywhere in the world?

There are numerous customers who do not want to wait in line or walk a mile just to buy food for snacks while waiting for boarding.

Amex Airport ClubAccess Creditcards - VIP Lounges

In order to avoid these concerns, there are few credit cards that provide access to luxurious airport lounges anywhere in the world.

If you are a frequent flyer, you will benefit more with these credit cards. Amex Airport ClubAccess cards entitle you to use most of the exclusive lounges around the world.

However, if you do not anticipate to stopover at a lounge more than ten times within a year, you might be better off with a different cash back credit card.

But, if you still want access to lounges even if you are not a regular flyer; you can still avail of these credit cards mainly for that purpose.

With these credit cards, the comfort and luxurious free use of exclusive lounges is not only for card holders; but also for two of their guests or companions.

Access to VIP Lounges in Different Airports through Amex Airport ClubAccess Creditcards

The Amex Airport ClubAccess Creditcards provide you the opportunity to get away from the airport rush and help you relax while waiting for your flight.

Membership to the Priority Pass is available to you through the Platinum Cards and Delta Reserve Credit Cards.

Your membership provides you access to numerous participating Priority Pass VIP lounges all over the world.

It is surely more relaxing to sit back, enjoy complimentary snacks while reading a newspaper than standing in a crowded airport waiting area.

Amex Airport ClubAccess Creditcards - Cards

The membership to Priority Pass is with no additional cost when you obtain any of the Airport ClubAccess credit cards. Your membership provides you access to more than six hundred VIP lounges at different airports worldwide.

If you like to enroll, you may contact the Platinum Service unit, which is available twenty four hours a day and seven days a week.

After enrolling, you can check the entire list of participating lounges at the website of PriorityPass.

However, if you are using any of the participating lounges, you must present your PriorityPass Card and your airline ticket to the lounge agent on duty.

Do not forget that the name on the PriorityPass Card should match the name on the flight ticket.

The Amex Airport ClubAccess Creditcards

The two Airport ClubAccess Creditcards from American Express that provide these lounge accesses are the Delta Reserve and Platinum credit cards.

Delta Reserve Credit Cards

Delta Reserve card members are provided the luxuries of satellite televisions, comfortable seats, fully stocked bars, and more together with two guests while waiting for their flights.

These credit cards provide other rewards that are most beneficial to card members. Visit the American Express website for more information about these cards.

Platinum Cards

Platinum credit cards entitle card members to Priority Pass Select membership, which provides a relaxing wait at any of the more than six hundred airport lounges all over the world.

The class of airline that a card member flies does not matter with the membership.
Guests of card members may enter for a fee of twenty seven dollars.