About Amex Membership Rewards Creditcards

What is all about Amex Membership Rewards Creditcards?

Amex Membership Rewards Creditcards - Cards

These credit cards promote the award-winning Membership Rewards Program of American Express.

Being one of the cards that have most generous rewards schemes worldwide, earning points is virtually from every dollar (US) or euro spent.

The accumulated points are useful in redeeming exclusive rewards such as hotel stays, free flights, car rentals, and other fabulous merchandise.

You can avail all of these and other great features by just owning one of the rewards credit cards from American Express.

Amex Membership Rewards Creditcards Exceptional Features

One can compare the Membership Rewards cards by their features, these credit cards include:

  • Amex Blue Credit Cards
  • Amex Green Card
  • Amex Gold Card
  • Amex Premier Rewards Card
  • Amex Platinum Card

Card Usefulness

These cards are good for excellent service and premium rewards such as travel rewards, points on airfare, special events access and management of your finances.

The Amex Blue card offers rewards with no annual fee.

Welcome Offer

Membership rewards cards offer big points earnings for a specific period such as Premier Rewards Gold card (25,000 points) and Blue Card (10,000 bonus points).

The Green and Gold cards offers $0 introductory annual fee for first year card membership.

Amex Membership Rewards Creditcards - Features

Earning Points or Miles

The Premier Rewards Gold card provides triple points earnings on airfare, double points at standalone supermarkets (U.S.), and twice the points on gasoline on stand-alone U.S. gas stations. Earn one point on all other eligible purchases.

Platinum, Green, Gold and Blue cards offer one point on each eligible dollar spent. Two-times points earned at Amex travel website, and 2X to 10X from selected partners.

Use of Points for Rewards

Amex Membership Rewards creditcards use points to redeem rewards from more than 500 brands. It transfers points to more than twenty hotel and airline partners. Points can be used also for merchandise and gift cards.

In addition, Platinum card has exclusive access from luxury brands.

The Blue card uses points for rewards from more than 500 brands.

Amex Membership Rewards Creditcards Other Valuable Features

All the Membership Rewards cards from American Express have access to the following services.

Car Rental Loss and Car Damage Insurance. If the cardholder uses the card in reserving and paying for car rentals, they are covered should the car is stolen or damaged.

Purchase Protection. The card offers protection on all eligible purchases against theft and accidental damage.

Travel Accident Insurance. The card provides insurance coverage for accidental death as well as dismemberment during travel on common carrier conveyance.

Emergency Travel Assistance. Card members can avail of Global Assist. This is getting 24/7 assistance for legal, medical, financial and other emergencies while traveling.

Amex Membership Rewards Creditcards charged no interest if you are able to pay the balance fully every month. Blue card has a 0% introductory APR for twelve months.

All Membership Rewards cards except the Blue card charge an annual fee. The Blue card also offers flexibility on payments, while the monthly balance of the rest of the cards should be paid in full monthly.