What are Amex Statement Creditcards?

Have you heard about Amex Statement Creditcards? Are you familiar with statement credit?

Actually, not only American Express offers this feature, but other companies as well. A feature such as this is good for those who are interested in getting back something out of their purchases.

What are statement credits? The statement credit is a feature that lets cardholders purchase anything they want using their credit cards and apply the rewards points they earned to their next statement.

Amex Statement Creditcards - Facts

Therefore, with the application of their earned points to their statement; they are able to spend their earned rewards like cash.

The statement credits can also be redeemed as merchandise, gift cards or even travels. Thus, the cardholders are given maximum flexibility on how their earned points can be redeemed.

American Express knows that most cardholders want to purchase things using their rewards like money and the statement credit feature delivers just that.

When can you start redeeming? You can start redeeming your earned points when you have earned at least twenty five dollars rewards value.

There is no limit on the cash rewards that you can earn and as long as your credit card is active, your rewards will not expire.

So, over a year’s time, all your daily purchases add up; you can get hundreds of dollars in credit statements.

The Different Amex Statement Creditcards

Under the category Amex Statement Creditcards, there are three credit card offers that include:

Blue Cash Everyday Card from Amex

Amex Statement Creditcards - Blue Everyday

If you are a first time owner of this credit card, you will benefit more because you can earn the 100 Dollars Reward after you have used your card for one thousand dollars worth of purchases within the initial three months of your membership.

How do you redeem your rewards points? Actually, there are several ways of redeeming your earned points and the most beneficial is redeeming them through a statement credit for one hundred dollars.

Now, isn’t that great! You are able to spend on credit and yet gain something in return.

True Earnings Card from Amex and Costco

Amex Statement Creditcards - True Earnings

I should say that these credit cards can be called the 3-2-2-1 percent cards. Do you know why?

These cards can provide you cash back rewards that you can redeem the way you want. You can earn three percent on Costco and gasoline purchases, two percent on U.S. restaurants and travel purchases, and one percent on all your other purchases.

These are the cards that can provide you savings on all your purchases. Earning is very easy and you can check what you have earned at any time you want.

Blue Cash Preferred Card from Amex

Amex Statement Creditcards - Blue Preferred

If Blue Cash Everyday cards can provide you with a 100 dollars rewards, these cards can give you 150 dollars statement credit after purchasing one thousand dollars worth within the initial three months of your card membership.

It is so easy to earn cash back points with these cards. You can get six percent on your purchases at U.S. supermarkets, three percent on U.S. gasoline and selected key department stores, and one percent on all your other purchases.

Another beneficial feature of these cards is the opportunity to carry a balance. You can have the chance of making large purchases when needed while earning points for more savings through rewards.