About Amex Membership Rewards Creditcards

What is all about Amex Membership Rewards Creditcards?

Amex Membership Rewards Creditcards - Cards

These credit cards promote the award-winning Membership Rewards Program of American Express.

Being one of the cards that have most generous rewards schemes worldwide, earning points is virtually from every dollar (US) or euro spent.

The accumulated points are useful in redeeming exclusive rewards such as hotel stays, free flights, car rentals, and other fabulous merchandise.

You can avail all of these and other great features by just owning one of the rewards credit cards from American Express.

Amex Membership Rewards Creditcards Exceptional Features

One can compare the Membership Rewards cards by their features, these credit cards include:

  • Amex Blue Credit Cards
  • Amex Green Card
  • Amex Gold Card
  • Amex Premier Rewards Card
  • Amex Platinum Card

Card Usefulness

These cards are good for excellent service and premium rewards such as travel rewards, points on airfare, special events access and management of your finances.

The Amex Blue card offers rewards with no annual fee.

Welcome Offer

Membership rewards cards offer big points earnings for a specific period such as Premier Rewards Gold card (25,000 points) and Blue Card (10,000 bonus points).

The Green and Gold cards offers $0 introductory annual fee for first year card membership.

Amex Membership Rewards Creditcards - Features

Earning Points or Miles

The Premier Rewards Gold card provides triple points earnings on airfare, double points at standalone supermarkets (U.S.), and twice the points on gasoline on stand-alone U.S. gas stations. Earn one point on all other eligible purchases.

Platinum, Green, Gold and Blue cards offer one point on each eligible dollar spent. Two-times points earned at Amex travel website, and 2X to 10X from selected partners.

Use of Points for Rewards

Amex Membership Rewards creditcards use points to redeem rewards from more than 500 brands. It transfers points to more than twenty hotel and airline partners. Points can be used also for merchandise and gift cards.

In addition, Platinum card has exclusive access from luxury brands.

The Blue card uses points for rewards from more than 500 brands.

Amex Membership Rewards Creditcards Other Valuable Features

All the Membership Rewards cards from American Express have access to the following services.

Car Rental Loss and Car Damage Insurance. If the cardholder uses the card in reserving and paying for car rentals, they are covered should the car is stolen or damaged.

Purchase Protection. The card offers protection on all eligible purchases against theft and accidental damage.

Travel Accident Insurance. The card provides insurance coverage for accidental death as well as dismemberment during travel on common carrier conveyance.

Emergency Travel Assistance. Card members can avail of Global Assist. This is getting 24/7 assistance for legal, medical, financial and other emergencies while traveling.

Amex Membership Rewards Creditcards charged no interest if you are able to pay the balance fully every month. Blue card has a 0% introductory APR for twelve months.

All Membership Rewards cards except the Blue card charge an annual fee. The Blue card also offers flexibility on payments, while the monthly balance of the rest of the cards should be paid in full monthly.

What are Amex Statement Creditcards?

Have you heard about Amex Statement Creditcards? Are you familiar with statement credit?

Actually, not only American Express offers this feature, but other companies as well. A feature such as this is good for those who are interested in getting back something out of their purchases.

What are statement credits? The statement credit is a feature that lets cardholders purchase anything they want using their credit cards and apply the rewards points they earned to their next statement.

Amex Statement Creditcards - Facts

Therefore, with the application of their earned points to their statement; they are able to spend their earned rewards like cash.

The statement credits can also be redeemed as merchandise, gift cards or even travels. Thus, the cardholders are given maximum flexibility on how their earned points can be redeemed.

American Express knows that most cardholders want to purchase things using their rewards like money and the statement credit feature delivers just that.

When can you start redeeming? You can start redeeming your earned points when you have earned at least twenty five dollars rewards value.

There is no limit on the cash rewards that you can earn and as long as your credit card is active, your rewards will not expire.

So, over a year’s time, all your daily purchases add up; you can get hundreds of dollars in credit statements.

The Different Amex Statement Creditcards

Under the category Amex Statement Creditcards, there are three credit card offers that include:

Blue Cash Everyday Card from Amex

Amex Statement Creditcards - Blue Everyday

If you are a first time owner of this credit card, you will benefit more because you can earn the 100 Dollars Reward after you have used your card for one thousand dollars worth of purchases within the initial three months of your membership.

How do you redeem your rewards points? Actually, there are several ways of redeeming your earned points and the most beneficial is redeeming them through a statement credit for one hundred dollars.

Now, isn’t that great! You are able to spend on credit and yet gain something in return.

True Earnings Card from Amex and Costco

Amex Statement Creditcards - True Earnings

I should say that these credit cards can be called the 3-2-2-1 percent cards. Do you know why?

These cards can provide you cash back rewards that you can redeem the way you want. You can earn three percent on Costco and gasoline purchases, two percent on U.S. restaurants and travel purchases, and one percent on all your other purchases.

These are the cards that can provide you savings on all your purchases. Earning is very easy and you can check what you have earned at any time you want.

Blue Cash Preferred Card from Amex

Amex Statement Creditcards - Blue Preferred

If Blue Cash Everyday cards can provide you with a 100 dollars rewards, these cards can give you 150 dollars statement credit after purchasing one thousand dollars worth within the initial three months of your card membership.

It is so easy to earn cash back points with these cards. You can get six percent on your purchases at U.S. supermarkets, three percent on U.S. gasoline and selected key department stores, and one percent on all your other purchases.

Another beneficial feature of these cards is the opportunity to carry a balance. You can have the chance of making large purchases when needed while earning points for more savings through rewards.

Taking Advantage of Amex No Annual Fee Creditcards

Would you prefer Amex no annual fee creditcards and enjoy their benefits?

Amex No Annual Fee Creditcards - Making a Choice

Several cards from American Express are offered without an annual fee.

You can choose the best card for either personal or business use that will perfectly suit your needs.

If you want to know how to make a choice for the right no annual fee credit card, you can use the following search tools:

  1. Answer a questionnaire that can lead to finding the right credit card for you.
  2. Make a comparison of the most popular credit card offers.
  3. Take into consideration if you are pre-selected for promotional offers.

How to Decide for Amex No Annual Fee Creditcards

Deciding for a no annual fee card is crucial whether it will be for personal or business use. Through application of search tools, you can establish your choice systematically.

The first thing to do is to answer the questions that will help identify the best card to suit your needs.

What are the types of purchases in which you will be using the card often? Knowing where to use your card most of the time provides way of earning rewards faster.

Would you use your card for travel, entertainment, dining, groceries, gas, usual everyday spending or for many other things?

What rewards do you prefer if they are offered? It is important to know what pleases you in order to prioritize what you are saving in terms of points or miles.

Would it be for air miles, hotel accommodation, cash back, points for all-purpose or customizable rewards.

The succeeding questions would guide the consumer systematically on what are the other matters that need to be considered in order to meet the need of the applicants and be able to maximize their use of the no annual fee credit cards.

The next step is to compare popular Amex No Annual Fee Creditcards including:

  • Amex Blue Cards
  • Amex Blue Sky Cards
  • Amex Clear Cards
  • Amex Blue Cash Everyday Cards
  • Amex and Costco TrueEarnings Card

Amex No Annual Fee Creditcards - Right Choice

The comparison would be based on several criteria that will help you pick the right card for your needs.

What is the usefulness of the card to you? Look for any favorable rewards other than the no annual fee feature such as cash back.

Does it have any welcome offers such as big bonus points or automatic rewards upon being a card member?

Get to know how to earn points or miles, so that you will be able to plan your purchases and maximize the points you will earn.

Make sure where do you want to apply the points earned and be able to redeem the rewards you will enjoy.

Finally, check whether you are pre-qualified for any special offers. American Express will review your credit and other related information provided and determine your eligibility for special card offers.

Check on American Express official website to facilitate this option.

Getting the best Amex no annual fee creditcards is a great privilege, and knowing how to decide, which of the cards is right for you provide a valuable advantage.

Why do you need Amex AirlineMiles Creditcards?

Amex AirlineMiles Creditcards are among the best cards to own if you have an airline loyalty.

Amex AirlineMiles Creditcards - Airline Miles

Although limiting oneself to airline of choice may cause unnecessary restrictions and lessen the chances of booking for cheaper flights, owning credit cards with airline miles is necessary.

Credit card issuers such as American Express together with the popular airlines offer great airline miles cards.

On the other hand, cardholders should understand that these types of credit cards when used for common daily purchases might not maximize savings.

Let us examine AirlineMiles credit cards from American Express, and know which one is the right card to choose.

Get to Know Amex AirlineMiles Creditcards

Amex Delta Reserve

This card is good for easy access to Sky Club and in reaching the Medallion status faster.

  • Earn 15,000 MQMs Miles Boost by spending $30,000 within a year. Better yet, by spending $60,000 on the same year, earn 15,000 MQMs additional. The Miles Boosts yearly does not only allow earning up to 30,000 MQMs to reach Medallion status, these allow earning 30,000 bonus miles as well.

Amex Platinum Delta SkyMiles

Card members can reach Medallion status faster with this card.

  • Cardholders can earn one mile from every dollar spending using the card.
  • Redemption of Delta miles for the award travel can be done with Delta or with more than fifteen airline partners.
  • With the built-in Miles Boosts, the earning can be up to 20,000 MQMs yearly. This is by earning 10,000 MQMs if your eligible purchases reached $25,000 within the calendar year. In addition, earn another 10,000 MQMs Miles Boosts if eligible purchases reached to $50,000.

Amex AirlineMiles Creditcards - Cards

Amex Gold Delta SkyMiles

Earn Delta bonus Skymiles using this card.

  • Every eligible dollar spending can earn you one mile.
  • Redeem the earned miles for travel with Delta or with more than 15 airline partners.

Amex JetBlue

Earning for award flights is easy and quick using these Amex AirlineMiles Creditcards.

  • There are several ways of earning TrueBlue points. Earn from every dollar spent on eligible purchases up to eight points. You can earn three points being a member of TrueBlue program. Make three points earning when booking at jetblue.com, and two points additional by just using the card.

Amex Blue Sky Preferred

This card is designed for travel rewards that have premium benefits.

  • Your travel is rewarded with two points if you use the card paying for hotel rooms, restaurants dining, and renting cars.
  • Use earned points in redeeming rewards. Get $100 cash back directly credited to your card statement with every 7,500 points traded for eligible travel purchases.

With the foregoing assessments, are you well convinced of upgrading regular cards to Amex AirlineMiles Creditcards?

These cards from American Express offers more than savings in a sense, because every eligible purchases have a potential of earning points towards redeeming travel rewards and more.

Choosing the right credit card with airline miles from American Express is as simple as answering a questionnaire and making comparison of the most popular airline miles credit cards.

Always make sure to check if you are pre-qualified for whatever special offers from American Express.

Amex Airport ClubAccess Creditcards – The Cheapest Way to Access Airport Lounges Worldwide

Are Amex Airport ClubAccess Creditcards really the cheapest way to access airport lounges anywhere in the world?

There are numerous customers who do not want to wait in line or walk a mile just to buy food for snacks while waiting for boarding.

Amex Airport ClubAccess Creditcards - VIP Lounges

In order to avoid these concerns, there are few credit cards that provide access to luxurious airport lounges anywhere in the world.

If you are a frequent flyer, you will benefit more with these credit cards. Amex Airport ClubAccess cards entitle you to use most of the exclusive lounges around the world.

However, if you do not anticipate to stopover at a lounge more than ten times within a year, you might be better off with a different cash back credit card.

But, if you still want access to lounges even if you are not a regular flyer; you can still avail of these credit cards mainly for that purpose.

With these credit cards, the comfort and luxurious free use of exclusive lounges is not only for card holders; but also for two of their guests or companions.

Access to VIP Lounges in Different Airports through Amex Airport ClubAccess Creditcards

The Amex Airport ClubAccess Creditcards provide you the opportunity to get away from the airport rush and help you relax while waiting for your flight.

Membership to the Priority Pass is available to you through the Platinum Cards and Delta Reserve Credit Cards.

Your membership provides you access to numerous participating Priority Pass VIP lounges all over the world.

It is surely more relaxing to sit back, enjoy complimentary snacks while reading a newspaper than standing in a crowded airport waiting area.

Amex Airport ClubAccess Creditcards - Cards

The membership to Priority Pass is with no additional cost when you obtain any of the Airport ClubAccess credit cards. Your membership provides you access to more than six hundred VIP lounges at different airports worldwide.

If you like to enroll, you may contact the Platinum Service unit, which is available twenty four hours a day and seven days a week.

After enrolling, you can check the entire list of participating lounges at the website of PriorityPass.

However, if you are using any of the participating lounges, you must present your PriorityPass Card and your airline ticket to the lounge agent on duty.

Do not forget that the name on the PriorityPass Card should match the name on the flight ticket.

The Amex Airport ClubAccess Creditcards

The two Airport ClubAccess Creditcards from American Express that provide these lounge accesses are the Delta Reserve and Platinum credit cards.

Delta Reserve Credit Cards

Delta Reserve card members are provided the luxuries of satellite televisions, comfortable seats, fully stocked bars, and more together with two guests while waiting for their flights.

These credit cards provide other rewards that are most beneficial to card members. Visit the American Express website for more information about these cards.

Platinum Cards

Platinum credit cards entitle card members to Priority Pass Select membership, which provides a relaxing wait at any of the more than six hundred airport lounges all over the world.

The class of airline that a card member flies does not matter with the membership.
Guests of card members may enter for a fee of twenty seven dollars.

What to Consider When Opting for Amex Travel Benefits Creditcards

Deciding to get Amex Travel Benefits Creditcards is simple if you know what to consider.

The major consideration of getting these cards is the benefit of earning travel rewards.

Whether you intend to use the card for personal or business purchases, you can follow simple steps in finding the right credit cards with travel rewards.

Take time following the simple steps in deciding for the best credit card with travel benefits.

Steps Involved in Deciding for Amex Travel Benefits Creditcards

First, settle with travel as the type of purchase with which you will be using the card often. This is important because it will lead in earning the travel rewards faster.

Amex Travel Benefits Creditcards - Travel Rewards

Second, decide on where you intend to apply your earned points when the rewards are offered. Regardless if you are saving miles for the purposes of free travel or other intentions, it is crucial to consider what will provide you the most pleasure.

Third, check on the airline brand that you prefer, American Express has tie-up with Delta and JetBlue Airways. If you are a member of any travel rewards program, Amex Travel Benefits Creditcards can help for faster earning of the travel rewards.

Fourth, decide if you desire in paying an annual fee to obtain premium benefits such as airport clubrooms access, concierge service or preference to seating at events. Some of the cards would boost rewards even more if you choose this option.

Fifth, how you wish to manage your card account balance monthly will help in knowing which of the American Express cards with travel benefits is right for you. You may choose to pay always whatever the monthly balance is or carry a balance in your credit card account.

Sixth, indicate the annual household income you are receiving. Providing the necessary annual income would help in knowing the card that will fit your budget and cost of living.

Finally, get your current credit rating in order for American Express to ascertain what card to suggest that would ideally fit your credit history.

Comparing Amex Travel Benefits Creditcards

The best thing about the cards being suggested by American Express is the chance of comparing their features.

Delta Reserve Credit Card

Amex Travel Benefits Creditcards - Card Comparisons

This card offers 40,000 MQMs and access to Delta Sky Club. Earnings would be 10,000 MQMs for the initial purchases and even up to 30,000 MQMs from eligible spending.

The card bears an annual fee of $450 for having exclusive SkyClub access and capability for maximum SkyMiles.

With this card, earn 2X miles with all Delta purchases and 1X miles with all the others.

Gold Delta SkyMiles Creditcard

This card offers 30,000 bonus miles and has an introductory annual fee of $0 for first year of membership.

Card members can earn 2X miles, Delta purchases and 1X miles for all the others.

Platinum Delta SkyMiles Creditcard

This card offers 5,000 MQMs and even up to 25,000 in bonus miles. The card can provide faster accomplishment of Medallion status.

The card bears $150 annual fee for SkyMiles and travel rewards.

Using this card gives the card members earning of 2X miles for Delta purchases and 1X miles with the others.

It only takes simple steps facilitating the choice for the best Amex Travel Benefits Creditcards that can yield the right credit card with travel rewards.

Getting the Best Amex Hotel Rewards Creditcards

Amex Hotel Rewards Creditcards has the essential benefits that most cards of this type provide.

Amex Hotel Rewards Creditcards – Hotel Benefits

Hotel credit cards generally present bonus points convertible to free hotel stays or room upgrades.

This alone can give comfort to anybody during travels. However, there are other perks that most travelers might be unaware of, which hotel credit cards can further provide.

These hotel credit cards can give assistance in attaining privileged hotel membership status faster. Actually, this usually comes as a complimentary of the card.

Favorably, privileged hotel membership status caters the necessary access to exclusive hotel rewards including bonus hotel points, free concierge services, free breakfasts and others.

Having the Amex Hotel Rewards Creditcards of Choice

Platinum Card

This card is best for premium service and perks. It provides access to special invitation events.

Card member can earn one points for each eligible dollar spending.

The points earned can be redeemed for rewards from more than 500 brands. Additionally, these Amex Hotel Rewards Creditcards are capable of transferring points to over twenty airline and hotel partners. You can also use the points for getting gift cards and other merchandise.

Starwood Preferred Guest Card

Starwood Preferred is the best card that has free flights and hotel stays and your booking have no blackout dates.

This card offers earning up to 25,000 bonus point.

Card member can earn up to five Starpoints with every dollar spent for eligible purchases that are directly charged with hotels and resorts under the SPG program. You can earn one Starpoint for other purchases.

Use earned points in redeeming rewards at more than 1,000 hotels & resorts in about 100 countries, and redeem for flights in over 350 airlines via SPG flights, without blackout dates.

Hilton HHonors Surpass Card

Amex Hotel Rewards Creditcards – Best Card Choice

With this card, obtain free nights without blackout dates and enjoy VIP treatment on your travels.

This card offers earning up to 60,000 bonus points (Hilton HHonors).

Cardholders can earn 12 bonus points (Hilton HHonors) from every dollar spent in eligible purchases at participating property belonging to Hilton HHonors brands.

You can earn as card member six Hilton HHonors bonus points with each dollar spent for eligible purchases made at U.S. supermarkets (stand-alone), selected major drugstores, stand-alone U.S. gas stations and in U.S. home and wireless telephone, satellite and cable TV service.

All other eligible purchases earn three HHonors bonus points.

Redeeming rewards can be made at more than 3,300 Hilton Family brands worldwide without blackout dates.

Hilton HHonors Card

This Amex Hotel rewards credit cards offer earning of 40,000 Hilton HHonors Bonus Points.

Card members can earn six Hilton HHonors bonus points in every dollar spent for eligible purchases made at all participating property of Hilton Worldwide brands, at U.S. supermarket (stand-alone), select major drugstores, U.S. gas stations (stand-alone), U.S. home and wireless telephone, satellite and cable TV service.

All other eligible purchases will earn three HHonors bonus points.

Use the points to redeem rewards at more than 3,750 properties belong to the Hilton brands worldwide without blackout dates.

Blue Sky Preferred Card

Blue Sky Preferred is good for travel rewards having premium benefits.

This card offers 15,000 bonus points, which are equivalent to $2,000 statement credit.

Card members can earn two points at U.S. restaurants, hotel rooms and car rentals. All other eligible purchases will earn one point.

You can use earned points to redeem 7,500 points that is for $100 off virtually with any travel purchases at airlines, cruises, hotels and car rentals.

Amex Hotel Rewards Creditcards generally offer free hotel stays, better earning of hotel bonus points and prioritize members for elite hotel membership.

The best choice of hotel rewards credit cards will be all up to your needs and expectations.

Best Amex Gas and Groceries Creditcards

Amex Gas and Groceries Creditcards can help with today’s high priced commodities and rising costs of fuel.

Taking into consideration the strain of basic household expenses to your budget, it would help to look at the credit cards that have cash back savings.

These cards with low interest offer generous rewards and other benefits that can definitely help consumers from their daily spending.

Amex Gas And Groceries Creditcards – Cash Back

Experts compare gas and groceries creditcards according to the following aspects:

Rewards. Most cards offer point earnings or gift cards, but it is crucial to consider cards that have cash back. Cash back provides savings from groceries and fuel consumptions.

Annual fee. Although most grocery and gas reward cards have annual fee, do not let that discourage you. The cash back earnings from these cards justify it and are more than enough to cover the annual fee.

Interest Rates. You can maximize the generous rewards provided by credit card with cash back by paying credit card balances in full every billing period. Otherwise, consider looking for cards with low interest fee if you intend to carry balance in your credit card account.

Available Amex Gas and Groceries Creditcards

Amex BlueCash Everyday Creditcard

This card from American Express offers earning 100 Reward Dollars upon spending total $1,000 within the initial three months of card membership. This can be used to redeem for a $100 credited directly to the statement.

Add up cash back by making eligible purchases using your card. You can get cash back as follows:

  • 3-percent at U.S. supermarkets (stand-alone)
  • 2-percent at major department stores (select)
  • 1-percent on all other purchases

Amex Gas And Groceries Creditcards – BlueCash Everyday

The cash back is given as Reward Dollars redeemable as statement credit.

In order to maximize your cash back on all eligible purchases, you can get additional cards for family members and friends. These additional cards will have no annual fee.

Additionally, get cash back from your monthly spending such as phone bills and the like. You can take advantage of enrolling in Automatic Bill Pay to ensure your rewards earning.

Blue Savings Program of American Express provides the opportunity to save while using your card. In order to do this, card member can go toamericanexpress.com/bluesavings and look for the BlueSavings Program existing offers.

Card members of these Amex Gas and Groceries Creditcards can keep track of their cash back earnings online. You can have up-to-date account information regarding your spending, Reward Dollar balance as well as all your reward possibilities.

Amex BlueCash Preferred Creditcard

This American Express card offer earning of 150 Rewards Dollars by spending $1,000 within the initial three months of card membership. You can redeem this reward for $150 statement credit, which can actually cover your two years annual fee.

Here is how to earn cash back on all eligible purchases.

  • Get 6-percent cash back for purchases at U.S. supermarkets (stand-alone)
  • Get 3-percent cash back for gasoline purchases at U.S. gas stations (stand-alone)
  • Get 3-percent cash back for purchases at major department stores (select)
  • Get 1-percent cash back on all your other purchases.

Amex Gas And Groceries Creditcards – BlueCash Preferred

The cash back earned is given in Reward Dollars redeemable as statement credit.

Opt to earn your rewards faster and maximize cash back on all eligible U.S. purchases by applying additional cards for family members and other friends. All additional cards have no annual fee. Your monthly spending such as phone bill payment can also earn cash back that can be added to your rewards.

Moreover, have savings through American Express Blue Savings Program. You can avail of card member offers with exclusive partner brands.Avail this program by visiting americanexpress.com/bluesavings and look for existingoffers.

It pays to consider Amex Gas and Groceries Creditcards in dealing with savings on household expenses and making informed decision about getting the right card for your needs.

The Need for Amex Prepaid Cards

Rise in popularity of Amex Prepaid Cards together with other cards issued by different companies are observed nowadays.

Amex Prepaid Cards – Cash Alternative

Accordingly, one reason cited is the diminishing number of people using bank checking account.

These individuals chose to discontinue their bank checking account to avoid charges because of failure in maintaining the required minimum balance.

In addition, others who are unable to manage their finances are overwhelmed with overdraft charges and also, many are blacklisted that cannot open bank checking accounts anymore due to bad credit.

There is truth in the saying that it is never convenient to live in a digital world without the use of credit cards. However, many who are unqualified for the cards are turning to buy reloadable prepaid cards instead.

Amex Prepaid Cards Features and Benefits

In a study conducted in 2010 by the Federal Reserve, prepaid cards are the fastest-emerging non-cash means of payment in the U.S.

Along with the efforts of banking establishments in getting back big numbers of their lost clients, large financial companies such as PNC Bank, JPMorgan Chase & Co., and American Express are introducing prepaid cards as better alternative.

In such time, prepaid cards from American Express are offered as secure and easy access of consumer’s money.

Amex Prepaid Cards – Reloadable Card

One can spend Prepaid Cards from American Express just like cash. Since you will just spend what was loaded, there would be no overspending.

Therefore, you need not to worry about overdraft fee, and do not have to pay a monthly fee as well.

Prepaid card from American Express does not have any recurring fees, so that you can keep more of your money and use it the way you wanted.

Consumers are also protected should their card be lost or stolen. They will not be responsible for any fraudulent charges made on the card and
American Express will even replace the lost fund.

In addition, prepaid card users can easily manage their card online. Using their account, they can check their balance and view transaction history. They can also add fund, set an automatic reloads and make use of alerts.

Consumers are given the chance in getting up to three prepaid cards. They can use one of the cards to manage their own and provide fund to other people they want.

Ways to Reload Amex Prepaid Cards

American Express ensures convenience to prepaid card users by providing them with easy ways in loading their cards.

Direct Deposit. Use this option to save time in reloading. Direct deposit can automatically transfer part or your entire paycheck to the prepaid card.

Bank Account. You can reload using bank account by entering account information online. This will facilitate reloading from your savings or bank account. With this option, the fund will be available within five business days after reloading.

Vanilla Reload Network. You can choose to reload cash with Vanilla Reload Network. Look for participating retailer and buy a VRN card. You can purchase up to $500 with corresponding $3.95 purchase fee.

Load with MoneyPak. Use this option by purchasing a MoneyPak from local retailer. You can add funds by phone or online. A $4.95 service fee will be charged.

For more information and help about Amex Prepaid Cards, you can visitAmerican Express website.

Exploring Amex Charge Cards

Using Amex Charge Cards offer better control of your finances. These cards give greater flexibility in meeting your financial needs.

Amex Charge Cards – Better Spending

Comparing with credit or debit cards, one can enjoy charge card without pre-set spending limit, and it gives you total control of your expenses by repaying the monthly balance in full.

Moreover, premium charge cards from American Express have complimentary benefits such as insurance, travel and hotel benefits. These benefits come along with excellent service and the prestige, which American Express cards are known for.

The wider range of essential benefits from Amex Charge Cards, present greater value over credit and debit cards.

You can choose from basic charge cards or premium charge cards according to your preferences. Check American Express website to select the best card for you.

Why Prefer Amex Charge Cards?

As already mentioned, charge cards provide financial flexibility at no pre-set limit in spending. Users need not think about having interest charges since you have to pay your balance in full every month.

Essentially, the spending limit would depend on card usage, the basis of which includes current spending patterns, credit record, payment history, and financial resources.

Using American Express charge cards can be a rewarding experience because these cards are tool in maximizing the earning potential of Membership Rewards points.

Amex Charge Cards – Premium Cards

The charge card members with Gold or Platinum charge cards are enrolled automatically in Membership Rewards programme. This will entitle them to earn 1 reward point for every dollar spent.

Earned points can be used to redeem rewards for dining, travel and luxurious relaxation.

You may also choose to transfer the points to any of American Express hotel or airline partners.

The Gold and Platinum Amex Charge Cards also offer exclusive benefits including concierge and travel assistance, airport VIP lounges access, and travel insurance.

Enjoy other benefits such as preferred seating in theater performances, concerts and sports events.

Applying for Amex Charge Cards

Are you ready now for a charge card application? You can decide which of the charge cards from American Express is best for your needs.

It would help to follow few steps in selecting the right charge card for you.

  1. Answer questionnaire that will guide which card fits your preference.
  2. Make comparison of the most popular cards offered.
  3. Check for any available special offers that qualify you to be pre-selected.

In order to save time in your card application, it pays to look if you will be able to meet the standard criteria for eligibility.

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Have the household income meeting the minimum requirement of the card you will apply for
  • Have a current bank account
  • Have a permanent home address
  • Have no bad debt history
  • Must be working for more than a year, if self-employed

You must be ready for any additional eligibility criteria that the card may be required in addition to your application such as information of employment, current income and bank account.

Once you have settled for the right card from Amex Charge Cards that suit you, it is necessary to read and understand important details before hitting the “Apply Now” button.