Knowing Arab National Bank Creditcards

Saudi Arabia Arab National Bank Creditcards are valuable products that are designed for specific needs of customers. These cards belong to the wide range of financial products and banking services from Arab National Bank.

The Arab National Bank is listed among the ten largest banks located in the Middle East. It has some 190 local bank branches that include 42 ladies sections and a branch in London.

Arab National Bank Creditcards - ANB Cards

Arab National Bank Credit Cards HeadQuarters. (ARNB:AB)

King Fahad Rd. W., P.O. Box 56921
Riyadh, 11564
+966-1-402-9000 (Phone)
+966-1-402-7747 (Fax)

The bank delivers full expanse of necessary financial services on retail, corporate, commercial and Islamic banking.

The bank particularly offers savings and current accounts, time deposits, murabaha accounts, money transfers, ATM cards, Arabian National Bank credit cards, investment, different types of loans, asset management, foreign exchange, treasury service, car leasing finance and standard Islamic products.

Constant increase in Islamic banking is observed by the bank and currently 101 male/ladies bank branches offer Sharia compliant services exclusively.

Arab National Bank employs more than 3,500 people and 91-percent are Saudi citizen.

The bank’s headquarters is in Riyadh since its establishment in 1979.

The Arab National Bank Creditcards

Have a look at ANB credit cards and consider the one that will best fit your lifestyle and satisfy your requirements.

Saudi ANB Islamic Credit Cards

These cards are Shariah compliant based on Tawaroq, and offers one of kind service allowing the cardholders to experience exclusive lifestyle and convenience.

ANB Islamic cards have essential and exclusive features and benefits designed for each card considering the needs of cardholders.

  • Card credit limit according to one’s lifestyle
  • Bank Allows easy access to card account and credit card statement through ANB net
  • Provides automatic SMS notifications on all credit card transactions
  • Extends service through Global Customer Assistance free
  • Give emergency assistance should the cardholders card is lost or stolen
  • Facilitates emergency cash disbursement
  • Offer international purchase protection as well as extended warranty
  • Free referral on travel services for legal and medical emergencies
  • Have airport lounges access free for Al Mubarak Plus Platinum Creditcards in airports including Dubai, Cairo, Kuwait, Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam and Amman
  • Supplementary cards for other members of the family

The following are ANB Islamic Credit Cards

  1. Al Mubarak Plus Platinum Creditcards
  2. Al Mubarak PlusTitanium Female Creditcards
  3. Al Mubarak PlusTitanium Male Creditcards
  4. Al Mubarak Plus Creditcards

Saudi ANB Conventional Credit Cards

Arab National Bank Creditcards - Essential Card Features

These cards offer great service, which allows enjoyment of exclusive lifestyle.

The following are the basic features and benefits of conventional credit cards:

  • Distinctive credit card limit according to your lifestyle
  • Low service fee on outstanding balance at 1.25-percent per month
  • Customer service assistance, 24-hours
  • Exclusive insurance coverage for all purchases
  • Worldwide support on lost cards
  • Applicable Supplementary cards for your loved ones
  • Easy access to cash, up to 50-percent of credit limit
  • Advantage of minimum monthly payments for as low as 5-percent of the outstanding card balance

The following are ANB Conventional Cards

  1. ANB Platinum Creditcards
  2. ANB Platinum Creditcards in Sterling Pounds
  3. ANB Visa Gold
  4. ANB MasterCard Gold
  5. ANB Visa Silver
  6. ANB MasterCard Silver
  7. ANB Internet Creditcards

How to Apply for Arab National Bank Creditcards

Customers who wish to avail ANB credit cards and experience great convenience may apply by submitting fully accomplished form with the required documents.

Arab National Bank Creditcards - Card Application

  1. Enlarged clear copy of Identification Card
  2. Duly authenticated letter from employer indicating the date of appointment, the monthly salary and job designation
  3. Additional requirements (on #2 item) for non-Saudis; copy of Iqama together with copy of passport, full address at home country
  4. Additional requirements (on #1 item) for self-employed landlords and professionals; copy of the last three months bank statement, copy of proof of ownership (real estate) and commercial registration

Any other concerns or further details regarding Arab National Bank credit cards will be entertained by calling ANB Phone Banking, +966 800 124 0088.