Shopping with ANB Visa Silver

ANB Visa Silver offers consumers wider range of shopping opportunity because it is accepted at more than thirty two million merchants worldwide.

ANB Visa Silver - Credit Card

The shoppers have more ways in getting the products they need since there is continuous sales and discounts that are available locally and abroad if they use the card to pay for the items.

Moreover, cardholders can extend the benefits of great shopping to their family members by applying for a supplementary card. There is nothing more enjoyable than sharing the convenience of using the card to your loved ones.

Get the best of both worlds in shopping using the card and the availability of cash. Do you know that you can do cash withdrawals at Automated Teller Machines and other financial institutions around the world. Use this option should you need immediate cash for shopping convenience.

Even if you do shopping regularly, you can choose to settle your account through easy monthly payments. This is for at least 5-percent of your outstanding account balance.

All it takes now as a cardholder is being responsible and enjoy the benefits of using ANB Visa Silver card.

Responsible Use of ANB Visa Silver Card

The key to enjoy the use of credit cards is to be a responsible cardholder. One way of being responsible is adopting effective shopping practices.

The following are tips how to handle effective shopping:

Take time to plan before shopping.

It is crucial to decide whether to shop at home or in stores. Knowing which of the choice is more appropriate to the current situation will help a lot in your decision.

ANB Visa Silver - Effective Shopping Practices

Ask yourself, which is more advisable to buy at the moment, goods or services. Products have clearer price identification than services. The quality of goods can be determined before purchasing, while to know if the service is satisfactory or not will be established after the performance.

Check the reliability as well as the services of the stores and other sellers from which you plan to purchase the goods you need. Stores are reliable if they are able to support and deliver their claims. Services of sellers include the method of payment they accept, refund and return policies, knowledgeable salesperson, and other special services.

Make a decision when to buy your items. Made up your mind if you will be shopping on credit or cash, or maybe suspend buying at later time. Take advantage of discounted offers, bargains and sales items. It is crucial as responsible shopper to avoid impulse buying.

Do the comparison of shops or stores where to buy the products.

It is important to familiarize yourself with the items you will buy such as their types and forms. Also, be able to do comparison of brand name, packaging, generics and other product features.

Read and understand products warranties, which guarantee the product qualities and standards. It will help also to inquire people who already purchased and tried the product and getting other product information from publications, consumer reviews and community forums.

Do the comparison of shops or stores where to get the services.

Make clear identification of the service person or company that will be providing the services.

It is crucial to check for technical qualifications, license, skills, professional work ethics, and reliability.

Get other information about the service provider by checking references and other records available.

Be able to ask for quotation or estimate in order to have proper reference of the work plan.

Applying effective shopping practices and taking advantage of ANB Visa Silver card features will ensure responsible use of credit cards.




Getting to Know ANB Visa Gold

Credit cards such as ANB Visa Gold have many advantages.

ANB Visa Gold - Card Advantage

They are convenient than using cash, they are useful for emergencies and most reliable in handling service reservations.

However, the benefits of owning credit cards are more than just for convenience.

Use the card to keep track of your expenses and be able to avoid fraud at the same time.

Enroll to online banking and take advantage of automatic security alerts. The system tracks any unusual activities on credit card account and warns cardholders accordingly.

Credit cards can also provide merchandise damage protection. These cover items found to be defective. The card company may waive charges if merchant does not agree to refund.

Responsible use of credit cards yields positive implication on credit score. Use your card at a regular basis and make consistent payment monthly.

Additionally, paying your account balance in full monthly will provide savings because you will be spending less on interest payments.

What are the features of
ANB Visa Gold?

The ANB Visa Gold proves to be at par with what most advantageous card should be.

The card is accepted in more than 32 million merchants around the world. This offers unlimited opportunity in shopping convenience.

Use the card in withdrawing much needed cash at over a million Automated Teller Machines and many other financial institutions around the globe. This is particularly helpful for those people who travel a lot.

Cash withdrawals are allowed even up to 50-percent of your credit limit. This offers essential amount of cash advance.

ANB Visa Gold - Essential Card Features

Cardholders that shop regularly can take advantage of bargains, special offers and discounts that are constantly offered both locally and globally.

An immediate card replacement can be availed should cardholders lose their card or if it is stolen from them.

Extend the benefits of using credit cards to your family by applying for Supplementary card. Great convenience awaits your loved ones by having the opportunity to use their very own card as well.

Cardholders can choose to settle their Visa Gold account from ANB in easy monthly payments. This would just be at least 5-percent of the outstanding balance.

Moreover, should unfortunate event happened to cardholders resulting to death or permanent disability, the card offers waiving of the total outstanding account balance up to the amount of SAR 100,000.




What is with ANB Platinum Creditcards?

The reliability of ANB Platinum Creditcards is as what a platinum card by Visa should be.

ANB Platinum Creditcards - Reliable Cards

Did you give yourself a treat lately? Probably it is time for you to relax, take a break from busy schedule.

In doing so, would it be great to know that someone will back you up for the things you need? Moreover, it is essential to have peace of mind when traveling.

Get exactly what you need with the Customer Assistance through Platinum cards. The services are offered 24-hours a day, seven days a week. That is practically saying; getting the services at all time.

Therefore, you can easily organize for a trip, pick the right restaurant to dine, reserve your seat for a great event, or even get your clothes dry-cleaned.

Services are available for you anywhere in the world.

Reliable Features of ANB Platinum Creditcards

Are you wondering what ANB Platinum cards can offer for you to experience the services available that will suit your needs?

ANB Platinum Creditcards - Card Features

  1. First, get the advantage of having the Platinum credit limit according to your lifestyle. The card knows exactly how much is needed to pamper you.
  2. Get more, have the lowest service fee while enjoying your benefits. The card will only charge 1.25-percent per month on your outstanding balance. You can choose to pay only the minimum payments every month of no more than 5-percent of the outstanding balance.
  3. Take the opportunity to travel First Class, free for two and that would be at the destination of choice.
  4. What happened if you lost your card? Platinum card provides an International support, so you do not have to worry. You will get an emergency card replacement.
  5. Wondering, if you have any support when shopping? The Exclusive insurance will take care all of your purchases. The insurance will handle return and exchange of goods should the need arise. You may even have an extended warranty for the products that require them.
  6. Whenever you need immediate cash, take advantage of easy cash withdrawal of up to 50-percent of your credit limit. This is one way of saying; you will never run out of cash any time.
  7. With ANB Platinum Creditcards, you can share the card’s benefits to your family by giving them Supplementary Platinum cards. This offers the opportunity for your loved ones to experience the best by using their own card.

How to Get ANB Platinum Creditcards

Enjoy the distinct lifestyle that ANB Platinum cards offer through great card and unmatched hospitality.

Take the chance of getting the card and enjoy its great features and benefits, all you need to do is complete an application form and submit together with the required documents.

  • Provide a clear copy of acceptable identification card, Iqama or a Passport.
  • If you will be applying for Supplementary card, a copy of an acceptable Identification Card of the supplementary card recipient is necessary.

If you should have any inquiries or require more details for your application, you can call the anb phone banking, 800 124 0088.

After the application is processed and approved, you can start to experience the enjoyment of what ANB Platinum Creditcards has to offer.




True Value of ANB Platinum Creditcards in SterlingPounds

The ANB Platinum Creditcards in SterlingPounds design unique services allowing cardholders to get explicit lifestyle and great customer assistance anywhere in the world.

ANB Platinum Creditcards in SterlingPounds- Currency Cards

Cardholders that use the right credit cards have great convenience in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in any other places worldwide.

MasterCard and Visa are widely acceptable in restaurants, cafés, bars and shops along with other major credit card brands.

In places such as London, one can find plenteous cash machines (ATMs) from which much needed cash can be withdrawn.  International cards bearing the symbol Visa, Mastercard, Plus, Cirrus or Maestro are highly acceptable.

When traveling, it is crucial to check with your banks or credit card companies concerning card acceptability especially for other banking systems.

Non-UK account may be charged when withdrawing cash. You may also inquire from your bank for details before traveling, just to make sure.

Additionally, various cash machines can provide you with facility such as knowing your account balances. You might also want to check any charges on per transactions made.

ANB Platinum Creditcards in SterlingPounds Features

The card offers great benefits not only for the cardholders, but also for their families. Get the card and start to experience the Platinum card advantages.

ANB Platinum Creditcards in SterlingPounds - Card Features

  • The Platinum card in Sterling Pounds provides credit limit that perfectly suits great lifestyle. This is what convenience is all about.
  • The card can be maintained easily at low service charges that only take 1.25-percent every month of the outstanding account balance.
  • Enjoy a worry-free credit card membership that delivers assistance through 24-hour Customer Service.
  • The card brings to cardholders the necessary insurance protection on all their purchases. This is more than what a card member expects from a platinum card.
  • Card members who travel often can expect international support should they lost their card while traveling. Immediate card replacement is available.
  • Take advantage of applying Supplementary Platinum card for the other members of the family. This is great opportunity to share essential card benefits to your loved ones.
  • Whenever you need cash, you can withdraw easily up to 50-percent of your credit limit. This will ensure that you will never run out of cash any time and anywhere.
  • Have the convenience of paying ANB Platinum Creditcards in SterlingPounds with only the minimum payments per month that is only about 5-percent of the outstanding balance. This provides better management of your finances.

Applying for ANB Platinum Creditcards in SterlingPounds

Apply now and discover great values of Platinum credit cards in Sterling Pounds applicable to your own lifestyle.

In getting the card, all it takes is completing an application form and submitting the same with the required documents for processing.

  • Provide for a copy of acceptable ID card, Iqama or your Passport. The copy should be clear and easily readable.
  • When applying for a Supplementary card, a copy of an acceptable ID card, Iqama or passport of the supplementary card applicant is necessary.

Call ANB phone banking for any other details concerning ANB Platinum Creditcards in SterlingPounds application at 800 124 0088 and + 966 1 460 1700 (inquiry from outside the KSA).




Maximizing Use of ANB MasterCard Silver

ANB MasterCard Silver is the card to own if you are usually making purchases using credit card.

ANB MasterCard Silver - Credit Card

One thing about this card is its acceptability to millions of merchants locally and abroad. Cardholders are provided with the options of getting the products or services they want at their convenience.

Have the advantage of withdrawing cash using ANB MasterCard Silver from ATM terminals and other financial institutions. This service is available worldwide and you can withdraw cash even up to 50-percent of your credit limit.

Moreover, while you are enjoying the best use of the card, you can choose to settle your account through easy monthly payments.

Understanding ANB MasterCard Silver Card Statement

Generally, consumers tend to enjoy using their cards, while giving little attention on their monthly billing.

Since it is crucial to maintain your credit card account up-to-date for many reasons and benefits, it is crucial to know how to read credit card statement.

Familiarize yourself with the terms used in the statement and be able to understand what they mean. Proper guidance plays a big part of being responsible cardholders.

Minimum Amount Due. The minimum amount due should be paid before its due date in order to keep the account updated.

Due Date. This date indicates the cardholder’s last day of paying his/her account. Paying before the duet date is encouraged in order to avoid late payment charges and maintain a good credit rating.

Available Credit Limit. This amount states the available credit card balance for purchases and possible cash withdrawals. The statement reflects the available amount as per statement date.

Statement Date. This date indicates the time statement is printed. The statement is issued on the same day every month.

Total Credit Limit. This is the total amount of credit available for purchases and cash withdrawals of the cardholder.

ANB MasterCard Silver - Reading Statement

Reference Number. The number indicates the unique reference number for each transaction made using the card. This number is essential in identifying specific transactions related to cardholder dispute.

Transaction Date. The date indicates when a particular card transaction is made. Other bank related transactions are also assigned with the corresponding date such as fees, charges and others.

Payments and Credits. These items represent the amount of payments made to the credit card account and other amounts credited to the account from other sources.

Service Charges. This item is the amount of charges applicable to the credit card account. These usually include calculated service charge on the remaining outstanding balance, or other charges as prescribed by the terms of the account.

Total Amount Due. This figure shows the total outstanding amount that a cardholder owed to his credit card account as of statement date.

The ANB MasterCard Silver is the card you must always have in your wallet. The credit card does not only give the opportunity shopping using plastic, but also extends immediate dispensing of cash anytime you need them.

Therefore, you can enjoy using ANB MasterCard Silver and maximize the benefits it provides with the understanding that convenience and responsibility goes hand in hand.




The ANB MasterCard Gold

Do you know that with ANB MasterCard Gold, you can choose to pay easy monthly payments for at least 5-percent of your outstanding account balance?

ANB MasterCard Gold - Card Convenience

Since the card is accepted at millions of merchants worldwide, you can shop or get the services needed and never worry about how to pay for them.

You can also withdraw cash easily through more than 1,000,000 Automated Teller Machines and other financial institutions.

Therefore, you can do continuous shopping and avail of bargains and discounts that are available in many shopping places in the kingdom and abroad.

Should you need any assistance, a 24-hour customer service is standing by to take your call and assist you with any of your needs.

ANB MasterCard Gold
Payment Options

Since ANB MasterCard Gold offers their cardholders to settle their outstanding account through monthly payments, they are as well provided with easy options in paying them.

The payment process would only take no more than ten minutes to update the account, and you need not to wait for another 48 hours just to ensure that your payment makes it through.

ANB Automated Tell Machine. Cardholders can easily pay their monthly payments using their ANB ATM cards. You can settle your credit card account in no time by following the ATM’s systematic screen instructions. Cardholders with no ANB account can use cash deposit instead.

ANB MasterCard Gold - Payment Options

ANB net. You can opt to make your monthly payments online through the internet. This method can be done conveniently at home or in the office. The ANB bank uses advanced Internet technology in order to ensure that every transaction is totally confidential and protected.

Direct Debit. This payment option automatically deducts the payment due from the cardholder’s anb account. You can activate this method by choosing the same as payment option upon card’s application or by requesting the services by calling the toll-free number of the bank.

Bank Branch Payment. Paying through this method requires cardholders to visit any of the anb bank branches and personally make the payment. The anb bank has more than 140 branches that are strategically located all over the kingdom.

ANB Phone Banking. Make your monthly payments through this method conveniently. This is done by calling ANB bank toll-free number and pay with the assistance of a customer service or by following automated step-by-step phone instructions.

Other Features of ANB MasterCard Gold

Cardholders can take advantage of the other features of this card in addition to the basic shopping convenience that ANB MasterCard Gold provides.

Withdraw cash using your card for up to half of the amount of the credit limit. This provides much needed cash at all times.

Avail of the Supplementary card that can be applied for use of the other members of the family. They will be able to enjoy the same experience using the card.

Get an immediate card replacement for lost or stolen credit cards. This will ensure continuous use of your card.

Should there be unfortunate events that caused death or permanent disability to the cardholders, the total outstanding balance of their accounts will be waived even up to SAR 100,000.




Introducing the Best of ANB Islamic Creditcards

The ANB Islamic Creditcards are products developed under the Islamic Banking Division.

ANB Islamic Creditcards - Products Offer

The Division, which focuses generally on developing Shariah-compliant products, intends to provide the customers with Shariah-based financial solutions and cater to their needs and expectations.

The group also oversees the product application as well as implementation in order to ensure that they are in accordance to the Shariah guidelines.

These credit cards being part of the Islamic Banking Division are expected to meet the needs of valued customers.

Benefits of ANB Islamic Creditcards

The Islamic credit cards being distributed under the conformity of Sharia have essential features that are beneficial for consumers.

ANB Islamic Creditcards - Benefits

  • The cards are free from charging of annual fee
  • Provides flexibility by allowing issuance of supplementary card for other members of the family who are 18 years and older.
  • Card members can pay on monthly installment basis for at least 10-percent of the credit limit with no interest charges.
  • Has the convenience of cash withdrawals even up to 95-percent of credit limit.
  • The cards can be used to withdraw cash from more than 820,000 Automated Teller Machines and other financial institutions around the world.
  • The cards have a 24-hour customer service support.
  • Should the cards are lost or stolen, immediate replacement is provided.

Knowing the ANB Islamic Credit Cards

Al Mubarak Plus Titanium Creditcard

Titanium card offers superior services by providing great lifestyle and hospitality to card members.

Separate cards are provided for men and ladies.

Experience distinct service features including benefits such as:

  • Notification through SMS on card transaction made.
  • Credit limit provided to suit your lifestyle
  • Availability of Supplementary cards for other members of the family.
  • Benefit of extended warranty on products purchased using the card.
  • Other features including free airport lounges access.

Al Mubarak Plus Platinum Creditcard

This card is offered to distinguished elite, and has features and benefits that are unique for the card member’s lifestyle.

ANB Islamic Creditcards - Card Choices

  • The card have credit limit to suit your needs.
  • The card provides the benefit of first class ticket free to your choice of destination.
  • Easily manage your card through availability of account statement online.
  • Get instant notification on every card transactions.
  • Take advantage of Global Customer Assistance.
  • Have Emergency Cash Disbursement.
  • Get the privilege of purchase protection and even an extended warranty on products.
  • Get travel service free, which include emergency medical as well as legal referral.
  • Have free access to exclusive airport lounges.
  • The company offers supplementary card for other family members.

Al Mubarak Plus Creditcard

These ANB Islamic Creditcards are Shariah-compliant according to Tawaroq Islamic Principle. The card offers convenience concerning account settlement of the outstanding balance due.

This card can simplify daily life through its flexibility features.

  • The card has settlement flexibility. You can choose to pay only the monthly minimum of 5-percent of the total amount due, and the outstanding balance can be settled using Tawagoq transaction.
  • Flexibility on payments at ANB branches, direct debit of account, ANB online, or through phone banking.
  • The Plus Credit Card is accepted worldwide and withdrawal of cash can be made from over a million Automated Teller Machines and other financial institutions.
  • Access to Customer Assistance 24-hour help line for any account related inquiries including current outstanding balance.

ANB Islamic Creditcards are undoubtedly the best Shariah-compliant cards that offer great features for superior services and convenient benefits for customer’s satisfaction.




Why Get ANB Internet Creditcards

With the ANB Internet Creditcards, managing your account will be very simple and easy online. This offers more expediency and better flexibility.

The system facilitates safer and faster management of credit card account at your convenience anywhere and anytime.

Using Internet credit cards allow cardholders in doing tasks online including:

ANB Internet Creditcards - Online Services

  • Payment of your credit card bills
  • Transferring of funds from bank account to credit card account
  • Viewing of transactions made for proper monitoring and printing of credit card statement
  • Request any other services related to your credit card
  • Find the necessary information and manage your account online through ANB Internet Creditcards

With these online services available to the Internet cardholders, never again that they will be missing paying their credit card account on time. They need not to visit bank in order to request fund transfers. Cardholders need not to wait for their credit card monthly statement, but get advice from bank for its availability instead.

ANB Internet Creditcards Information and Features

Take advantage of using your ANB Internet credit card to do convenient and safe shopping online at millions of merchant shopping sites.

The card has low credit limit to lessen your exposure while having transactions using the Internet. Additionally, the card can be used also in POS machines.

ANB Internet Creditcards - Card Features

Get the necessary assistance through the 24-hour customer service.

Have your card replaced immediately in cases of lost or stolen cards.

Cardholders can choose to settle their outstanding account by easy monthly payments.

View your transactions and conveniently manage your account online.

Minimum SR 5000 salary is required to be eligible in applying for ANB Internet credit card.

An interest rate of 2.20% is applied to this card as well as 2.5% foreign exchange rate.

This conventional card has SR 0 annual fee, offers no balance transfer, miles and cash back features.

Managing your ATM PIN

The Personal Identification Number (PIN) is crucial when using ANB Internet Creditcards. This is your key to your credit card transactions and has to be secured at all times.

Remembering the PIN can be difficult especially the one provided by the bank on the initial issuance of the card.

For this reason, the bank provides you an option of changing the PIN according to your choice by following by following simple steps.

Upon receipt of your card, follow the instructions in obtaining the PIN provided by the bank.

  1. Proceed to an ATM terminal and insert the card to start your transaction.
  2. Input the bank issued PIN when instructed.
  3. Select “PIN Change” from the menu selection.
  4. Input the new PIN of choice accordingly. The system will instruct you to re-enter the PIN once more for verification.
  5. Changing the PIN is successful when the screen prompts that the new PIN is accepted.

With your new PIN, you will be able to do credit card transaction without the inconvenience of forgetting the PIN.

Free yourself from rejection or cancellation because of forgotten PIN and handle transactions and cash withdrawals with ease.

Above all, provide yourself with the necessary protection from unauthorized use of your ANB Internet Creditcards by changing your PIN regularly.




The ANB Conventional Creditcards

What is the difference between ANB Conventional Creditcards from Islamic Credit Cards?

ANB Conventional Creditcards - vs Islamic Credit Cards

Accordingly, Muslims believe that their religion presents possible solutions to any problem. One big issue in this connection is bank interest.

In a sense, nobody likes interest such as those related with credit cards, regardless of religion.

Being a tool for modern man, credit cards are useful in different financial transactions with just a swipe of the plastic.

However, the concern still remains and Islamic banking are trying very much in resolving credit card interest issue through different means.

  1. The authorities suggest the possibility of imposing high annual maintenance fee on credit cards, without applying interest monthly.
  2. The necessity of providing different buying and selling methods.
  3. Setting up of prohibition on the usage and buying of haraam merchandise.

In this article, we will compare the conventional credit cards from Islamic credit cards for the purposes of establishing the difference.

Comparison of ANB Conventional Creditcards from Islamic Credit Cards

With the Islamic credit cards, purchases are made under the principle of “Bai Bithman Ajil” or “Bay al inah”. The first principle stipulates that the bank will purchase the merchandise on client’s behalf and will be selling back the same to the client at higher price. The other principle consists of two agreements.

In the first agreement, the customer will buy the goods at a given price from the bank, and the second agreement states that the bank will buy back the goods from client at low price.

ANB Conventional Creditcards - Major Differences

With Conventional credit cards, the cardholder does the purchases of merchandise, and the bank provides credit to make the purchase.

In Islamic credit cards, cardholders are bound to pay his credit according to the agreement with the bank that is usually a year, which prescribes minimum amount of payment at regular intervals.

In ANB Conventional Creditcards, there is no agreement between the cardholder and the bank as to the end-period of credit repayment.

With the Islamic credit cards, no interest is incurred on the event that the credit is not immediately paid.

With conventional on the other hand, interest is applied if the credit is unpaid within 50 days after the purchase.

In case of late payment, conventional cards apply penalty charges, while Islamic cards do not or if penalty is paid, it will be applied for charity purposes. Islamic credit cards are restricted for use on haraam transactions (tobacco, alcohol, betting, bars, etc.), while there are no restrictions in using the conventional cards.

The foregoing are some major differences between Islamic credit cards and conventional.

ANB Conventional Creditcards Choices

The following are your choices of Conventional cards:

ANB Conventional Creditcards - Card Choices

  • ANB Platinum Credit Card
  • ANB Platinum Credit Card (Sterling Pounds)
  • ANB Visa Gold
  • ANB MasterCard Gold
  • ANB Visa Silver
  • ANB MasterCard Silver
  • ANB Internet Credit Card

Cardholders of Platinum cards have credit limits that can suit one’s lifestyle, low service fees, first class travel free, 24-our customer service and other essential card supports.

The Gold card lines are accepted worldwide, can be used to withdraw from ATMs, has easy monthly payments and provides other great offers for cardholders.

The Silver cardholders can enjoy shopping worldwide; make withdrawals even up to fifty percent of their credit limit, easy monthly payments and many other benefits.

Lastly, Internet credit cards are mostly used for shopping online. It can be used also at POS transactions and has other benefits that cardholders will enjoy.




Why ABC Cards are Popular

ABC Cards are various types of cards issued by ABC or Arab Banking Corporation, an international universal bank with headquarters at Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.

This business entity is categorized under Banks and Financial Institutions and the website is
As mentioned, the Arab Banking Corporation has various types of cards that include:

Prepaid Cards
These cards are available for customers of the bank upon request. Prepaid cards are suitable for internet shopping, travel allowances, as gift to friends and relatives, and as a payroll cards.

ABC Prepaid Cards are accepted worldwide and locally and enable holders to withdraw cash from ATMs and purchase goods and services other than online shopping.

Recharging of funds can be done at all Arab Banking Corporation branches. The only document required to obtain these cards is a duly signed prepaid card application form.

However, in order to be qualified for these cards, the applicant must have a good banking track record and reputation.

Credit Cards
MasterCards and Visa creditcards are issued by ABC through two programs namely; Revolving Program and Partial Settlement Program.

Through the Revolving Program, the cardholder settles his/her credit balance in full and the monthly card limit will be automatically renewed and be available for further purchases or withdrawals.

Under the Partial Settlement Program, cardholders have the option for a revolving credit limit and a flexible repayment scheme with an interest-free credit grace period up to fifty-one days.

After the grace period, the remaining balance will carry a competitive interest rate and the monthly minimum payment is three percent of the outstanding balance.

These credit cards are widely accepted in over thirty million merchants and service centers worldwide and enable holders to withdraw cash from more than five thousand bank branches and about seven hundred thousand ATMs anywhere in the world.

Medical and legal referral and emergency services while traveling are available to Gold cardholders under this program.
Other benefits for these cards include a maximum credit limit of JD 15,000, free registration fee for the first year of membership, a debt burden ration of up to sixty percent, an interest rate of 1.75% on the daily outstanding balance, and a total disability and life insurance coverage.

ABC Cards - Choose Card

Platinum Credit Cards

These ABC cards are especially designed for elite bank customers and carry optimal purchasing power to meet the needs of the customers.

Applicants for these cards can enjoy prompt processing of application and a security chip protection for optimum card protection.

Cardholders of these cards with credit card limit of at least 10000 are entitled to get free roadside assistance for one year.  Services provided consist of assistance during an electrical or mechanical break-down that cause for the vehicle not fit for driving.

Dana Cards

ABC Bank honors women and Dana Cards are particularly issued for ladies wherein they can choose whether to go for a partial settlement program or the revolving program.

Applicants for these cards only need a photocopy of a valid Identification Card, a salary pay-slip of the latest month, and six months bank statement upon application.

Visa Electron Cards

Visa Electron cards are debit cards that are accepted at any ATM with the VISA and ABC logos.

So, customers who want efficiency, speed and most of all security; these cards are the best.