Why BAJ Island Platinum Creditcards are Best for Adults

Is BAJ Island Platinum Creditcards really best for adults? Would you truly know what credit cards are for the young people and for adults? Is there a difference? If you will discover the advantages of these cards, then you will know why.

BAJ Island Gold Creditcards - Card Benefits

Credit cardholders who have been using credit cards for a long time know what type of credit cards would serve them best.

If a credit card carries almost all the requirements of a cardholder, then most likely this card is often subscribed to. Bank AlJazira knows the requirements of most cardholders and is determined to provide the best services.  With this goal, the Platinum credit cards were created.

Therefore, the best way to find out if these credit cards are for you is to check out their advantages and offered services.

Services Offered and Advantages of BAJ Island Platinum Creditcards

BAJ Island Platinum Creditcards holders have the advantage of obtaining the privileges provided to island gold creditcards holders such as:

  • Cash Back advantage of one percent for every purchase using the credit card.
  • Free Access to first class and VIP lounges at more than six hundred airports all over the world.
  • Universal acceptance at more than thirty two million business establishments and services worldwide.
  • Island Online cash transfer from credit card to a current account.
  • Efficient Instant text messaging services for easy processing of transactions.
  • Free cards to members of your family even how many as long as they are over eighteen years old. This privilege is good in order for your family to take advantage of the Island Platinum credit cards.
  • Emergency Cash can be obtained when you travel outside of your resident country and your credit card is stolen.
  • Easy replacement of lost credit cards anywhere you are. Within forty eight hours after your request, your credit card will receive your replacement card.
  • Ease in managing expenses through the detailed monthly credit card statements provided by the bank.
  • Many options of paying balances (i.e. Island Online, ATMs, bank branches, and IVR systems).
  • Flexible payment schemes and amounts provided to cardholders.

With these services and advantages, you are sure to experience how it is to be an elite cardholder.

How to Maximize the Use of Your BAJ Island Platinum Creditcards

BAJ Island Gold Creditcards - Card Features

If you want to maximize the use of your BAJ Island Platinum Credit cards, you have to make your account updated and all balances are paid each month.

When credit cards are up-to-date, it is easy to be qualified for special discounts and the best deals when you shop.

You don’t only enjoy the shopping deals and discounts in your country, but even anywhere you travel.

Another way of maximizing the use of these credit cards is to provide member of your family additional cards in order for them to experience similar enjoyment and privileges that you have.

Do You Know How to Subscribe to BAJ Island Platinum Creditcards?

Subscribing to BAJ Island Platinum Creditcards is very simple. You can either subscribe to it from the Bank of the Island through any of its branches, online or by phone.

The bank’s efficient Customer Service Officers would be happy to entertain your inquiries and help you with your subscription or application.

If you prefer to do it online, a step-by-step instruction is provided for your convenience and easy application.

With the many services and advantages of these cards that cater to the needs of cardholders above eighteen years of age, then these are truly appropriate and best for adults.




Best Deals with BAJ Island Gold Creditcards

BAJ Island Gold Creditcards are superior cards made to meet the challenge of changing customer needs.

BAJ Island Gold Creditcards - Card Benefits

The Bank Aljazira is pleased to introduce Island Gold cards with significant purchasing power that is worthy of people aspirations.

The cards are valuable product designed under the Islamic values and globally acceptable payment systems.

The BAJ Island Gold Creditcards are committed to their customers just as how Bank Aljazira is true in their commitments.

Features of BAJ Island Gold Creditcards

Get to know the best features of Island Gold cards that provide essential benefits to the cardholders.

Cash Back. Use your card as often as you want because every purchases made will give one percent cash back. This is valuable savings while spending.

Universal Acceptance.  Enjoy all the shopping you can handle with the Island gold card universal acceptability at millions of establishments worldwide. This is almost literally means having unlimited shopping possibilities.

Fund Transfer. Get the opportunity of transferring cash from your credit card account to your bank current account through the facilities of Island Online. This offers great flexibility in terms of availability of cash at any time.

Automatic Text Messaging. Receive instant text messages about transactions made using the card. This provides permanent updates of all the processes that transpired with your card.

BAJ Island Gold Creditcards - Card Features

Supplementary Cards. Share the benefits of your BAJ Island Gold Credit cards by getting additional cards for other family members. This is a great opportunity for your loved ones to experience the same convenience your have with your card.

Monthly Card Statement. Cardholders can easily manage their expenses and their credit card with the provision of monthly card statement. The statement details all the transactions and other information pertaining to the card account.

Payment Flexibility. Take the liberty of choosing the way to settle your monthly billing to what suits your paying capability. Opt to pay minimum for at least 5-percent of the outstanding balance or pay in full amount.

Pay Conveniently.  Pay your monthly dues through many channels including bank branches, ATMs and Island online.

Shopping Offers. Avail of great shopping deals and instant discounts when buying within the KSA and worldwide. Get updates on these offers by visiting BAJ website.

Card Replacement. While traveling, get an immediate replacement of your card anywhere and at anytime. This is to ensure continuous convenience should you lost your card.

Emergency Cash. Cardholders can avail of cash during time of emergencies such as when the card is lost or stolen.

Valuable Services.  Obtain medical or legal services by coordinating with the 24-hour customer service assistance.

How to Subscribe to BAJ Island Gold Creditcards

You can choose which is the most convenient in getting the services of Island Gold credit cards.

Apply for the card by completing the online form or call for assistance. This should only take a few minutes to complete.

Applicants can call 9999 244 800 for local and + 4949 431 1 966 for outside the Kingdom. There is no way to missed out the services anywhere.

Get assistance from a Customer Service Officer who will be gladly answering your queries about BAJ Island Gold Creditcards.




Introducing BAJ Island Credit Cards

BAJ Island Credit Cards are great part of valuable products from Bank Aljazira in the KSA.

BAJ Island Credit Cards - Valuable Product

The Island Bank is a joint stock company of Saudi registered under Royal Decree No. 46.

The bank started their operations in 1976 after they take over branches of the National Bank of Pakistan located in Saudi Arabia.

Island bank continues to be a great financial institution and lead the path of rapid growth. They concentrated their efforts of meeting the needs of their customers.

They are able to develop products and services that meet the criteria of Islamic Sharia.

Moreover, their services are extended to support companies and other organization by offering professional services of qualified customer service specialists.

The bank started restructuring in 1992 that involves two consecutive capital increases in 1992 and 1994. As a result, the Island Bank move on to restructure their operations and succeeded to introduce the latest innovation in banking products and financial services. They supported their development effort with advance capabilities of employees and established great bank transformation.

They described 2009 as the year where the bank was able to lay the foundation of the institution’s future growth. The growth leads to further diversification of products and services that strengthen their capabilities as a great bank.

Throughout the years, the BAJ bank was able to enhance their image and continue introducing innovative products including Island Credit Cards.

What are the BAJ Island
Credit Cards?

The Island credit cards consist of different types of cards that have unique features and benefits for cardholders.

Gold Cards

Gold cards are designed with services and benefits that meet the ever-changing needs of consumers.

Enjoy the purchasing capability of these cards that support your personal aspirations and ambitions.

Gold credit cards uphold the Islamic values and are highly acceptable in the payment system.

The purchases made using the card will earn cash back.

Cardholders can take advantage of balance transfer from the card to your bank account.

Platinum Cards

BAJ Island Credit Cards - Cards

Platinum cards are the card for people that appreciate excellence. The cards are designed with unique features and exclusive benefits to support the needs of cardholders

These cards are highly acceptable in the payment system, and offers cash back with every purchase made using the card.

Platinum cards work as membership card that provides exclusive benefits to the cardholders such as dedicated VIP and first class amenities.

Ambitious Cards

Ambitious cards are made with the need of young people in mind.

The card offers great value for the benefits of younger generation and become responsible cardholders in the future. This will also help them build their credit history.

Classic Card

Classic cards are card for conventional living, and supports progressive flexibility by offering great advantages for cardholders.

These cards support the daily spending of cardholders with their high acceptability in the payment system.

Purchases made using this card yields cash back, which is more beneficial when used often.

In their commitment to provide the best banking services, Bank Aljazira introduces electronic services that will enable their customers to pay their bills, manage their accounts, and perform many other tasks online.

BAJ Island Credit Cards are in the center of the continuous development of the bank and a part of great innovative company.




How BAJ Island Classic Creditcards Reward You More

Have you tried using BAJ Island Classic Creditcards? If you are from or are working in Saudi Arabia, most likely you own this credit card.

BAJ Island Classic Creditcards - Rewards

Credit cards issued by the number one bank in Saudi will definitely be part of your wallet.

But, how can these credit cards reward you more? Do all classic credit cards have similar features and offers?

BAJ Island Classic credit card provides its holder a wide range of services and benefits that will surely fit your financial needs.

After you have read these credit cards’ advantages and features, you can very well know why these cards can reward you more.

Different Advantages of BAJ Island Classic Creditcards

BAJ Island Classic creditcards are a combination of internationally accepted payment process and Islamic values and financial concepts.

Unlike other worldwide used credit cards, these cards can be accepted and recognized by most businesses and institutions in Saudi Arabia.

Therefore, it is more advantageous to carry these cards especially if you travel or deal with any of the countries in the Middle East.

BAJ Island Classic Creditcards - Cash Back

Another advantage of these credit cards is that these cards feature a Cash Back program wherein your every purchase will get one percent cash back.

Therefore, the more you purchase, the more you can get a cash back merely by using your classic credit card.

As cardholder, you also have the privilege to transfer cash from your credit card into your current account through the Island Online banking.

Isn’t that a relief? You will not be burdened if you unexpectedly needed cash on your current account.

These credit cards are accepted in millions of restaurants, shops, institutions, and others worldwide.

Thus, you can enjoy shopping, dining, traveling, vacationing anytime and anywhere.

Payment is also very flexible. You can choose the amount you want to pay that will suit your current financial situation.

However, take note that in order to enjoy your credit card more and to be out of bankruptcy is to always pay your balances in full and on time.

All About BAJ Island Classic Creditcards

It is very simple and easy to apply for BAJ Island Classic credit cards.

An applicant can fill out an application form either online or at any of the bank’s branches.

Well trained bank personnel are happy and able to assist applicants by calling telephone 800-244-9999.

BAJ Island Classic Creditcards - Card Features

The annual fee for Island Classic credit cards is 200 SR and supplementary cards have no annual fees.

If the credit card is lost, the fee for the replacement is 100 SR and validity period for the cards is for two years.

The minimum payment for these credit cards is five percent or 200 SR whichever is higher.

For every cash withdrawal, the withdrawal fee is 75 SR.

Similar with the Platinum and Gold credit cards, Island Classic credit cards are also entitled to special offers and discounts.

The special offers and discounts are not only available within the Kingdom, but anywhere in the world.

BAJ is confident that every Island Classic credit card owner will be rewarded more when they use their credit card.




Why BAJ Island Ambitious Creditcards Were Created?

If you hear or read BAJ Island Ambitious creditcards, what will come into your mind?

Aren’t you intrigued with the word ambitious as part of a name for a credit card?

BAJ Island Ambitious Creditcards - Card Benefits

These credit cards are issued by the first and number one bank in Saudi Arabia, which is a very ambitious institution.

From its humble beginning of taking over the National Bank of Pakistan, it is now the most awarded banking institution in Saudi Arabia.

BAJ, a Shari’ah compliant banking institution is a service-oriented and customer-driven company that provides the best and well-processed Shari’ah compliant financial products and services to businesses, individuals, and institutions.

To reach their ambition of being the best bank and maintain compliance with all Shari’ah principle, a Shari’ah Advisory Board was formed.

Heading the said department, which specializes in Islamic Banking, is Sheikh Abdulla Bin Suleiman Al-Mane’e as its chairman. Members of this group monitor, screen, and endorse the operations of the bank and maintain the Shari’ah principles to the entire working environment.

Some of the remarkable awards that BAJ received through its ambitious efforts include ISO Certification as the first bank in Saudi Arabia to obtain an ISO Certification for its ATM and Trade Operations in 2009 and the Kleef Islamic Finance Policy Award in 2007 for Best Takaful Ta’awuni Provider.

With a bank this successful, wouldn’t you be assured that Island Ambitious credit cards can provide you the most ambitious services and benefits?

What are BAJ Island Ambitious Creditcards?

Do you know why BAJ Island Ambitious credit cards were created?

Normally, credit cards are created for card users with age eighteen years and above.

Credit card issuers generally follow this age requirement in compliance with the standard legal age worldwide.

However, BAJ recognizes the importance of training the young group in handling finances and one of the most effective way of training the youth is to make them responsible for their own purchases of goods and services.

BAJ Island Ambitious Creditcards - Card Features

Island Ambitious credit card program is particularly designed for the young people aged between fifteen and twenty four years.

Between these ages is when many changes are happening to an individual such as changes in priorities, outlook, likes and dislikes including buying habits.

Therefore, it is the best time to give the youth an opportunity to decide wisely and handle their finances effectively.

BAJ believes that the most logical way to train the youth about finances is through the use of Island Ambitious credit cards, thus the creation of these credit cards.

Are There Limitations for BAJ Island Ambitious Creditcards?

Since BAJ Island Ambitious creditcards are under a special program geared for young group between fifteen and twenty four, some limitations apply.

First limitation is that it cannot be activated to the bank’s Cash-Back program wherein cardholders are given rewards every time they use their credit cards for purchases of goods and services.

Second limitation is the extent of privileges given to the regular credit card holder in connection with travel, vacation, and others.

However, these credit cards can be used for purchasing goods and services at all locations that accept credit cards.

Application can be done by filling out an application form online or at any branch.

People can also call the bank and a representative will be glad to assist with the application process.