Introducing the Bank Aljazira Creditcards

Get to see Bank Aljazira Creditcards and discover some of the most exciting card services one could experience.

The cards are designed with the purpose of meeting the customers ever growing needs.

All credit cards from Bank Aljazira are in compliance with the Sharia regulations, and preferred in the Kingdom.

Choose among the best type of credit cards that will suit your requirements and lifestyle. The cards work as your best companion in the conduct of individual life and business related transactions.

Bank Aljazira Creditcards - Great Cards to Own

BAJ Island Platinum Creditcards

Platinum credit card offers superior and exciting card services to meet the customer needs related to shopping and travels.

The peculiar features of the card include the one-percent Cashback every time the card is used for purchases and the Priority Pass Membership that lets the card members to experience VIP lounge ambiance during their travels.

BAJ Island Gold Creditcards

Gold credit card offers world-class privileges to satisfy your wants and attain your ambitions.

Get 1-percent cashback with every purchase made using the card. Therefore, the more you spend the more cash back you will earn.

BAJ Island Classic Creditcards

Classic credit card provides the essential benefits in meeting your daily requirements in life and simply the best partner to shop.

Earn one-percent cash back anytime you use your credit card to purchase daily needs. Cardholders can save more by just using their cards for shopping everyday.

BAJ Island Ambitious Creditcards

Ambitious credit cards are cards that are designed to meet the needs of individuals between ages 15 to 24 years old.

Basic Features of Bank Aljazira Creditcards

Credit cards from Bank Aljazira shared common features and benefits that are popular in the Kingdom and the world over.

    1. Cardholders can make withdrawals up to fifty percent of the credit limit at all Automated Teller Machines around the world.
    2. Instant SMS notifications are sent automatically to credit card holders for all the transaction they made using the card.
    3. Free Supplementary Cards can be applied for the other members of the family, for them to experience the same privileges the main cardholder has.
    4. Facilitates simple expense management through the detailed monthly account statement.
    5. Card members can avail of flexible payment options, which are minimum payment of five percent (total amount due) or SAR 200 (whichever of the two is higher) or choose full payment.
    6. Payment of Bank Aljazira Creditcards can be conveniently made through the following channels: AlJaziraOnline, ATMs, AlJazira Phone, Bank Branches.

Bank Aljazira Creditcards - Basic Card Features

  1. Take advantage of great offers and special discounts locally and around the globe. Shoppers can check the best offers online at any time .
  2. Make travels less troublesome by availing emergency cash provision should the card is lost or stolen.
  3. Lost card get immediately replaced within forty-eight hours.
  4. The card provides medical and legal referral. Free medical services include phone advise, local medical service referral and medical condition monitoring during and after hospitalization. The legal referral includes referral to lawyers and to legal assistance.

Above all, get the essential services of Customer Service, 24-hours a day. Cardholders should simply call 800 244 0606 and for outside Saudi Arabia +9661 431 0606.

Bank AlJazira is honored that Bank Aljazira Creditcards are the primary choice of customers, and they committed even to excel more in serving their customers better.