What is the Best Credit Card Rate for You?

Are you looking for the best credit card rate?

Do you know that there are millions of people in the world like you?

With the ongoing economic difficulties, numerous people worldwide are like you who are looking for the best credit card rate that can help them save.

However, the best rate is relative and may not be the best rate for everybody.

Why? You must understand that credit is not a “one-size-fits-all” kind of thing.

There are factors that will differentiate credit that you must know.

For example, if you and Bob will apply for a credit card; it is possible that Bob’s rate will not be the same as yours.

If you never had a late payment or missed a payment and Bob did a couple of times, you and Bob will qualify for different credit card rates.

Therefore, before you go out and look for the best card rate, examine your credit status.

If there are some negatives, you might probably settle for a higher rate than you expected.

Check Out Available Rates and Examine

If you want to get the best credit card rate, you must first know the available rates being offered by different card issuing companies.

Examine carefully the available rates to determine what works best for you.

The way to do this is to look at the terms and conditions of at least five different credit cards that you consider being good offers.

Compare and evaluate each offer.

Sometimes, zero-interest-rate and low-interest offers are misleading.

Don’t be lured by these rates, instead choose a fixed rate and not teaser rates.

Imagine what will happen to you if you get a teaser rate of 6.5% that rises to 26.5%?

Is the Best Credit Card Rate Forever?

We all know for a fact that nothing in this world lasts forever.

This is true with the best credit card rate that you have.

It is possible that you start out with a rate that works best for you.

However, terms and conditions may change that can make your card rate to increase.

One time increase within two years maybe good enough.

But if your card rate keeps on increasing once or twice a year, it is time to look for another card with a better rate.

Transfer your credit balance to a different card that offers the best rate.

However, don’t cancel your current account; leave it open and do not use it.

How to Get a Better Credit Card Rate

If you have been a good customer, never missed a payment and always paid on time; you may request to get a better credit deal.

Here’s how to get that better deal your new best credit card rate:

Prepare Proof of Good Credit Performance.

Before you talk to the bank and make your request, make sure that you are ready with your proof of being a good customer.

Even if you know that the bank will also have a copy and record of their own, gather your credit card statement of accounts or a credit report that shows you are a good payer.

If you have been with the bank for more than three years, it is a plus factor for you.

Make Your Pitch Ready.

Best Credit Card Rate - What is best for you

Being calm and firm will give the impression that you know what you are asking for and honest about your request.

You can achieve this by preparing what you will say during the

Make short pointers on a piece of paper to serve as your guide.

Ask for the Supervisor.

When you are ready, call the bank and ask to speak to the supervisor.

Commonly, the person who answers from the customer service will say that they can assist.

However, it is best that you talk to a supervisor.

Make Your Request.

Remember that creditors are not obligated to change the ongoing terms and conditions of your credit card, so be very professional and don’t sound demanding.

Be honest with your request and give reasons why you need a reduced rate.

If the bank agrees to lower your APR, ask for an email or letter confirming the new rate and date when it will take effect.

If ever your request is denied, determine the reasons for the rejection and what you can do to make them change their decision in the future.

The Best Credit Card Rate for You

The best credit card rate for you is the rate that you best qualify for and not the rate for a perfect consumer, if ever one exists.

The best rate is the one that fits you well and offers preferable added features.

Remember that getting a low APR is not all there is.

It is only important if you are rolling balances over to the next payments.

Paying off your credit card debt in full is still the best practice.

This way, you will never pay any finance charges even how high the credit card rate is.




Looking For The Best Credit Card Offer That Suits Your Needs?

When looking for the best credit card offer that suits your needs, the first and foremost for you to determine is what your requirements are? How can you get the best if you do not even know what you want?

Therefore, to establish what are necessary for you; you must identify your purpose. What are your needs that you will require a credit card for? The answer to this is not the same with all people just like not all credit card offers are the same.

An offer may be the best for a person when it comes to travel miles rewards, but you do not need those air flight tickets. What you want is a high credit limit in order to purchase the things you need for your household.

Others may need credit cards with cash back rewards in order to have extra money for other expenses or as savings. Yet, others may need credit cards that offer points to be earned and be exchanged for gift certificates to buy their wants.

Once you have established your purpose for getting a credit card, you would know what you really need. Therefore, you are in a better position to find the best credit card offer that will suit you.

Understanding the Best Credit Card Offer

Remember that the best credit card offer is relative and not the same for everyone. Also, not because an offer seems enticing, it is the best for you.

It is possible that an offer can be wrapped in a very exciting wrapper, but when you open, what’s inside is either not what you need or something not of value to you.

It is crucial that you understand what is being offered to you. And the way to do it is to study and scrutinize the offers.

Credit Card Companies and Issuers

First of all, you must understand that MasterCard and Visa credit cards are issued by banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions and not by the credit companies themselves. Visa and MasterCard are also issued by merchants that provide goods and services.

Both Visa and MasterCard create and maintain rules and regulations that govern the use of their brand and logo, which the card issuers must follow.

On the other hand, Discover and American Express, issue their own credit cards and authorize purchases. These two credit companies also settle transactions both with merchants and consumers.

Now, you know that the four major credit card companies are MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. Due to limited circulation, American Express is charging higher fee than Visa and MasterCard, which are the most circulated credit cards. In terms of circulation, Discover has the smallest circulation.

Best Credit Card Offer - Different banks have different offers

Credit Card Offers and Bonuses

Secondly, you must also understand that credit card offers and bonuses are provided by the credit card issuers. So, each credit card issuer has its own particular terms for the card, such as fees and interest rate.

Therefore, offers and bonuses may differ from issuer to issuer. You can own two MasterCards or two Visas from different issuers with very much different terms and features.

The Best Credit Card Offer

Lastly, due to competition, all credit card issuers will claim that they have the best credit card offer. They will make their offers loaded with rewards and bonuses to entice consumers like you.

However, since you already have determined what you need, you can easily choose the best offer for you.




Ability to Obtain the Best Credit Card Interest Rate

Are you considering the best credit card interest rate for the purposes of saving on interest fee?

Low interest card is a great option for consumers that carry balances on their credit cards. These cards are offered having introductory rates for as low as zero-percent interest in at least six months.

People usually use their cards in booking a flight, making hotel reservation, purchasing expensive items for their loved ones or maybe transferring a credit card balance.

With an expectation of a big account balance, it is comforting to know that with the best credit card interest rate, you are going to be worry free even if you will not be able to settle the full amount due because of the low interest rate.

Common Features of Credit Card with the Best Interest Rate

  • Most of these cards have a zero-percent introductory APR on all purchases for periods between six to eighteen months.
  • The card will also have an intro offer of zero-percent APR on balance transfer in six to eighteen months.
  • Succeeding variable APR after the introductory period would range from 12.99-percent to 21.99-percent, which will be dependent on the credit rating.

Other Remedies for a Low Credit Card Rate

Finding the best credit card interest rate is possible with several offers of low interest credit card. Although this privilege is preferred, some cardholders may still opt to keep their current credit card for one reason or another.

Assuming you have a good credit standing with your current card and is enjoying great benefits such are valuable rewards. However, your concern is the high interest rate that the card carries.

Does it ever reach your knowledge about the possible negotiation to lower credit card interest rate?

Test is conducted with several consumers in a shopping mall to try calling credit card companies utilizing a script asking to lower credit card rates.

Accordingly, six out of the ten participants who made the calls were actually promised that the rate would be lowered.

The participants are also advised to ask to talk with a supervisor whenever the initial person they negotiated with to lower interest rate turns them down.

Best Credit Card Interest Rate - Credit Card

Amazingly, a shopper was able to lower credit card rate to 10.9-percent from 18.9-percent. Yet, another was surprised to have a 9-percent reduction from her current credit card rate that she thought of asking several years back.

However, if making a request for the best credit card interest rate would not work in your situation; there would be other ways to do so.

With lower interest rates, most consumers may tend to go for home refinancing, pay high-interest bearing credit cards or fund other renovation projects.

In our current position where most of the money is appropriated in real estates and credit cards, it is crucial to know and understand the financial and legal aspects of whatever loan offers before settling for one.

Avoiding high interest and having a chance to save with the best credit card interest rate are intelligent ideas. However, at any point, consumers should be equally smart in understanding what is provided in the fine prints of any loan agreement.




How to Qualify to the Best Credit Card Deals?

Credit card offers are plenty and finding the best credit card deals that will benefit you is often difficult.

There are numerous choices to analyze in order to know which best suits your financial situation.

Some deals are really good and some may look good, but have no-win situations on them.

Your goal is to find the best deal for you and learn if you qualify for them.

Deciding which the best credit card deals are for you depends on how you intend to use them.

Surely, many credit card deals come through your mail, but not all of them are the best deals for you.

Therefore, you truly need to check out the available credit card deals on the market to discover the one that suits your needs.

A deal that can give you the lowest fixed rate is what you need if you are carrying balances.

A fixed rate will not go up after a promotional period.

A low-interest deal is also good for transferring your balances from your high-interest carrying credit cards.

If you use your credit cards for your regular purchases, then deals that offer rewards and bonuses are best for you.

These deals work best if you pay off your balance every month.

Also, check the interest rates since most cards with rewards have higher rates than the regular ones.

How Do You Apply for the Best Credit Card Deals?

Whatever is your purpose in getting another credit card, benefiting from the best credit card deals will still depend on how you choose the deal and if you qualify?

Before you apply, determine the best deals for you by checking out the different credit card deals comparison websites that you can find on the internet.

These websites can provide savings on time and effort for sorting through the numerous deals given by different companies.

Most websites that compare deals have tried the deals themselves or are experts about deals and therefore can give you a good review or evaluation of the different deals.

After you have chosen the best deal for you, you either go directly to the website of the company that offers the deal or make your application through websites that offer different credit card deals.

With a click of your mouse, you can reach the site where an application form is provided for you to fill out.

Answer all required fields and review before you click submit.

If you happen to have any questions, contact first the customer service for clarification before proceeding with your application.

This is to erase any gray areas and make sure that you know what you are getting.

If everything is okay, you may continue filling out your application and submit.

Do High Credit Scores All You Need to Qualify for the Best Credit Card Deals?

It is a given fact that to get the best credit card deals, one of the common considerations are high credit scores.

However, if you are turned down, here are other ways to get a good evaluation of your application.

Best Credit Card Deals - Getting the right deal for you

  • Always Pay Bills On Time Your credit history for all your types of credits plays a very important role when applying for the best deal. And the most important portion of your credit history is if you are paying your bills always on time. There are situations where not so known credit bureaus will consider how you pay your phone, utility and cable bills.
  • Maintaining a Good Debt-to-Credit RatioHow you use your credit limit is important in evaluating your application besides a high credit score. You should maintain at least 50% utilization rate for your credit cards. If ever you go beyond 50%, you are still good for qualification if your payment history is healthy. Never go beyond your credit limit as this will be a big “No” to your application.
  • Having Multiple Kinds of Credits In relation to your payment history, paying credit card bills on time is not enough to consider you for the best credit card deals. Your performance on handling other kinds of credits such as mortgage, loans, or lease for at least seven years with excellent credit is a plus factor for being approved.

The bottom line, qualifying and being approved for the best credit card deals are useless if you are not going to use your credit cards wisely.

There is no perfect deal for everyone, but you can find the best for you if you know what you need and use it effectively.




The Best Credit Card Company is Surviving

Contrary to most news reports, the best credit card company today is surviving the ongoing economic crisis.

So, consumers like you don’t have to worry. No matter what most headlines say about credit card companies, most of them are surviving and enthusiastic to receive your business.

If you are among those who have been sympathizing with your preferred credit card companies and have experienced depressive reactions to the reported struggles of these companies, lighten up.

The best credit card companies are actually doing fine. The not so impressive published reports on the performance of the parent companies of Citibank and Chase were not caused by their credit card divisions.

Prospering Credit Card Companies

Chase, an example of the best credit card company, in a press release by JP Morgan Chase in January reported that they have issued 8.5 million new credit cards to consumers in 2011.

The company’s delinquency rate was lower than the 3.23 percent of the previous year. Its uncollected and written off debts that have been passed to collection agencies were lower than the 5.73 percent in 2010.

Despite the good figures reported by most credit card companies, the executives at Chase and other similar companies are continuously working to improve their products and services.

Even if businesses are down, the best credit card company is looking for ways on how to serve its consumers better.

Credit Card Offers Improving

Big efforts are being done by the best credit card company to make quality credit card offers. Some news blog reveal that number of enhancements done on reward credit cards’ programs was remarkable.

Sign-up bonuses have been improving, as well. Currently, the Citi Dividend Platinum Select Visa Card and the Chase Freedom Visa Card are the best examples that offer $200 cash back after the first use of the credit card.

Credit Cards for So-So Credit Scores

Due to competition, the best credit card company offers premium products not only to the credit elite, but to consumers with mediocre credit score, too.

Some of the credit card offers for this type of consumers include:

Best Credit Card Company - Surviving Credit Card Company

Orchard Bank Secured Card

This is the best if you want a low-interest Card. It is reported to feature a low APR of 7.99%. This card carries a $35 annual fee that is waived for the first year.

Capital One Hassle-Free Cash Rewards Card

This credit card is famous for its rewards programs that offer 2 percent cash back on gasoline and groceries and 1 percent cash back on all other purchases made by the credit cardholders.

A credit expert says that the card’s 17.9% to 22.9% variable APR and a $39 annual fee are reasonable for a reward credit card in this category.

Journey Student Rewards Card – Capital One

A credit card expert explained that this is a good credit card for students who are working on their credit.

These cards allow cardholders to earn rewards by using the card prudently.

Students get one percent cash bank on all their purchases, but when they pay their bills on time; they get a twenty five percent bonus on their cash-back rewards each month.

If you have a good credit score, you are surely the target market of the best credit card company that is very interested to have your business.

However, if you have a so-so credit score, you don’t have to be sad. You can still find a card for you. So, now is the time to stop worrying and seek out the best deal that you can possibly get.




The Best Cash Back Credit Cards for You

Do you know that best cash back credit cards that you can obtain have been around for more than fifteen years on the market?

Actually, cash back credit card is more popular than low APR or Zero APR as shown by a research conducted by TNS Global Financial Services. The result of the research shows that almost fifty eight percent of cardholders with rewards programs have cash-back cards.

Cash back cards are also the most asked type of rewards card on the Internet.

Apparently, cash back credit card reward programs begun as a simple offering with a typical flat rate of one percent on purchases.

The corresponding amounts are returned to the customers in the form of checks that are given at the end of the year.

Cash back cards issued by different issuers have different offers. Some cards give higher earned percentage on particular categories, some provide cash backs on the amount spent on certain categories, and some have different payment procedures.

0 apr visa credit card

0 apr visa credit card – how to utilize the best 0% apr credit cards

0 apr visa credit card: Apply for the best zero 0 apr credit card offers in the market today with some pretty bonus cash back offers. Find out all you want to know …

In order to maximize the benefits of a cash back credit card, you should check out the three basic components of these credit cards.

  1. The Percentage that you earn on your purchases. When comparing different offers, choose the card that is giving you the highest percentage.
  2. The amount spent on certain categories that are given higher rates. Determine your regular purchases and match that with the cash back card that gives higher rates on the category of your regular purchases.
  3. The method of payment to customer. Before you choose the best cash back card for you, determine the procedure on how you will receive your cash back checks.

Oftentimes, customers are not able to collect their earned rewards because they didn’t know that they have to request for it and are not automatically mailed to them.

The Best Cash Back Credit Cards Offers

The greatest advantage in having the best cash back credit cards is the opportunity of earning cash back on daily purchases that include gas or fuel purchases, groceries, drug store purchases, and restaurant expenditures.

To provide the biggest savings that you can have by using a cash back credit card, here are few of the best offers that you can obtain.

    1. American Express Blue Cash Everyday (SM. This cash back card is recommended to those who want to earn maximum amount of cash back on daily purchases. All year round, you can earn three percent on supermarkets, two percent on department stores and gas stations, and one percent on all other types of purchases you make. It has no annual fee, no rotating categories, and you can earn the rewards immediately since there is no minimum amount requirement for expenditures. Additional incentive is a $100 cash bonus on your first $1000 purchases within the first three months using the Blue Cash card.
    2. Chase Freedom Visa Cash Back Credit Card. This card offers five percent money back on outstanding rotating classifications such as groceries, travel, gas and home improvement purchases. Chase Freedom also offers a $200 cash back bonus after spending $500 during the first three months of using the card.

Best Cash Back Credit Cards - Different Banks, Different Offers

  1. Ink Cash (SM) Business Cash Back Credit Card. This is considered the best business cash back credit card wherein you get five percent cash return on the first twenty five dollars you spent per year on cable services, office supplies, and telecommunication services. You also get two percent cash return on the first twenty five thousand dollars spent yearly on dining and gas and one percent cash return on all other purchases you make.
  2. Discover More Cash Back Credit Card. This card is similar to Chase Freedom that provides earnings up to five percent cash return on daily purchases in rotating categories. You are also able to earn one percent unlimited cash back on your all other daily purchases.

Discover More Cash Back Card has no annual fee and has a zero APR introductory rate on purchases and balance transfers for fifteen months.

Best Buy Credit Card

Best Reward Credit Cards.

rewards points and cash back incentives … Why Best Buy credit card rewards offer some of the best cash back rewards programs …

What are the Best Cash Back Credit Cards for You?

Cash back credit cards may differ greatly in their rewards structure. Getting the best cash back credit cards for you is to find the cash back credit card that complements your buying habits.

In other words, select a cash back card that will give you the most cash back for categories that you buy the most every month.

Think of the many benefits the best cash back credit cards can provide you. If you want to learn more, just send me a message and I will be glad to help you.

Budgeting Tips

Budgeting Tips – Your guide for cash management.

Budgeting Tips …




What is a Best Buy Credit Card?

When you think of a best buy credit card, most probably, you would think of Best Buy issued credit cards.

Although those could be good credit cards to some, it is not what we are referring here.

However, since there are plenty of people asking if this is truly a good credit card offer; we will first discuss Best Buy credit cards that are issued by Best Buy store company in order to determine if these are really “best buy”credit cards.

Best Buy issued two types of credit cards, the reward zone MasterCard and the reward zone credit card with distinct benefits provided to the customers.

The primary difference between the two types is that the reward zone credit cards are only accepted at Best Buy stores while the reward zone MasterCard credit cards are accepted anywhere that accepts MasterCard.

Both Best Buy cards offer discounts and points to users of the cards, but Best Buy MasterCard offers points that can be saved up for future purchases at Best Buy.

Therefore, if you are a frequent buyer at Best Buy, these cards are beneficial because you earned points every time you make a purchase.

The MasterCard version has additional offer of giving cash back rewards on grocery purchases and purchases at Best Buy.

To qualify for both cards, the applicant should have a high credit score, fill out an application, and pass a credit check.

A high credit rating will determine if the annual fee will be waived, if the applicants qualify for the MasterCard best buy credit card, and determine the interest rate.

If this is a good offer for you will depend on your needs.

The Other Context of Best Buy Credit Card

If you want to achieve the benefits of credit cards, you should be able to avail of the best buy credit card.

Best buy is not the credit cards issued by Best Buy.

Best buy refers to the credit card that best suits your needs.

The different credit card companies are competing in selling their cards to the consumers.

They provide numerous offers in order to lure consumers in buying their card.

How then would you know if you had the best buy?

Here are some tips to help you determine the best buy credit card for you:

Personal Needs – What are your usual expenses?

Are there items that you frequently buy?

Do you need a card with high credit limit?

Will you afford to pay the entire balance monthly or you would need a card that can allow you to make partial payments?

Best Buy Credit Card - A card that has all the best features

Flexibility – Choose the credit card that can adapt to your lifestyle.

Determine if you can use the credit card for cash advances or make payments with checks.

Find out the consequences if ever you go beyond the credit limit or incur late payments.

It is best that you choose a card that will not make you responsible for expenses or purchases incurred in case of fraud or stolen card.

Consequently, the card company should be able to immediately replace your card in case of theft.

Incentives and Bonuses – Buy credit cards that provide rewards programs, mileage points, cash backs, and other incentives and bonuses.

If you travel a lot, choose a credit card with air-miles that you can exchange for flight tickets.

If you are a regular buyer, choose a card that offers cash back or discounts.

Getting all the benefits that come along with your credit card such as no annual fee, low APR or zero percent APR and other features will make you achieve the best buy credit card.




The Best Business Credit Card is Always Available

Did you know that the best business credit card is always available?

Yes, in terms of offer, many card issuers provide great features to their cards in meeting the needs of every business owners.

Best Business Credit Card - Business Needs

Top 10 Best Business Credit Cards

Business credit cards are for people who have business of their own and need the convenience of having a credit line for their company related expenses. Other than a line of credit, most credit cards for businesses carry reward program wherein reward points or cash back can be earned while you enjoy using the card. Additionally, card issuer offer Zero-percent introductory APR on their card that provide opportunity for cardholders of making large purchases without paying interest for at least the first six months. This means savings on the part of the business owner. The feature of business credit card that benefits business operation is the option of availing additional credit cards for the owner’s key employees. With this, business related purchases can be delegated and expenses, easily monitored.

Five Best Credit Cards for Business Purposes

Here is some of the best business credit card you can avail that are useful to your business.

    1. Simply Cash (American Express) Business Credit Card

Best Business Credit Card - Card Offers

How to Facilitate Business Credit Cards Application

The card offers effortless way in reinvesting to your business every time you make purchases.

It has an automatic cash back that will be credited directly to your account every month.

It does not require minimum spending, no minimum rebate, and enrollment is not required.

Cardholders have flexibility in paying their balance fully or forward a balance and take advantage of low introductory APR.

The card has no yearly membership fee on both the main card and the additional cards.

Enjoy five-percent cash back on purchases of office supplies and other wireless service, three-percent on gas and one-percent on other purchases.

Corporate Credit Card

Corporate Credit Card – A Business Advantage; how to get a corporate credit cards …

how to get a corporate credit cards – Corporate credit card is a great advantage for growing businesses. …

      1. Ink Cash (Chase) Business Card

This best business credit card offers Zero-Percent Intro APR for six months and has no annual fee. The cardholder can get cash back on the purchases made using the additional cards. Business owners are capable of controlling and managing their expenses with the facilities of customized reports and alerts. Every purchase is protected by Zero Liability Protection. Rewards – Spend $5000 in three months and get $250 cash back; get five-percent cash back for every initial $25000 spending annually on office supplies, landline/cellular phone service including cable service.

accepting business card credit small

accepting business card credit small – Why small businesses must …

accepting business card credit small: Importance of accepting business card credit. Why small businesses most accept credit card payments as an added …

      1. Business Gold (American Express) Rewards Card

With this card, earn rewards points on every essential business purchases. Avail of no annual fee in the first year. Get a card protection and avail of exceptional customer service. Cardholder can enjoy level-up reward programs that offer points on every purchase made for the business.

Small Business Credit Card

Small Business Credit Card – Why would you need a business credit card?

best small business credit card offers – Benefits and advantages provided by having a small business credit card …

      1. Ink Classic Business (Chase), 25,000 Bonus Points

This best business credit card offers great purchasing capability, high-level rewards, and superior business benefits. This card has global acceptance and cardholders are capable of spending according to their business needs. The card has no annual fee, zero-Percent intro APR on purchases and transfers of balance for six months. New cardholders can earn 25,000 points after spending $5000 for the first three months. Rewards – 1$ purchase earns one point, two points earned for a dollar spent on the initial $25000 amount of fuel purchase and dining. Additionally, earn five times points every $1 on the initial $25000 spent per year on office supply purchases, landline/cellular phone services and cable service.

Business Credit Card Protection

0 apr business card credit – why do you need a business credit card

0 apr business card credit – Advantages of a zero 0 apr interest rate business credit car. Apply for a 0 apr business credit card or a 0 interest credit card of your …

    1. Starwood Preferred Guest (American Express) Business Credit Card

This best business credit card offers earnings of points for free awards such as flights with over 350 airlines, gift cards and others. Get 4X points for each stay at SPG participating hotels and resorts, extra 5K points if you transfer 20K points to over 30 airline programs. Owning more than one business credit card is highly recommended in order to maximize the benefits of the best business credit card.

Business Credit Card Protection

Business Credit Card Protection –

Enactment of CARD Act of 2009, seeking to include Business Credit Card in the protection against abusive acts.

You can use the card with zero to low APR for carrying balance purposes, and the other card for other expenses that will be settled in full every month.

Is Chase Balance Transfer Creditcards Good for Consolidation of Balances?

You are the better judge if Chase Balance Transfer Creditcards is good for your consolidation of balances. And, to help you make the right decision is to determine your purpose, need, and the offers presented to you.

Chase Balace Transfer Creditcards - Cards

It is general knowledge that Chase is a very reputable and stable bank. Therefore, if it offers something, it is most likely that they are able to deliver.

It is also the goal of Chase to provide not only the best product, but also the best service for the benefit of its customers and clients.

Currently, there are two Chase Balance Transfer Creditcards being offered by Chase. It is helpful for you to know each offer and determine which one is the best credit card for you.

Slate From Chase

Slate From Chase has a promotional period of fifteen months for purchases and balance transfers. The introductory APR is zero percent. For the first sixty days, Balance Transfer Fee is zero.

Chase Freedom Credit Card

Chase Freedom Credit Card, similar with Slate From Chase, also has a promotional period of fifteen months and has not annual fee. It carries a five percent Cash Back on purchase in certain categories. You can also easily earn $100 Bonus cash back with this card.

What Should You Look for in an Offer for Balance Transfer Creditcards?

Offers for Chase balance transfer creditcards are indeed very tempting. However, before you jump in and be sorry, there are certain things that you must first look into.

But, before you look at the different important factors to consider; the most important thing that you must do is to read the fine print.

By reading the fine print, you will know the effects of even a single late payment and how you can lose the introductory rate and end up with huge interests.

Chase Balace Transfer Creditcards - ChoiceFirst, determine how long will thePromotional Period for the introductory interest rate will last. Will it be only for six months or fifteen months?

If you need longer period to pay off your debt, then it is beneficial to look for the balance transfer credit card with the longest promotional period.

Second, identify the Interest Rates that the balance credit cards carry. As a general rule, the lower the rates, the better it is for the cardholders.

Normally, a zero percent introductory interest rate is offered to cardholders with above-average credit scores. But, do not be discouraged when applying for Chase Balance Transfer Creditcards because there are other factors that will qualify you even if your score is not that good.

Check what would the interest rates would be after the promotional period. Usually, the rate will jump to higher APR. So, you should determine if you can afford to pay off your balances before the promo period ends.

Third, it is also important that you find out how much are the Balance Transfer Fees. Most offers for balance transfer credit cards charge between three percent and five percent straight on the balance for transfer.

Therefore, you must include the balance transfer fee into the calculation of your debt. For example, the amount of your balance for transfer is $1,000 with five percent rate; then the fee is $50.

Lastly, you must also consider if the balance transfer credit card has anAnnual Fee. Even if the annual fee is less than $100, it will still add up to your total money outlay.

If all the considerations are into your advantage, then you may very well take the Chase balance transfer creditcards offer. However, remember to be wise in making purchases or you will end up heavily indebted.


Saving from Chase No Annual Fee Creditcards

Probably you are thinking if you can get savings from Chase no annual fee creditcards. You know for a fact that credit cards are meant for spending and not for savings.

Chase No Annual Fee Creditcards - Advantage

But, if you have a credit card that can provide savings; would you get one? Definitely, your response is yes. Who wouldn’t want to have savings?

By not paying any annual fee each year, you get to save the money intended for the fee. Usually, the amount would range from fifty dollars to almost two hundred dollars; depending on the type of credit card.

However, if you want to maximize savings on a no annual fee credit card; it should carry other perks such as cash back, rewards, and zero percent introductory APR, or no balance transfer fee.

Before you apply, for a new no annual fee credit card with added perks, it is advantageous to find out what the credit card will actually cost you based on your present financial situation and previous buying habits. Remember that you will earn more savings by being a responsible card user of Chase no annual fee creditcards.

The Six Great Chase No Annual Fee Creditcards

Chase Sapphire Card

Aside from saving money yearly from not paying annual fee, you can earn ten thousand bonus points equivalent to $100 in rewards after spending $500 within the initial three months of membership.

Not only that, you can earn two points for every dollar that you spend at restaurants and one point on all your other purchases provided your account is active and not in default.

Slate From Chase

This credit card is both a no annual fee card and a balance transfer credit card. When you transfer a balance within the initial sixty days of membership, your balance transfer will not incur any fee.

But, after the initial sixty days, the balance transfer fee will be three percent of the total amount transferred or a minimum of five dollars. These Chase no annual fee creditcards also carry debt fighting tools, built-in security, and convenient services.

Chase No Annual Fee Creditcards - Cards

Chase Freedom CreditCard

These Chase no annual fee creditcards are not only a no annual fee card, but at the same time cash back card. You can get a hundred dollars cash back bonus if you are able to spend five hundred dollars during the initial three months of membership.

You will enjoy five percent cash back up to $1,500 that you spend on bonus categories every quarter and one percent cash back on all your other purchases. To top it all, when you shop online at particular merchants through Chase, you earn additional ten percent cash back.

Chase Disney Rewards VisaCard

Dreaming of a Disney vacation? This is the best rewards and no annual fee credit card for you to make your dream come true.

After your first use, you automatically get a fifty dollar credit on your statement and one reward dollar for every hundred dollars that you spend on your everyday purchases.

Chase Amtrak Guest Rewards MasterCard

Instantly after your first use of these Chase no annual fee creditcards, you get a twelve thousand bonus points. So, if you are a regular customer of Amtrak, this is to your great advantage.

You also earn two points for every dollar that you spend on your Amtrak purchases and one point for each dollar you spend on your purchases at other places. Your points will never expire as long as your account is active and not in default.

Chase Amazoncom Rewards VisaCard

This is a great reward and no annual fee credit card for your Amazoncom and other purchases. Upon approval of your credit card, you will automatically receive a thirty dollar Amazon.com Gift Card into your Amazon.com account.

You can earn points on your every purchase at Amazon.com, gas stations, drugstores, restaurants, and more. It is so easy to redeem your points for stuff at Amazon, cash back, travel, and gift cards.

Take advantage of all the benefits by just using Chase no annual fee creditcards.