Can You Tell What the Best Credit Cards Offers are?

Telling which the best credit cards offers are will depend on the credit cardholder.

An offer might be the best for one cardholder, but not for the other one. The numerous credit card offers oftentimes overwhelm consumers that they can’t seem to know which one to get.

It is also possible that some consumers take advantage of every offer that the credit card companies provide to their customers.

This practice makes available opportunities for most credit card users to tell which companies truly provide the best credit cards offers.

However, no matter how a cardholder was motivated to take an offer, the criteria commonly used in making a decision are all the same.

Consequently, in order to be eligible for the best offers, your credit history is the primary factor.

Your credit score will give signal to the credit card company whether you are a responsible debtor or not.

Finding the Best Credit Cards Offers That Meet Your Needs

Are you trying to find the best credit cards offers from the different credit card issuers?

Getting credit today is more difficult than years past due to many factors.

When we say something is the best, it means we give the greatest value to that something.

Therefore, being the best is relative and it does not always follow that what is best for one person is similar with another.

What is important is that you are able to determine which credit card offer best suits your needs.

Although you can only do this if you are decided on what you really need.

To help you evaluate, which is the best for you, here are some pointers on how to find the best credit cards offers:

    • Rewards – Some consumers look for credit cards that offer rewards such as travel points, cash back or other forms of rewards. Actually, there are various selections with different terms and conditions. But, not all the kinds of rewards will be useful for you. If you are a frequent traveler, the miles rewards is useful and if you are a heavy buyer of household supplies, a cash-back is applicable.

“No Annual Feeshould be your minimum requirement when selecting a good credit card.”

  • Interest Rates – Credit cards with low interest rate are the most sought after among the offers provided by card issuers. However, getting the low interest rate is only for a short period since this it is only offered as an introductory option. After few months, you will be surprised that the interest rate on your credits is too high.
  • Grace Period – Having longer grace period is beneficial in order not to be charged with penalties when you delay some payments.

In order to get the best offer, you need to read carefully the terms and conditions for each card that you are interested in.

How to Effectively Use the Best Credit Cards Offers

It is common for most people to be worried about how they can use their credit cards effectively.

As you know, if credit cards are not used correctly, you may end up in uncontrollable debts.

To maximize the use of your credit cards, you should be able to see the best credit cards offers that you can take advantage of.

Today, the credit card market is highly competitive and credit card issuing companies are offering different attractive packages to entice consumers.

Some of these packages include:

Best Credit Cards Offers - Offers that will benefit you

  • Zero 0 APR Interest credit cards Or Low Interest Rate Credit Cards look for these credit cards with low to zero APR as they can save you money. Be very selective on which cards you apply for. Typically, you will need a good credit score to be approved for one of these cards.
  • No Annual Fee Credit Cards these are credit cards that carry no annual fee. As a cardholder, you should be shopping for these type of credit cards, why pay the banks for your business. Keep in mind that regardless of your credit score, you can always find a credit card with no annual fee for which you could be approved. Don’t settle for less.
  • Rewards Credit Cards where you can get significant rewards just for using your credit cards. Such rewards credit cards include:
    1. Cash Back Credit Cards where you can get a maximum of 5% cash back on your food, gas, groceries, and office supplies.
    2. Airline Miles Credit Cards are the best for frequent flyers by accumulating points to receive rewards and other bonuses.
    3. Business Rewards Credit Cards are the best card offers where businesses can get up to 5% cash rebates on expenses that are related to business such as computers and office supplies.
    4. Gasoline Rewards Credit Cards can give you savings when you purchase fuel by getting 5% cash rebates on your fuel purchases.
  • Balance Transfer Credit Cards are usually low interest credit cards that can provide you big savings on your interest payments.
  • Instant Approval Credit Cards are the best way to instantly know if you are approved or not by the issuing company.
  • Student Credit Cards are for college students who are starting to build their credit score.

To effectively use the best credit cards offers, you should find the best offer that you can truly use and can provide you savings.

These are just some of the offers provided by card issuers.

Continue visiting our site and you will learn and discover more about how you can take advantage of the many credit card offers available for you.




Who Needs the Best Credit Cards Debt Help More?

There is a great tendency that women tend to need the best credit cards debt help more than men. Why is it so?

According to some data from the largest independent regulator of businesses in the United States, women are prone to making bigger mistakes in handling their credit card balances than men. They have the tendency to carry balances regularly and do not compare credit card offers in getting a new card.

Women also have the habit of paying only the minimum monthly payment more than men. Because of these, women get higher credit card interest rates than men, in spite of their financial knowledge.

Consequently, people carrying higher credit card interest rates are more likely to rapidly create bigger balances if they only pay the minimum payment each month instead of paying in full.

Consumers with large credit card balances may require the best credit cards debt help in order to bring their finances back in order.

Caution in Finding the Best Credit Cards Debt Help

Many consumers are seeking the best credit cards debt help in order to lower their monthly credit card payments. Because of this, numerous companies across the US claim they can guarantee to lower interest rate and reduce the amount people owe.

However, consumers should be careful because some of these companies are scams managed by con artist who cannot carry on their promises. If you fall in their trap, you may lose more money in fees and be in worse financial situation.

It is more likely that you will end up with the same amount of credit you have when you begun any relief method, plus having to pay more charges and penalties.

In order to avoid being a victim of these fraudulent debt relief companies, you should do your homework. It is true that facing enormous debts can be frightening, but do not get debt relief based on a sales call or a radio and television commercials.

What you need is a debt relief program particularly designed for you by a reputable organization. Therefore, shop around and compare several companies and ask them to spend at least thirty minutes with you in order for you to learn more about them.

Best Credit Cards Debt Help - Debt Management

Ask as much as you can and write down their answers. Find out about their methods and fees. If they do not want to talk about their fees or their fees are exorbitant, look for other companies.

Check out the companies you think can deliver what you need with your local consumer protection agency or Better Business Bureau before you make your final choice.

If you do your homework, you will be able to find a service that will not rip you off and can bring the amount of your debt down.

The Best Credit Cards Debt Help for Managing Debt

The best credit card debt help in order not to be heavily indebted is to manage your credit card effectively and efficiently. You can do this by following these simple steps:

  • First and foremost is to change your spending habits. Most likely, your current spending style has created the financial disaster in your life. Therefore, in order to avoid incurring more debt, purchase only things that you need and you can afford. Review your expenditures for the last six months and identify those that are not important and concentrate on what you really need. Make a budget and stick to your budget.
  • If you can, stop paying only the minimum payment each month. With the budget you have created, you should be paying more each month with the ultimate goal of paying in full every month. The longer you keep credit card debt by paying only the minimum will cost more in interest and charges that will expand your debt tremendously.
  • Use your credit card wisely and maintain only about one or two of the best credit cards you have for emergencies. It is advisable to use prepaid credit card or debit card for buying everyday items.


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Taking Advantage of the Best Credit Card Rates

We can always encounter best credit card rates being offered in the Internet. Credit card companies and banks offer their own as well.

If you owned credit cards for long now, you must have understood very well the effect of high and low interest rates and their relationship with your monthly payments.

For the sake of first-time cardholders and others that are never particular of how credit card issuers charge them, let us look at these rates for the purposes of understanding the rationale in seeking the best credit card rates.

Understanding Credit Card Monthly Payments

Some major credit cards including American Express would require their cardholders to pay their monthly charges in full. The consumers are encouraged to do so by providing them with the benefit of no finance charge.

Other credit card issuers including MasterCard, Visa and Discovery offer cards that are categorized under revolving credit. The cardholders under this category may choose to pay only the minimum payment. They can carry a balance every month subject to interest charges.

The following are the three ways from which banks and credit card companies based their monthly payment calculations. Let us see the relationship of the computations with the best credit card rates.

The Adjusted Balance – Accordingly, this way of computation favors cardholders. This method takes the previous statement balance, adds new charges, subtracts payments made and multiplies the result with the monthly interest rate.

The Average Daily Balance – This is the most commonly used method and is considered fair to both the cardholder and issuer. The computation involves tracking of the daily balance, adding charges and subtracting whatever payments made. The average of the daily totals will be computed at the end of that period, and multiply the result with the monthly interest rate.

The Previous Balance – Accordingly, this method favors the issuer. The computation of the finance charge is done by multiplying the balance of the previous statement with the monthly interest rate.

The monthly payment is dependent of the account balance, the applied interest rate and the method of calculation used.

Understanding the Effect of Interest Rates on Payments

Best Credit Card Rates - Low Interest

In order to choose the best credit card rates, it is crucial to know the effect of interest on the computation of credit card payments.

High-Rated Credit Card – Assuming you charged $3000 at 22.99%. Assuming further that no charging was made after and cardholder decides to pay only at minimum per month. The minimum payment will commence at $150 going down towards the end of the payment period at $25. The credit card balance will be paid in 77 payments, and the total interest paid at that time would be $1655.

Low-Rated Credit Card – Using the same amount of charge above at 8.99%. The minimum payment will commence at $150 going down towards the end of the paying period at $24. The credit card balance will be paid in 59 payments, and the total interest paid at that time would be $475.

In conclusion, with the lower interest rate, the period of payment of the debt would be lesser by two years, and saves $1180 on interest fees.

When making a choice for the best credit card rates. Make every effort to settle at the lowest rate possible in order to maximize savings from interest fees and paying credit card balance in shorter period.


Availing the Options of the Best Balance Transfers Credit Cards

Are you contemplating to get the best balance transfers credit cards for your debt situation?

Just like many credit card dependent spending consumers, it is high time to consider managing finances intelligently and look for ways to turn unnecessary expenses to savings.

Initially, if you belong among the credit cardholders who have numbers of outstanding balances in your cards, consolidating them would be a timely decision.

The thought of saving money from your expenditures can be realized by transferring credit card balances with high interests to zero-percent balance transfer card.

Assuming the current APR of your credit cards is ranging from 12-percent to 21-percent.

Applying balance transfer scheme would mean savings of about $120 to $210 in a year with every $1000 credit card balance.

Is that not something?

What to Consider when Looking for the Best Balance Transfers Credit Cards

Generally, consumers with several balances on their credit cards would agree on making balance transfers, but the next concern is how to get hold for the best card for balance transfer.

    1. The guideline is to look for the credit card that offers the longest zero-percent APR balance transfer.

With the competitive atmosphere among the credit card companies, you can expect volume of offers from which you can choose the best balance transfers credit cards you are looking for.

    1. Keep in mind that in obtaining the best deals in balance transfer credit card, your credit rating must be excellent.

    2. Mostly, card companies charge 3-percent fee in doing balance transfers.

This means zero-percent balance transfer offers for twelve months have effective offer of 3-percent APR. Then, you will look at zero-percent APR for six months to have an effective interest rate at 6-percent APR on balance transfers. These are some information you have to check when you are looking for the best balance transfers credit cards because this is where you will save lots of money.

    1. Zero-percent APR is also offered on purchases along with the balance transfers.

Best Balance Transfers Credit Cards - Zero-Percent APR

Ten (10) Ways to Take Advantage of best balance transfer credit card Offers.

This offer provides additional benefits if the duration for both the transfer and purchases on zero-percent APR is the same. However, if the zero-percent APR on purchases will expire earlier than that of the balance transfer zero-percent APR, it is advisable not to make purchases using your credit card. The rationale is that when payments are made, they are first applied to the balances having the lowest interest. Upon the expiration of the zero-percent APR related to purchases, it will be charged with the standard interest rates that would be around 19-percent or higher. Payments cannot be applied to the purchase portion balance until the remaining zero-percent APR balance transfers are fully paid.

    1. In some offers for balance transfers, the zero-percent APR is provided both for transfers as well as for the deposits made directly into the checking account.

The facility provides other options to use the zero-percent APR to other payments such as settling other loan balances. If you adopt this option, it is favorable in making the balance transfers along with opening of the account, in order to maximize the deal on balance transfers. You have to make sure that you read and understand the terms and conditions thoroughly.

Lastly, it is recommended that prior to having the best balance transfers credit cards for zero-percent APR; you need to have a strategic plan set up before the offer expires.

With this in mind, you will be able to avoid the consequences of paying for higher interest rates after the zero APR period that can jeopardize all the saving efforts you made.



Top 10 Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Best Balance transfer Credit cards – Getting a new credit card can often be a daunting process.

This is why it is a good idea to make sure that you are getting the most out of the card that you choose.

This is possible when you choose among the best balance transfer cards which are available.

These balance transfer credit cards have many different options which make them the best for you to transfer funds from other cards or other accounts.

There are quite a few different balance transfer credit card which you can choose from to get the rates and the rewards that you are looking for in the long run.

Top Best Credit Card Balance Transfers option

Here are ten of the top 10 best balance transfer credit cards for you to consider:

Citi Platinum Select Card

This is a very secure credit card which allows you to enjoy 0% APR rates on credit card balance transfers and purchases for one year (12 months).  The Citi Platinum Select Card is amongst the balance transfer best deals credit cards.

You will also enjoy credit  card security for all purchases.

Discover More Card
You can  transfer accounts balances and make purchases under the 0% APR rate for one year.

You can also enjoy 5% – 20% cash back on purchases made with select retailers or 1% on all other purchases. Discover More Card is always one of the best 0 balance transfer credit card.
Blue from American Express

You will enjoy the 0% APR on this card for 15 months if you have great credit.

Making it among the best balance transfer credit cards is the fact you will enjoy 4.99% APR until the balance transfered is paid regardless.  The Blue from American Express is certain a top best deals for zero apr balance transfer on credit cards.

GM Flexible Earning Card

While you enjoy the 0% APR for one year on purchases and credit cards balance transfers, you will also enjoy 1% cash back and 1% earned towards a vehicle purchase. 3% if you choose to use the balance for a GM vehicle. Consider the GM Flexible Earning Card as one of your best balance transfer percentage credit cards.


Citi platinum select credit card from citi

Citi Bank credit cards such as Citi platinum select card offer great balance transfer APR. Photo courtesy: fosforix

Platinum On Platinum Pledge

Enjoy 0% APR for 12 months and a low APR thereafter. No annual fee and other bonuses like travel insurance make the card firmly in the list of best balance transfer credit cards.

AT&T Universal Savings Platinum Card

Other than the 0% balance transfer rate for 12 months, you will also enjoy benefits through AT&T service. This includes a 10% discount on all AT&T product purchases and free minutes on your phone.

Bank of America Platinum Plus Visa Card

The 0% APR applies to the first six months, but you will be able to enjoy a great APR rate after the intro period which makes the credit card a great value to anyone who uses it.

Chase Platinum Card

Balance transfers to this card for the first 12 months will get the 0% APR. You will also get benefits like discounts on car rentals and more.  The  Chase Platinum Card makes the list of  best deal balance transfer credit card.

Bank of America

Bank of America. Photo courtesy: vivaantarctica

Discover More Credit Card

To be among the best balance transfer credit card, this card offers you the ability to enjoy more than just the 0% introductory rate for the first 12 months. You will also get 1% cash back on all purchases and 5% – 20% on selected purchases.

Bank of America Rewards American Express Card

No annual fee allows the 0% APR in the first 12 months a great offer. A low APR after the intro period helps to make it a great card thereafter. Consider  Bank of America Rewards American Express Card in your search for  best credit cards for balance transfer.

With such a list of best starting points for you credit card balance transfer hunting, you shouldn’t have any problem spotting the best offers for you particular situation and future goals.

Got questions or suggestions on Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards? Leave us feedback as to your opinions and suggestions – these are greatly appreciated as future visitors will thank you too.


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10 Ways to Take Advantage of best balance transfer credit card Offers

10 Ways to Take Advantage of best balance transfer credit cards Offers

There are a lot of balance transfer credit cards offers out there.

Selecting the optimum best credit cards
for your balance transfer is very important.

Balance transfer credit cards are credit cards which offer you the ability to transfer your credit card balances from other credit cards while enjoying a near zero (0) low APR. Many times you will enjoy zero percent 0% APR for a period of 12 months.

While you spend your time looking for the best balance transfer credit cards, it is a good idea to make sure that you are also taking the time to make sure that you are getting the most out of the credit cards that you sign up for. Here are ten ways in which you can make that happen:

10 Ways to Take Advantage of best balance transfer credit cards Offers

    1. Escape High Interest Rates

One problem you will surely run into is that you will have a high interest rate from one card. You can throw your money into balance transfer credit cards so that you will watch your monthly payment drop. This will make it possible to make the payments.

    1. Transfer balances you intend to carry

Often there are purchases you cannot pay off right away. Instead of going on layaway, buy it and transfer the amount onto a card with a 0% APR. Pay over time just like you were paying cash.

    1. Balance transfer credit cards often

The one thing which will happen to people a lot is that they will run out of the 0% APR period. This is the time that you might want to consider once again looking for the best balance transfer credit cards and rollover your credit card balance from the expiring card to the new zero percent or low APR card.

    1. Choose the best balance transfer credit cards

The best balance transfer cards are the ones which will offer the most for your money. This does not mean signing up for a card with an annual rate. Shop around for the best credit cards balance transfer offers.

    1. Pay attention to the APR

Just remember that after the honeymoon is over, even the best transfer credit cards will start charging you an APR. Just make sure yours will not be over the top.

    1. Pay attention to the annual fee

Many cards will ask you to pay an annual fee. If they give you the first year for free, consider keeping the card for 11 months and then transferring your funds before having to pay the annual fee.

    1. Pay attention to the fine print

There are many cards which will have stipulations. Make sure that you read the agreement so that you understand them.

    1. Know your rights

Credit card companies have to use the balance for the higher APR rates first. If yours is not, they are in violation of the law.

    1. Separate cards for purchases

One thing many people will do when using balance transfer cards is that they will not use that card for purchases. They will instead use another card for purchases so that they can concentrate on paying off the balance of the 0% APR card.

    1. Get rewards

The best balance transfer cards will often offer rewards to their card holders. This can be in the form of cash back or even through the use of miles.

Best balance transfer credit cards

Selecting the optimum best credit cards for your balance transfer is very important.

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Looking for Balance Transfer Credit Card

With the many balance transfer credit card offers today, reviewing and comparing the card that will suit your needs are lot easier.

Undoubtedly, the transfer of balances from relatively high rated cards is the best way to avoid interest fees and have savings instead.

The important thing to do when searching for a balance transfer card is to have clear understanding of the terms.

Although it seems elementary, but knowing the following facts is essential in your search for the best balance transfer credit card.

  • Know the introductory rate.
  • Know the introductory period.
  • Check the effective APR upon the expiration of the introductory rate.
  • Check regarding annual fees.

The above information should be clearly provided in the application regardless of credit card company.

In addition, an excellent credit history is a requirement to be eligible for this card, and you have to be consistent in your monthly payments in order to maintain the zero-percent APR.

Considering Offers of Balance Transfer Credit Cards

One balance transfer Credit Card may not always have the same offer with other transfer cards. This is the reason for comparing and evaluating the offers before you decide for the best one for you.

Let us see what the following cards offer:

Westpac (MasterCard) Low Rate Credit Card

This card from MasterCard has zero-percent interest on balance transfers and purchases for six months then will revert to 13.49-percent after the introductory period.

The card has an annual fee with an interest free period of up to fifty-five days, and it has rewards program.

Citibank Clear Platinum Card

This Visa card has zero-percent interest per annum on balance transfers and purchases within six months, and reverts to 11.99-percent afterwards.

There is an annual fee for this card with an interest free period for up to 55 days. It also has rewards program.

ANZ (Visa) Platinum Credit Card

This card is for those who want to have extra money for their shopping. The users of this card will enjoy high credit limit, superb customer service, and exciting benefits.

The card offers zero-percent interest on balance transfer and purchases for six months and reverts to 19.24-percent upon expiration of introductory period.

The cardholder will enjoy free annual fee for a year, and it offers rewards program.

Balance Transfer Credit Card - Interest Rates

NAB Gold (Visa) Card

Consumer can take advantage of higher credit limit on this card. Enjoy prestigious benefits with less interests and fees.

This card has one-percent interest on balance transfer for twelve months. The interest rate of this card on purchases is at 19.74-percent per annum.

The card charges an annual fee for their card, and offers interest free period for up to forty-four days. The card has rewards program.

HSBC Credit Card

This credit card from HSBC offers zero annual fees for the lifespan of the card.

The balance transfer rate is at zero-percent for six months. The card charges interest rate at 17.99-percent on purchases.

The card offers interest free period for fifty-five days and has rewards program.

Benefits of Having Balance Transfer Credit Card

  1. With the balance transfer card, you have an option to consolidate several credit card accounts into one, which will simplify your financial management.
  2. Since you are concentrated with one account, you do not have the tendency of overlooking your balances and you will be able to pay on time.
  3. At a certain period, you will have an opportunity to settle your debt and be less mindful of interest payments.
  4. The savings you have during the introductory period can be added to your principal payment that will help you to pay your debt faster.
  5. The introductory period provides you with the tendency of planning your payments and give encouragement in putting effort to settle the debt in full before the expiration.

As you see, balance transfer credit card can be easily compared and evaluated for your advantage. With the right choice of transfer card, you will have the opportunity to manage your credit card debts and maximize the benefits the card offers.




Top 10 Best Business Credit Cards and Tips to Help Your Small Business Grow

Best Business Credit Cards – Any company, especially small businesses, needs to have the ability to buy what they need when they need it. This is why it is important to choose among the best business credit cards for the card which is right for your company.

You should think about things like low interest like with 0 apr business card credit, low to zero annual fees and lots of card rewards.

You should think about things like low interest like with 0 apr business card credit, low to zero annual fees and lots of card rewards.

These are the ways in which you will be able to buy the things that your small business company needs without losing your shirt in the process.

In fact, applying for the right best business credit card offers can actually help your small business to grow. Look for more than just the credit card with the 0 APR offers and deals.

What is the best credit card for small business ?

Here is a list of the top ten best business credit cards and some information about each:

    1. The Platinum Card from American Express

Best business credit card – This small business credit card comes with a $450 annual fee, Zero 0 APR and many features which will help to protect your small business.

    1. Citi Platinum Select MasterCard

Best business credit card ratesThere is no annual fee on this card, but you will carry an APR of 11.99% – 19.99% variable rate depending on your credit and payment history.

    1. Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card from American Express

Best business credit card with rewardThis low interest of 15.24% APR is available with the $45 annual fee applied. You will be able to get approval in one minute.

    1. American DreamCard Platinum MasterCard

Best business card credit offers This is among the best business cards because of the money you can win just by using the cards. No annual fee and an APR between 14.99% – 21.99% depending on purchases.

    1. IberiaBank Visa Classic Card

Best business credit card deals0 APR is not available on this, but you can get low interest with 7.25%-10.25%-13.25% depending on what purchases you make. This card is available to companies regardless of credit.

    1. Ink Cash Business Card

Business Card CreditsNo annual fee and a low interest makes this one of the best business credit cards. You will also enjoy 3% cash back on every day purchases and 1% on all other purchases.

    1. Capital One Venture for Business

Corporate business card credit $59 annual fee gets you a card with a 13.99% variable rate. While this is not 0 APR, it is still a very good rate and you will be able to enjoy mile bonuses on travel.

    1. True Earnings Business Card from Costco and American Express

New business credit cardsEnjoy 0 APR when you join and 15.24% low interest thereafter. No annual fee to be a member and many different rewards puts this card among the best business credit cards.

    1. Ink with Ultimate Rewards

Best balance transfers business credit cards best ratesNo annual fee and a low interest rate makes this a great business card. You will also enjoy cash back rewards with no caps on the amount you can get back.

    1. Ink Bold with Ultimate Rewards

Small business cards credit There is a reason why the Ink card shows up three times in the best business credit cards. It offers some of the best cash back bonuses for businesses. This card offers outstanding rewards for a $95 annual fee.

Grow your business, complete a business credit card application today to take advantage of all these great offers.

Facilitating Business Credit Cards Application

Business owners want to make business credit cards application because of the several benefits that the card will provide for their company.

However, before filing any credit card application, you may want to take a look at some of business credit card advantages:

Expenses Monitoring – It will be easier for your company to keep track of the business finances using business credit cards. With the monthly outgoings reflected on the monthly statement, all the expenses made through credit card are easily accounted for, without doing any calculations.

Builds Good Business Credit – Positive credit history is important for your business credentials. It provides the company with a high-level of trust that is useful among lenders and potential inventors.

Enjoy Rewards- Business credit cards can earn rewards that will entitle your company for the rewards offered by the credit card company such as supply and business discounts as well as insurance and travel related rewards.

Higher Credit Opportunity – The business credit cards application offer high credit limit that provide flexibility in spending for the business needs or for payments to be made.

Great Convenience – Use business credit card conveniently to your purchases online or on various financial transact without the need of checking account facilitation.

How to Facilitate Business Credit Cards Application

If you intend to apply for business credit cards, the process involve is very simple.

The owner can fill out business credit cards application and submit the same for approval. If your credit is acceptable, a credit line will be granted readily.

In obtaining business credit card, you should have a respectable credit history.

All small business owners must register their company with all major credit bureaus in order to have their credit rating.

These bureaus gather information concerning your credit history from your creditors.

They will also investigate on how much is your current credit level, how long do you have the account, and how well you pay your dues.

Furthermore, the credit card company will take hold of other necessary information that they need in order to summarize your credit profile.

They may also gather further information about your business such as current number of employees, length of time you have been in business, as well as the company’s sales performance.

Approval of Business Credit Cards Application

Busines Credit Cards Appplication - Approval of Business Credit Cards Application

As soon as your business credit cards application is received by the card company, they will secure for your business credit reports at once.

As the business owner, you must be certain that the credit score of the business is good in order to be approved.

Keeping an excellent credit score should be a priority of any company to ensure approval to any credit application.

When everything is in order, and the card company is convinced on the good credit standing of the business credit card applicant, they will approve the issuance of card in your favor.

After finally getting the credit card you applied through the facilitation of business credit cards application, you must continuously work of having a good credit report through responsible use of your business credit card.

Business Credit Card Protection

Business credit card holders were surprised to know that the legislation aimed to eliminate abusive and unfair practices versus credit card customers does not include business cards for the same protections.

The CARD Act of 2009 marks the turning point for American credit card consumers, and putting an end to the unfair rate hikes and other hidden fees.

Supposedly, Americans require good and healthy provision of credit in their economy.

However, credit card deceptive practices and complicated contracts lead the consumers in paying more than what is expected.

Americans pay some $15 billion every year in penalty fees. In fact, almost eighty-percent of U.S. families own credit card, and forty-four percent of these families leave balances on their cards.

This leads the administration to move with the Congress in order to enact reforms to address the problems.

The Actions taken by Lenders in Response to the Enactment

Upon enactment of CARD Act 2009, the lenders immediately act on the loophole by making efforts to increase the fees on business cards in order to generate their lost income.

The lenders also take advantage of the loophole by marketing the “business” cards to consumers under false make-believes.

Several U.S. senators joined their efforts in pushing federal regulations in order to stop the abusive practices towards business credit card owners.

The affected consumers and small business owners who are caught in the middle of the crisis are hoping that the said federal regulations will change their luck.

The Legislators move to Address the Issue

A study of Pew Charitable Trusts reveals that over ten million business cards are placed in the U.S. market every month.

These astounding statistics motivated Senators Jack Reed, Charles Schumer, Robert Menendez and Bill Nelson to do solicitations to the Federal Reserve in order for the later to compel banks as well as credit cards companies to make a disclosure to all business credit card holders about the Card Act of 2009 that does not give them the same protection provided to consumer cards.

In a letter addressed to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, the senators stated that the lenders are selling business cards to the people under false make-believes.

Business Credit Card - Legislation

They told the chairman that these lenders fail to provide information to the cardholders that they are not provided with the same protection given to credit card consumers under the CARD Act of 2009.

They also noted that only Capital One and Bank of America voluntarily made steps in ensuring business cards applicants are informed on the issue.

The study found that the business credit cards offered to American household has increased more than 23% of the total credit cards marketed in CY 2009.

Incidentally, this is the same year that the new card reform is enacted.

It can be noted that the decrease in the marketing of consumer credit card must have contributed to the increase of business card marketing.

Accordingly, the director of Pew’s card project supports the idea that the U.S. senators should provide an extension to the legislation’s protection to include the business credit card.