State Bank of India – The Bank of State of India

A State of India is not necessarily the country of India. Do you know about that?

Before discussing about the State Bank of India, which is one of the known banks in India; we must first understand the political history of India and how the country is divided.

State of India - The Indian Nation

Actually, this country is a Union of twenty states and seven territories. Each state is autonomous and headed by a governor, while the union territories are directly administered by the President through an appointed administrator by himself.

India as a country received its independence only in 1947 from the British government. Before the independence of India, the name of the country meant any community or kingdom that existed between Myanmar and China in the east and up to Afghanistan in the west.

India’s desire for independence was brought about by the oppression of the British and the need to change the Indian traditions.

At present, India is the largest democratic country worldwide with the most numbers of people. There are still numerous political issues in India, but will these problems; India was able to survive and continuously developing to be a successful and economically stable country.

Goa – the Richest State of India

Goa is the twenty-fifth State of India and the richest in terms of per capita income.

In terms of infrastructure, Goa is the best and also the state with the best quality of life.  It is also one of the best travel destinations due to its ecological and development diversity, luscious landscape, and rich culture.

The per capital income of Goa is three times higher than the average per capital income of India as a whole.

This is a good factor; however the state still has many concerns when it comes to its financial aspect.

Generally, for a state to function well, all sectors should be balanced. This means that even the financial system should be able to sustain the economic growth of the state.

In the absence of a well-functioning and stable financial system, the state’s development will be hampered.

Goa, even if a rich state still needs to improve its financial and banking system.

A State of India Bank

A State of India Bank that has a broad administrative network to manage its network of branches in and out of India is the State Bank of India.

This bank has one hundred fifty seven foreign branches in thirty two countries worldwide.

Throughout India, it has fourteen Local Head Offices and fifty seven Zonal Branches that are strategically located at the key areas.

The Different Services and Products of the bank include among others:

State of India - The Bank

Personal Banking – Personal banking includes deposits, personal finance, car loans and bank cards.

The different cards that SBI offer are the MasterCard and Visa Classic State Bank Debit Cards, MasterCard and Visa Silver International State Bank Debit Cards, MasterCard and Visa Gold International State Bank Debit Card, MasterCard and Visa Platinum International State Bank Debit Cards, SBI YUVA International Debit Cards, Vishwa Yatra State Bank Foreign Travel Cards, State Bank Visa Gift Cards, eZ-Pay State Bank Cards, State Bank Virtual Cards, MasterCard and Visa State Bank Pride Cards, and the MasterCard and Visa State Bank Premium Cards.

Agricultural and Rural Services – This division offers micro credit, agricultural banking, and regional rural banks for the development and improvement of different states and territories.

International Accounts – These accounts are very important especially for the development of trade and commerce. The services under this division are trade financing, correspondent banking, and merchant banking.

Corporate Banking – Under corporate banking, the major services are corporate accounts, project financing, medium corporate group financing, and other products and services catering to the corporate needs of businesses.

Government Business – Government business handles the Public Provident Funds, government accounts, and the SBI e-Tax.

Bank Services – SBI bank services include Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, ATM Services, State Bank MobiCash, and the Demat Services.

NRI Services – These services cater to Indians within the country and even outside of the country through the wide networks of domestic branches and foreign offices.

SME – With SBI – State of India, small-medium enterprises are given opportunities to avail of the bank services for their financial needs.



How do Chase Makes a Difference for the Americans

When you hear the word Chase, what comes into your mind? Of course, aside from pursue or hunt, most Americans will think of JP Morgan and Company.

Chase - The JP Morgan Chase Company

In terms of assets and number of branches, JP Morgan is the biggest bank in the United States. The latest reported asset of the bank is over two trillion dollars and with presence in over sixty countries.

It is the corporate responsibility of the bank to provide assistance and financial stability to clients and customers both in good and bad economic times.

Why do clients and customers trust JP Morgan? This bank has proven its capabilities and seamless execution of its services for many years as it continues to move forward.

Some financial experts are saying that this bank has become too big and complex to manage. But, top management is assuring the public that they are able to control all its transactions and will not fail the American people’s trust.

The Chase Credit Cards for Businesses and Individuals

JP Morgan has all the different types of credit cards that will surely suit every customer’s needs. Actually, most of their offers have helped individuals and businesses in their pursuit of financial flexibility.

The different credit cards offered by this bank include:

    • Featured Credit Cards. Under this category are the latest credit card promotions and offers from this bank that have been created for the benefits of most individuals. Currently, there are four credit card offers for this type.
    • Rewards Credit Cards. There are plenty of customers who are loyal to this bank. As a token to the people’s trust, the bank believes in rewarding its customers through their rewards credit cards.
    • Zero Intro APR Credit Cards. With at least twelve months of not paying any APR on all purchases is a big savings for cardholders, especially if offered for balance transfers.
    • Balance Transfer Credit Cards. These credit cards are very helpful to those who are consolidating all their credit card balances into just one card.
    • No-Annual Fee Credit Cards. Not paying any annual fee is an automatic savings for individuals and businesses every year.

Chase - Different Types of Credit Cards

  • CashBack Credit Cards.These credit cards provide the opportunity to earn money while making everyday purchases.
  • Travel Credit Cards. The best credit cards for obtaining free air tickets, hotel stays, and other benefits.
  • Hotel Credit Cards. Your everyday purchases through these cards will provide you luxurious accommodation at most reputable hotels almost anywhere in the world.
  • Airline Credit Cards.Your brand loyalty to certain airlines will provide you free air ticket to any destination of your choice.
  • Gas Credit Cards. The more gas you purchase the more rewards you will earn through these credit cards.
  • Retail Credit Cards. Cardholders with favorite brands are rewarded through these cards. Additional perks and benefits are also provided.
  • No Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Cards. People who fly frequently to different countries or those that deal with international purchases benefit most from these cards.
  • Business Credit Cards. It is one of the goals of this bank to assist businesses grow and succeed. These cards are geared towards this goal.

Some of the other cards and services provided by JP Morgan in order to provide financial flexibilities include:

Debit Cards – These cards are the best options in making your everyday purchases more secure, well controlled, and most convenient.

Gift Cards – If you are having difficulty choosing which gift to give to a friend or someone very special, you can give these cards. The recipients have the freedom to choose what items they want.

Student Loans – Exclusive to customers and employees of this bank are the Select Private Student loans.

Citibank Through History

Citibank or formerly City Bank of New York was opened for business on June 16th, 1812 in New York City.

Since the bank’s existence in 1812, it has continued to prosper and grow through different leaders and business environment.

To understand and know why this bank is considered the largest in the US is to learn about its history.

In 1955, City Bank of New York became The First National City Bank of New York, which was modified to First National City Bank during anniversary celebration in 1962.Citibank - The Largest BankIt was in 1965 that First National City Bank entered the credit card business. In 1967, the first Citi bank credit card was introduced and called the “First National City Charge Service.

This credit card was widely known as the “Everything” card. In 1969, the popular “Everything“ card was changed to Master Charge; now popularly called MasterCard. First National City Bank became Citibank, N.A (stands for National Association) in 1976.

The Citicard Banking Centers were launched in 1977 that handles Citicard and ATMs and became the topmost issuer of secured credit card receivables.

In 1993, this bank became the largest charge card and credit card issuer and service provider in the world.

By 1996, it has the most numbers of credit cards in Asia. Citibank remains as a stable brand under the Citigroup umbrella.

Citibank Credit Cards Categories and Types

Citibank has numerous credit cards by categories and types that you can choose from that are right for you:

Citibank - Different Types of Credit Cards

  • Low Interest Credit Cards The Citi low APR credit cards feature a no annual fee, and a zero interest intro APR on purchases for up to twelve months offer on select cards.
  • Student Credit CardsStudents like you can select from a number of credit cards for college students and aid in building a good credit history using your very own credit card. Citi student credit cards do not require a co-signer and contain low intro APRs on your purchases.
  • Rewards Credit Cards If you are looking for credit cards that will put cash in your account, send you on a relaxing trip, or provide you the liberty to get the things you want; Citi has a great number of rewards credit cards that you can choose from.
  • Business Credit Cards Citi has been in business for over 200 years and it knows that running a business will need a credit card that will meet the needs of entrepreneurs. The Citi business credit cards are particularly made for business owners and professionals like you.
  • AAdvantage Credit Cards These various range of credit cards are advantageous for frequent travelers. Every purchase using these cards earns AAdvantage miles redeemable by American Airlines and its worldwide travel partners.
  • Balance Transfer Credit Card
  • No Annual Fee Credit Card
  • CashBack and Savings Credit Card

Citi bank Most Popular Credit Cards

Citibank - Owning a Citi Card
You can find the card that is best for you by comparing Citibank’s most popular credit card offers.

You can choose from the low APR credit cards, introductory interest rate cards, no annual fee, student credit cards, and rewards credit cards. Among the most popular Citi credit cards include:

    1. Citi ThankYou Preferred Card that earns 15,000 bonus points after you make a thousand dollars in purchases within the first three months.
    1. Citi Simplicity Card will provide you with peace of mind through a direct access to a reliable service representative, no annual fee, no late fees, and zero liability on unauthorized charges. You can also enjoy a zero introductory APR on balance transfers and purchases for eighteen months.
  1. CitiBusiness/AAdvantage World MasterCard can provide an earning of 30,000 American Airlines bonus miles after making a thousand dollars purchases during the first three months of card membership.

How the Top Credit Cards lenders, providers or Issuers Stack Up

There has always been an intense amount of competition within the credit cards lenders market. This has only gotten more intense as the economy has gotten worse over the years.

Credit Cards lenders
Major credit cards lenders such as Citi Bank credit Cards providers buidling. Photo courtesy: somenoise

Everyone is looking for the credit cards companys who can offer them the most for their money.

Finding the right credit cards lenders can be difficult because they all seem to want you to believe that they are the best credit cards providers for you. You will hear everything from the different rewards cards that they offer to the kinds of consumer client base which they cater to as reasons why you should also be using their credit card.

If you are like most people, then what counts should or shouldn’t be:

  • about the credit cards providers endorsements.
  • about the events that the credit cards company offers.
  • You are only interested in the credit card lender that will offer you great rates and great rewards.

There are a few shining stars which stand out among the crowd. These credit cards lenders are the giants which have been able to weather the storm of the bad economy and have still been able to approve people for credit cards when others companies have been denying long-standing members from continuing with their accounts.


citibank credit cards - speedpay American Airlines AAdvantage
A citibank credit cards speedpay payment option with American Airlines AAdvantage logo. Photo courtesy: oskay


These are the top three providers best credit cards Lenders offers:


  • The Citibank Platinum Select MasterCard – a citi bank credit card


This Citi bank credit card is offered by one of the biggest names in the credit card industry – Citibank.They have pretty tight credit rating standards at the moment for obvious reasons.

But, as long as you have at least a 500 for a credit score, you have a pretty good shot of getting the credit card.

You will be able to take advantage of a 0% APR credit card offer for 12 months on all new purchases and transfers.

There are no extra rewards for the credit card, but you will have the backing of the supreme credit card company in the industry on all purchases.

    • Capital One VentureOne Rewards – a Capital one credit card

Another of the standouts is a credit card company which is actually fairly new to the industry – Capital one credit cards.Capital One bank has come on the scene offering some of the near zero, lowest APR credit cards in the credit lending industry. They also are fairly lenient on who they will issue a card credit to.

Those with a credit score of 400 and above will have a decent chance of getting the card. You will also be able to enjoy a 0% APR interest rates credit card offer on this card for 12 months.

Additionally, you will be able to earn miles on every purchase that you make with the card.

Another related credit card offer from Capital One is their popular Capital one student Credit cards and Capital one secured credit cards.

Credit Card companys the likes of Discover Credit Card
Major Credit cards companys. Photo courtesy: david-trattnig
    • Discover More Card – The Best cash back credit card

Discover credit card has always been considered the poor man’s credit card.This has changed as recently as the Discover credit cards providers has been able to come out of the poor economy as a shining star.

You can earn 5% to 20% cash back on certain retailers on the purchases that you make, such as gas, supermarkets, grocery. This allows you to shop like you have a coupon any time you shop. You will enjoy a 0% APR intro rate if you are able to qualify for the card.

This is the one caveat which is making it difficult for just anyone to get a credit card with Discover:

You need a fairly high credit score to get approved.

This has made Discover credit card a member of the major respected credit cards lenders and credit card providers family.

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