Are the Rewards for Chase Airline Creditcards Worthwhile?

How Chase Airline Creditcards did become popular? Similar with others, airline credit cards became popular many years ago because credit cardholders were able to earn mileage points with their everyday purchases.

However, are these credit cards still worthwhile today? We know for a fact that nowadays, airlines are often offering budget airfares and traveling is not that expensive anymore.

Chase Airline Creditcards - Features

On the other hand, credit card companies may offer bonus miles points upon signing up, but in order to reach points to redeem for an airline ticket; the cardholder still needs to make more purchases and earn more points.

To make matters worse, upon reaching the redeemable level, those points can’t automatically purchase airfare tickets any time.

Why? Because often, tickets during peak seasons are more expensive and when you book on those periods, you will need more points than usual.

In addition, airline companies today are lessening their flights. This means that most flights are already full and fewer seats for rewards redemption are available on various destinations.

Consequently, business travelers who are loyal to one brand of airline will benefit more from airline credit cards. But, this might not be beneficial for regular vacationers who are not able to make as many mileage points and are not loyal to only one airline.

Choosing the right airline credit card may be difficult and comparing annual fees, APRs, redemption requirements is confusing.

It’s a good thing that Chase offers Chase Airline Creditcards that are tied to a particular airline brand and those that are not.

Consumers will have more flexibility in choosing the right credit card that will best suit their needs.

The Different Chase Airline Creditcards

Chase Airline Creditcards are not only beneficial to frequent flyers. These cards are also advantageous to those who are planning for vacation and travels to other countries.

Each card has its unique offers that can be very useful most customers. All that should be done is to check out the different card offers and select the best card according to your needs.

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred Card – If you want to earn forty thousand points towards your travel rewards, then own one of these credit cards. You will also get discounts when you exchange your points for hotel stays, airfares, and more. Your annual fee for the first year is also waived with this card. Therefore, you have a savings of $95.
  • Chase Sapphire Card – These are the best Chase Airline Creditcards for no annual fee wherein you can earn up to $100 in rewards when you are able to spend $500 during the first three months after card membership.
  • Chase British Airways VisaSignature Card – These Chase Airline Creditcards are great ways to earn fifty thousand points for Avios bonus after purchasing worth one thousand dollars during the initial three months of card membership. Best cards for no foreign transaction fees when you travel abroad.

Chase Airline Creditcards - Credit Cards

  • Chase Southwest Airlines Rapid RewardsPlus Card – The credit card that can let you earn fifty thousand points after spending one thousand dollars within the initial three months of your cardmembership, which is able to buy you roundtrip tickets for two.
  • Chase SouthwestAirlines RapidRewards Premier Card – With these Chase Airline Creditcards, aside from earning free round trip tickets for two during the first three months of your membership, you will also have the opportunity to earn on your balance transfers up to fifteen thousand points.
  • Chase United MileagePlus Explorer Card – The annual fee of $95 is waived on your initial year as an introductory offer and you can earn twenty five thousand points as bonus after you use your card for the first time.
  • Chase United MileagePlus Club Card – Enjoy the advantage of relaxing and working comfortably prior to your flight at any of the 50 United Club locations with your yearly United Club membership.
  • J.P. Morgan Select Card – The credit cards that can provide convenience for your international travels are these cards from Chase. Aside from the new technology for signature and smart chip, you can also enjoy earning bonus points on your purchases and pay no foreign transaction, late, or over-the-limit fees.

If you need to learn more about the individual Chase Airline Creditcards, you may visit the official website of Chase at or check out our other pages on these credit cards.