Explore US and Canada with Chase AmtrakGuest Rewards MasterCard

Chase AmtrakGuest Rewards MasterCard is the best credit card that can provide you the opportunity to explore 46 states in the US, three Canadian provinces, and the District of Columbia.

Chase AmtrakGuest Rewards MasterCard - Services

If you are a frequent buyer of Amtrak products and services such as Downeaster or Heartland Flyer, then this card will work best for you.

As a first-time cardholder of this credit card, you will be entitled to a 12,000 bonus points after your first use as long as your card is open and without any default at the time of implementation.

The entire 12,000 bonus points will be directly posted to your Amtrak Guests Rewards account within six to eight weeks.

Your first-time use includes balance transfers, purchases, or any checks used for accessing your account, which makes this card very useful.

For a first-time credit card user, receiving 12,000 points is very big for a bonus points. Can you imagine how many rewards you can redeem it with?

Other Benefits of Chase AmtrakGuest Rewards MasterCard

Aside from the bonus of 12,000 points, you will still greatly enjoy the other benefits of Chase AmtrakGuest Rewards MasterCard that includes:

Chase AmtrakGuest Rewards MasterCard - Card

No Annual Fee

This is one of the best credit cards that provide yearly savings for you since you do not have to pay any annual fee.

Two Points

Every time you purchase any of the Amtrak products and services you will earn two points for every dollar you spent. So, if you are a regular Amtrak customer, this card is very advantageous for you.

One Point

Even if you are not a regular customer of Amtrak, you can still earn points. On all your other net purchases, you will earn one point for every dollar you spent.

However, you will not earn any point on cash advances, balance transfer, cash-like charges, interest, overdraft advances, fraudulent or unauthorized charges.

No Expiration for Points

As long as your Chase credit card account is active, the points you earned will never expire. Also, there is no limit to the number of points that you can earn.

Therefore, the more points you earn from using Chase AmtrakGuest Rewards MasterCard, the better for you and the more rewards you can redeem.

Pricing Information on Chase AmtrakGuest Rewards MasterCard

Before jumping in, and apply for a Chase AmtrakGuest Rewards MasterCard, it is essential that you first check the card’s pricing and terms that consist of:

Chase AmtrakGuest Rewards MasterCard - Payments

Interest Rates and Interest Charges

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on purchases and balance transfer is 15.24%, on cash advance and overdraft advance is 19.24%, and on penalty when applicable is 29.99%.

The APR on penalty will only apply if you fail to pay any Minimum Payment on or before the due date, go beyond your credit limit, or make any payment to Chase that is returned unpaid.

To avoid paying interest on your purchases, pay your monthly bill in full. And, the minimum interest charge will be not less than $1.50.

Transaction Fees

Transaction fee on balance transfers is either 3% of every transfer amount or $5, whichever is bigger.

On cash advances, the transaction fee is 3% of every transaction amount or $10, whichever is bigger.

Foreign transaction fee if using this card is 3% every transaction in American dollars.

Penalty Fees

Penalty fee for late payment is according to the following: For balance lower than $100, the fee is up to $15. Up to $25 is the fee for balances between $100 and $250. A fee of up to $35 is for balances of $250 and above.

Penalty fee for return payment and return check is up to $35.

If your card is World, there is no over-the-credit-limit fee, but for Platinum card, the fee is up to $35.

If you are interested in applying for Chase AmtrakGuest Rewards MasterCard, visit the official website of Chase Bank USA, N.A.