The Power of Chase Bank Credit Cards

Does the power of Chase Bank credit cards come from the company or from the features of the cards?

Chase Bank Credit Cards - Power

First, let us discuss about the company. Chase bank is one of the world’s most reputable and trusted banks. It has branches in over sixty countries and over two hundred thousand responsible employees.

Why is bank presence important? It is important because it is a proof that the bank is progressive and ready to serve their customers with efficient employees.

Remarkable customer service and excellent management are the factors that will make customers believe that the bank is highly dependable.

The numerous features of each credit card from Chase make them powerful. Cardholders will not only earn while spending, but get rewards as well.

Credit cards with the best features that will benefit cardholders are the types of cards that every consumer would like to own.

Chase Bank Credit Cards Online

Isn’t it a plus factor that cardholders can access their Chase Bank credit cards online?

Chase cardholders can easily get online and log into their card account to access the many services offered by the bank such as making payments, keeping track of earned rewards, checking credit limits and card usage, determine interest rates, computing with the credit card calculator, and get more important information and latest news.

Through the online services, people who are interested in obtaining Chase credit cards can easily apply. Almost instantly, the applicant can obtain approval depending on the requirements.

Chase Bank Credit Cards Online Customer Services

One of the best factors why cardholders prefer Chase Bank credit cards is the quality of its online customer services.

The online services include among others the following:

Communication through Email

Cardholders will receive response from Chase within four hours. An email form is available at the website for a secured communication.

Owners of credit cards are informed how to detect a fraudulent email as part of the services of the Chase Security Center. Cardholders are also informed on how to report fraud and learn about fraud.

Chase Bank Credit Cards - Customer Service

How to Dispute a Charge

Cardholders can either login or call any of the contact numbers provided at the website to dispute a charge.

Procedures on how to dispute are also provided for the convenience of the cardmembers.

However, there are some transactions that cannot be disputed online such as adjustments, payments, bank fees and already in dispute transactions.

Communication through the Mail

If the cardholders cannot communicate online, they can mail their letters to Card Services, P.O. Box 15298 Wilmington, DE 19850. For payments, the correspondence should be mailed to the bank’s mailing address for payments.

Use of Social Media

Chase also understands the popularity social media and how they can help providing better service to consumers. In this case, Chase makes available

Chase Support at Twitter through @ChaseSupport where cardholders can communicate with Chase regarding credit cards and other card related concerns and inquiries.