Chase Slate Credit Card – Is Slate From Chase the Right Card For You?

The latest version of Slate from Chase is the Slate with Blueprint. These credit cards aid cardholders devise a plan to obtain savings on interest and expedite payment of balances.

Slate From Chase - Credit Card

Chase Slate card

Nowadays, credit card fraud is rampant; but with the fraud and protection that come with Slate credit cards, consumers can shop with great confidence.

People who are interested in applying for these cards can apply online through the website of Chase. The current holders of Slate cards will receive their new card design when their existing card expires.

The new card design will not pose any confusion for merchants and cashiers as the magnetic strip will still work as on the former Chase cards.

The feature that makes these Slate credit cards stand out among the zero percent balance transfer cards is the introductory offer of not having a balance transfer fee for fifteen months.

How to Determine if Slate From Chase’s Balance Transfer Offer is Your Best Option

The offer of no APR on balance transfer for fifteen months from Slate From Chase is very difficult to resist, especially if you have a large amount to transfer. However, it is short of the twenty one months zero APR on balance transfer from Citi Platinum cards.

However, the other features of these cards make it more beneficial than the other balance transfer credit cards.

Also, before cardholders jump into these offers that give quick financial satisfaction through savings from payment of fees, it is best that they first assess their credit cards debt position to find out which credit card will give the most advantages in the long-term.

To make a good assessment of Slate from Chase, the following should be considered.

Slate From Chase - Zero Balance Transfer

Slate Chase Card – 0 Zero Balance Transfer offers

    • Do you really need a balance transfer?

This question is for consumers with good financial situation, but not willing to pay interest on credit card debt that may have recently accrued.

They have to determine if paying a balance fee will ruin the financial benefits of a zero APR balance transfer.
Paying no fees to get a zero APR is a great relief from interest rates and creates great savings.

    • How much monthly payment is needed to pay off credit card debt before the zero APR expires?

It is important to know if the period for the offer is sufficient for the balance transfer and if the amount for monthly payment is not burdensome. To do this is to simply add all the current credit card debt and divide the sum by the number of months for the balance transfer deal. The purpose of this computation is to determine if the monthly payment will not hurt the current financial situation.

The Outstanding Offers for Slate From Chase – A Chase Slate Review.

To help you evaluate further if Slate From Chase is the right credit card for you, here are the brief descriptions of the different features and offer details for you to consider.

Slate From Chase - Offices

Chase Slate – Visa or MasterCard?

  • Zero Percent Purchase Intro Interest Rate for Fifteen Months
  • Fifteen Months Balance Transfer Zero Percent Interest
  • No Annual Fee
  • Late Fee up to 35 dollars
  • Cash Balance Fee is three percent or minimum of ten dollars
  • Balance transfer fee is three percent or minimum of five dollars
  • Cash Advance Rate is between 19.24 and 23.24 percent
  • Zero liability on unauthorized purchases using Slate from Chase card.




Are JPMorgan Chase Bank and JPMorgan Bank the Same?

People always thought that JPMorgan Chase Bank and JPMorgan Bank are the same, but apparently; they are not.

Although in a way they are because they are both part of one big banking group with separate functions and operations.

JPMorgan Chase Bank - A Great Bank

Actually, the company was established by Aaron Burr in the 1800s as the first corporate bank called The Manhattan Company in New York.

During that same period, Chase National Bank was founded by a banker named John Thompson. This bank have been buying a number of small banks and in 1955, it merged with Manhattan Company and became Chase Manhattan Bank.

After several years, Chase Manhattan Corporation was formed as the parent bank holding company, which Chase Manhattan Bank was a part of.

Chemical Bank, NY purchased Chase- Manhattan Corporation in 1996, which in 2000 joined with J.P. Morgan & Co. in establishing JPMorgan Chase & Company.

Today, Chase Bank handles the retail banking operations while JP Morgan takes care of investments and securities.

The Difference between JPMorgan Chase Bank and JPMorgan Bank

As I have said earlier, JPMorgan is in charge of investment banking, treasury and securities services, and asset management.

On the other hand, Chase focuses on card services, retail banking and commercial banking.

As a commercial bank, its main functions are to accept deposits from consumers and to provide them loans.

The types of deposits normally accepted are savings, current, and fixed or what is commonly termed as time or long term deposits because the funds are deposited for a specific length of time.

The most common type of loans provided by this bank is short-term loans such as loans to fund a new business or for working capital, personal loans, housing loans, vehicle loans and others.

Other functions and services that JPMorgan Chase Bank cards may provide include:

JPMorgan Chase Bank - Financial Services

  1. Bills of Exchange Discounting. This is a very common and important means of providing loans for short-term uses to businesses that deals with trading.
  2. Acts as Agents or Representatives of Clients. With the consent of the bank’s clients or customers, the bank may make payments in lieu of the customer for insurance premiums, income tax, loan installments and more. The bank may also collect money for their customers.
  3. Miscellaneous Services.Commercial banks may also perform miscellaneous services such as giving references for their clients; provide safe- deposit boxes for the customers’ legal documents, gold, and others. They may also help in mobilizing donations and funds during natural disasters and national emergencies.

The Card Services of JPMorgan Chase Bank

JPMorgan Chase bank maintains a website not only for its online banking for checking and savings accounts, but especially for its credit cards.

Through this website, customers can easily manage their investment and retirement accounts, home loans, student loans, car loans, and credit cards.

JPMorgan Chase Bank - Cards

Actually, the bank is in the process of improving their website for easier and more convenient navigation. This will help consumers to readily find what they need.

Besides credit cards, Chase offers other cards in order to provide convenience and safety to their customers. These cards are:

Debit Cards – The most reliable way in doing your regular daily purchases. With these cards, you will have not only convenience, but security and control as well.

Liquid Reloadable Cards – These cards are very easy to obtain and they eliminate the problems with prepaid transactions. You can withdraw money at any branch and there’s no fee or waiting in opening and activating an account.

Gift Cards – Perfect for wedding, birthday, and any occasions. You can easily purchase these cards online with your credit or debit card.



Do Chase Rewards Credit Cards Really Rewards Consumers?

Chase Rewards Credit Cards are created by Chase to reward card members for their patronage by providing opportunities to earn points on their everyday purchases with the use of the company’s rewards credit cards.

Chase Rewards Credit Cards - Rewards

With this aim, consumers are ensured that they will really be rewarded by owning Chase Rewards Credit Cards. Reports and reviews have shown that numerous consumers have benefited by the many rewards options provided by Chase.
There is a variety of rewards cards that consumers can choose from. Airline rewards cards let you earn points for air travel, while the hotel rewards cards can provide points for hotel stays.

Chase Rewards Credit Cards are beneficial for those spending regularly on groceries, gas, medicine, and more. The best with Chase rewards cards is the opportunity to choose how to use the earned points.

What are the Currently Available Chase Rewards Credit Cards?

In order to enjoy and take advantage of the Chase Rewards Credit Cards is to know the different rewards credit cards that are currently available including their outstanding features.

The rewards credit cards that Chase currently offers include:

Chase Rewards Credit Cards - Cards

  • Chase British Airways Visa Signature Cards.These credit cards allow consumers to earn Avios points and more free flights. For every dollar you spend using these cards, you can earn up to 2.5 Avios points. The more you spend, the faster you can earn Avios towards your reward flights. You can even earn special bonuses for a companion.
  • Chase Freedom Credit Cards. These cards are cash back rewards cards where an owner can earn a hundred dollar bonus cash back, obtain a zero percent introductory APR for the first fifteen months. These are also no annual fee credit cards. Cash back is five percent bonus in various categories.
  • Chase Sapphire Cards. These credit cards allow cardholders to earn ten thousand bonus points that are equivalent to one hundred dollars in rewards. These are no annual fee credit cards as well.
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred Cards. These credit cards can provide an earning of forty thousand bonus points that are worth five hundred dollars in travel redeemable through the Ultimate Rewards.
  • Chase Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Plus Cards. These are among the best travel rewards cards that can provide two roundtrip flights and three thousand points during each anniversary.
  • Chase Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier Cards.These credit cards also provide two roundtrip flights, but the bonus points every anniversary is six thousand points.
  • Chase United Mileage Plus Explorer Cards. Travel rewards credit cards that allow card members to earn up to forty thousand bonus miles and the annual fee for the first year is waived.
  • Chase United Mileage Plus Club Cards. These are the only credit cards that offer United Club membership, fifty percent mileage bonus, and Premier Access.
  • Chase Marriott Rewards Visa Signature Cards. Truly very rewarding credit cards where card members can earn six free night stays at any of the Marriott properties.
  • Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Visa Signature Cards. These cards make your vacation come closer by providing fifty thousand bonus points right after the first use of the credit cards. Enjoy a great vacation at any of the Marriott hotel and partnering resorts and hotels.

Chase Rewards Credit Cards – How to Redeem Earned Points?

Rewards or points earned from Chase rewards credit cards and redeeming rewards is done through their specific rewards programs.

Chase Rewards Credit Cards - Online

Chase Rewards Credit Cards linked to the Mileage Rewards program permits cardholders to use earned mileage for flights as provided on the Chase website.
In addition to free flights, mileage points can also be redeemed for a variety of products and services such as hotel rooms, magazine subscriptions, and car rentals.

The initial procedure in redeeming points is to register your credit card to the rewards program by logging to Chase website with your account ID and password. If you don’t have an account yet, create one. Follow the instructions provided at the website.

After logging in and accessing your account, you may know your balance by clicking “Show Rewards Balance” Then, click “Go to Ultimate Rewards” in order to view your options for redemption.

The usual available options include cash, travel or experiences, gift card, and merchandise.

The best ways to make your points earn faster are to keep your Chase Rewards credit cards active and never be in default.

How to Get Chase ZeroPercent Intro APR Creditcards Work to Your Advantage

Chase ZeroPercent Intro APR Creditcards are efficient option for home improvements, furniture, appliances, or any big purchases. These cards can remarkably help you save tons of money by not paying interests for six months or more on all your purchases.

Chase ZeroPercent Intro APR Creditcards - Freedom

Still, many people are asking about some good credit cards with zero percent APR balance transfer and those that can provide savings by not paying fees or having low fees.

After looking at hundreds of credit cards online, and checking out the Terms and Conditions provided at the different websites; I found out that Chase offers few of the best 0%Intro APR credit cards.

It is true that it is very difficult to avoid paying fees these days, but there are still some credit cards that carry low APR or zero APR with long balance transfer offers.

Read on and learn how you can make Chase ZeroPercent Intro APR Creditcards work for your advantage.

Factors to Consider When Looking for the Best 0%Intro APR Credit Card

Numerous well-informed cardholders take advantage of Chase ZeroPercent Intro APR Creditcards to enable them to make those large purchases.

Chase ZeroPercent Intro APR Creditcards - Purchases

These cardholders know that they have to pay off the balance before the introductory period ends in order not to pay any interest for their purchasing using the credit card.

If they are not able to pay off the balance before the given grace period, they will be charged interest beginning from the original date of purchase.

Therefore, to take advantage of the zero APR introductory offers, pay off all balances at least a few days before the promo period ends. It is
better to be a little bit early than being late and pay unwanted interests.

To help you find the right Chase ZeroPercent Intro APR Creditcards, here are some factors that you must consider.

  • Interest Rate. It is important to know what the APR would be after the grace period ends of the credit card promo. Definitely, you wouldn’t want to pay high interest if you fail to pay on time.
  • Introductory Period. How many months is the offer for the 0%Intro APR? It is more advantageous to get the credit card with the longest 0% to fully take advantage of the promotion.
  • Penalties and Annual Fees. It is best to determine if ever you fail to pay off the balance on your credit card after the grace period, will you be paying penalties? How much is the interest rate? Do these credit cards carry an annual fee during the promo period or not?

The Best Chase ZeroPercent Intro APR Creditcards Today

Currently, there are two credit cards offer from Chase ZeroPercent Intro APR Creditcards.

Chase ZeroPercent Intro APR Creditcards - Slate

  • Slate from ChaseThe Slate from Chase is among the best credit cards that come with 0%Intro APR for fifteen months on balance transfers and purchases. They also do not charge an annual fee or balance transfer to cardmembers. With these credit cards, cardholders can shun interest on everyday purchases while paying off their credit card balances quicker with Blueprint. The Blueprint program of Chase allows you to manage your personal finances completely while decreasing your balance. Cardholders are also not liable for unauthorized purchases charged on the credit card.
  • Chase Freedom Credit Card Chase Freedom credit cards are the best 0%Intro APR credit cards, balance transfer cards, no annual fee cards, and cash back credit cards. Not only that; Chase Freedom cards are also the best rewards credit cards. All you have to do in order to accept these free awards is to activate them ahead of time, it is very easy.

Is Chase Balance Transfer Creditcards Good for Consolidation of Balances?

You are the better judge if Chase Balance Transfer Creditcards is good for your consolidation of balances. And, to help you make the right decision is to determine your purpose, need, and the offers presented to you.

Chase Balace Transfer Creditcards - Cards

It is general knowledge that Chase is a very reputable and stable bank. Therefore, if it offers something, it is most likely that they are able to deliver.

It is also the goal of Chase to provide not only the best product, but also the best service for the benefit of its customers and clients.

Currently, there are two Chase Balance Transfer Creditcards being offered by Chase. It is helpful for you to know each offer and determine which one is the best credit card for you.

Slate From Chase

Slate From Chase has a promotional period of fifteen months for purchases and balance transfers. The introductory APR is zero percent. For the first sixty days, Balance Transfer Fee is zero.

Chase Freedom Credit Card

Chase Freedom Credit Card, similar with Slate From Chase, also has a promotional period of fifteen months and has not annual fee. It carries a five percent Cash Back on purchase in certain categories. You can also easily earn $100 Bonus cash back with this card.

What Should You Look for in an Offer for Balance Transfer Creditcards?

Offers for Chase balance transfer creditcards are indeed very tempting. However, before you jump in and be sorry, there are certain things that you must first look into.

But, before you look at the different important factors to consider; the most important thing that you must do is to read the fine print.

By reading the fine print, you will know the effects of even a single late payment and how you can lose the introductory rate and end up with huge interests.

Chase Balace Transfer Creditcards - ChoiceFirst, determine how long will thePromotional Period for the introductory interest rate will last. Will it be only for six months or fifteen months?

If you need longer period to pay off your debt, then it is beneficial to look for the balance transfer credit card with the longest promotional period.

Second, identify the Interest Rates that the balance credit cards carry. As a general rule, the lower the rates, the better it is for the cardholders.

Normally, a zero percent introductory interest rate is offered to cardholders with above-average credit scores. But, do not be discouraged when applying for Chase Balance Transfer Creditcards because there are other factors that will qualify you even if your score is not that good.

Check what would the interest rates would be after the promotional period. Usually, the rate will jump to higher APR. So, you should determine if you can afford to pay off your balances before the promo period ends.

Third, it is also important that you find out how much are the Balance Transfer Fees. Most offers for balance transfer credit cards charge between three percent and five percent straight on the balance for transfer.

Therefore, you must include the balance transfer fee into the calculation of your debt. For example, the amount of your balance for transfer is $1,000 with five percent rate; then the fee is $50.

Lastly, you must also consider if the balance transfer credit card has anAnnual Fee. Even if the annual fee is less than $100, it will still add up to your total money outlay.

If all the considerations are into your advantage, then you may very well take the Chase balance transfer creditcards offer. However, remember to be wise in making purchases or you will end up heavily indebted.


Saving from Chase No Annual Fee Creditcards

Probably you are thinking if you can get savings from Chase no annual fee creditcards. You know for a fact that credit cards are meant for spending and not for savings.

Chase No Annual Fee Creditcards - Advantage

But, if you have a credit card that can provide savings; would you get one? Definitely, your response is yes. Who wouldn’t want to have savings?

By not paying any annual fee each year, you get to save the money intended for the fee. Usually, the amount would range from fifty dollars to almost two hundred dollars; depending on the type of credit card.

However, if you want to maximize savings on a no annual fee credit card; it should carry other perks such as cash back, rewards, and zero percent introductory APR, or no balance transfer fee.

Before you apply, for a new no annual fee credit card with added perks, it is advantageous to find out what the credit card will actually cost you based on your present financial situation and previous buying habits. Remember that you will earn more savings by being a responsible card user of Chase no annual fee creditcards.

The Six Great Chase No Annual Fee Creditcards

Chase Sapphire Card

Aside from saving money yearly from not paying annual fee, you can earn ten thousand bonus points equivalent to $100 in rewards after spending $500 within the initial three months of membership.

Not only that, you can earn two points for every dollar that you spend at restaurants and one point on all your other purchases provided your account is active and not in default.

Slate From Chase

This credit card is both a no annual fee card and a balance transfer credit card. When you transfer a balance within the initial sixty days of membership, your balance transfer will not incur any fee.

But, after the initial sixty days, the balance transfer fee will be three percent of the total amount transferred or a minimum of five dollars. These Chase no annual fee creditcards also carry debt fighting tools, built-in security, and convenient services.

Chase No Annual Fee Creditcards - Cards

Chase Freedom CreditCard

These Chase no annual fee creditcards are not only a no annual fee card, but at the same time cash back card. You can get a hundred dollars cash back bonus if you are able to spend five hundred dollars during the initial three months of membership.

You will enjoy five percent cash back up to $1,500 that you spend on bonus categories every quarter and one percent cash back on all your other purchases. To top it all, when you shop online at particular merchants through Chase, you earn additional ten percent cash back.

Chase Disney Rewards VisaCard

Dreaming of a Disney vacation? This is the best rewards and no annual fee credit card for you to make your dream come true.

After your first use, you automatically get a fifty dollar credit on your statement and one reward dollar for every hundred dollars that you spend on your everyday purchases.

Chase Amtrak Guest Rewards MasterCard

Instantly after your first use of these Chase no annual fee creditcards, you get a twelve thousand bonus points. So, if you are a regular customer of Amtrak, this is to your great advantage.

You also earn two points for every dollar that you spend on your Amtrak purchases and one point for each dollar you spend on your purchases at other places. Your points will never expire as long as your account is active and not in default.

Chase Amazoncom Rewards VisaCard

This is a great reward and no annual fee credit card for your Amazoncom and other purchases. Upon approval of your credit card, you will automatically receive a thirty dollar Gift Card into your account.

You can earn points on your every purchase at, gas stations, drugstores, restaurants, and more. It is so easy to redeem your points for stuff at Amazon, cash back, travel, and gift cards.

Take advantage of all the benefits by just using Chase no annual fee creditcards.

Latest Offers on Chase Featured Credit Cards

Chase Featured Credit Cards present the latest Chase offers and promotions on its credit cards that have been created particularly for the consumers’ benefit.

With the different available features, consumers may be overwhelmed and will have difficulty choosing which card offers and features to consider.

Chase Featured Credit 
Cards - Benefits

Chase Featured Credit Cards offer introductory interest rates where purchases made within a particular period upon account opening are either interest free or with reduced rates.
Offers of reduced or no interest on balance transfers are also made available on some credit card issues. Remarkable savings can be achieved by transferring your current balances to the new credit card you will get.

One of the most exciting features that consumers seek is the rewards programs. Chase rewards cardholders with points that they can redeem for shopping coupons, airfares, hotel stays, or other products. This feature is best suited to consumers who use their Chase Featured Credit Cards regularly and pay them of in full on or before due date each month.

One feature that aims to attract new business is the no annual fees offer. For this feature, the annual fee is usually waived on the first year of card membership. Sometimes, the annual fee is waived indefinitely based on certain conditions.

Another feature that is popular among cardholders is the cash back feature where cardholders can get back from their purchases when using Chase credit cards.

The Different Chase Featured Credit Cards

Interested in getting any of the Chase Featured Credit Cards? See below the different newest offers and select the one you need.

Chase Fairmont Visa Signature Creditcard

Through this credit card offer, you can have the opportunity of enjoying two complimentary night stays at any of the Fairmont worldwide destinations for two with free breakfast, after making a total purchase of one thousand dollars during the initial three months after opening your card account.

You can also enjoy not paying for any foreign transaction fee, gain Fairmont rewards on every purchase you make, automatically be upgraded to Fairmont Premier status, get annual complimentary to Lounge Club memberships, and free annual fee on your first year of membership.

Chase Featured Credit Cards - Cards

If you are able to make purchases with your card each year in the amount of twelve thousand, you will receive one free night stay at any of the Fairmont hotels.

Chase BPVisa with Pump Rewards

These credit cards provide ways of lowering your gas prices. On the first sixty days of care membership, you can earn twenty five cents in form of rebates for each one hundred dollars purchase at BP branded gas stations.

You still have the opportunity to continue earning points for rebates after the first sixty days of membership and even on your other purchases. You can redeem your earnings either at the gas stations or through a statement credit.

Chase BritishAirways VisaSignature Card

If you are interested in flying business class with luxury, these Chase Featured Credit Cards are the best. These credit cards present ways of earning Avois bonus points for free round-trip tickets on business class.

These cards also feature the Smart chip technology, earning Avios points with your every purchase, and the no foreign transaction fees.

Every calendar year that you make purchases worth thirty thousand dollars on British Airways Visa Signature credit card, you can earn Travel Together Ticket available for two years when you get a flight on British Airways.

Travel for Free with Chase Travel Creditcards?

Chase travel creditcards offer enormous opportunity to earn free or bonus points that are redeemable for hotels, airfare tickets or even cash.

Chase Travel Creditcards - Vacation

How is this done? In order to entice customers to obtain credit cards, most credit card issuers tie-up with different travel companies that offer potential customers with special discounts, sign-up bonus, and more.

In the process, you as a customer are benefited with lots of free airfare tickets, vacation, hotel rooms, and sometimes cash.

However, with so many options that you can choose from, often it is difficult which among the Chase credit cards is the best for you.

Actually, the truth is, there is no such thing as a perfect travel credit card. All these cards offer different benefits that suit different individuals.

So, when deciding which Chase travel creditcards you will choose, take into consideration what features or offers will benefit you most.

Things to Consider when Choosing among the Best Chase Travel Creditcards

Based on my personal experience, Chase travel creditcards have allowed me to earn points and redeem them for hotel rooms, airfare tickets, and cruises. There are several times that I have redeemed my earned points for clothes, gas, or dining.

Travel credit cards are also great ways for funding a big trip because the points can be redeemed to take care of the many costs of the planned trip.

After owning several travel credit cards for over a decade, I have learned to make my choice based on these few factors:

Chase Travel Creditcards - Airfares

Fees and Costs

A good travel credit card should be reasonably priced and the rewards and benefits should worth more than the annual fee you pay for it.

It is common observation that credit cards with annual fees tend to provide better rewards and special offers, better access to different services, and better travel protection.

In other words, you can save more on travel than what you spent on paying annual fees.


I call this factor how versatile the credit card is rather than how flexible it is. Definitely, you wouldn’t want to earn points or miles that you can’t easily redeem or redeem at all.

Being versatile means you can use your card anywhere and any time. The points you earned can be redeemed at different retailers, merchants, hotels, and airlines.

It would be more beneficial if you earn additional points by shopping at particular retailers.


You are probably wondering how a cardholder can expect to gain earnings from credit cards wherein the primary purpose of credit cards is for purchasing of goods and services.

The rewards program attached to the credit cards will enable cardholders to earn by spending. The most common is to earn one point for every dollar spent almost on anything using the credit card.

However, don’t be contended with only one point for your every dollar. If you can obtain Chase travel creditcards wherein you can earn two or three points for every dollar that you spend, it is much better and you can earn much faster.

The Different Chase Travel Creditcards

Currently, there are eleven credit cards under Chase Travel Creditcards that include:

Chase Travel Creditcards - Cards

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred Card
  • Chase BritishAirways Visa Signature Card
  • Chase SouthwestAirlines Rapid Rewards Plus Card
  • Chase SouthwestAirlines Rapid Rewards Premier Card
  • Chase United Mileage Plus Explorer Card
  • Chase United Mileage Plus Club Card
  • JP Morgan Select Card
  • Chase Sapphire Card
  • Chase Marriott RewardsPremier Visa Signature Card
  • Chase Marriott Rewards Visa Signature Card
  • Chase Ritz-Carlton Rewards Creditcard

Even which among Chase travel creditcards that you choose, such credit card should work best for you. Use your credit card wisely and start earning points for a free travel.

The Best Chase Hotel Creditcards for 2012 and Beyond

What are Chase Hotel Creditcards?

Chase Hotel Creditcards - Cards for Hotels

These credit cards are tied to particular group of hotels and carry rewards program to earn points that you can redeem at the specific hotel’s properties or its affiliates.

So, if you often travel and is loyal to a particular brand of hotel; consider a credit card that is tied to hotel brand.

If in case, you frequently travel, but have no particular hotel brand loyalty, then you may opt for a generic reward credit cards that may allow you to redeem your points for travel related purchases, including your bookings for hotels.

Obviously, hotel credit cards are rewards cards toward earning free nights at the hotel of your choice and lowering the cost of your travel. Any of the hotel credit cards from Chase will provide you these opportunities.

Featuring the Chase Hotel Creditcards for 2012

You don’t have to be a frequent traveler to take advantage of the rewards for free hotel stay or free airfare tickets.

Any of the Chase Hotel Creditcards will provide you the opportunity to earn points on your everyday purchases as well.

Choose any of the hotel rewards credit cards from Chase that suits your needs and enjoy traveling with luxury.

Chase Disney Premier Visa Cards

Chase Disney Premier Visa credit cards can make your Disney vacation very worthwhile.

Chase Disney Rewards Visa Cards

Chase Disney Rewards Visa credit cards are your passport to a Disneyland magical and unforgettable experience.

Chase Priority Club Select Visa Cards

These Chase Hotel Creditcards can make you earn points and save from not paying any foreign transaction fees when traveling abroad.

Chase Hotel Creditcards - Credit Cards

Chase Hyatt Credit Card

Chase Hyatt credit cards can let you experience the luxury of staying in any of the Hyatt hotels worldwide and not pay any foreign transaction fee for your purchases abroad

Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Visa Signature Cards

With these credit cards, you can enjoy the experience of a luxury vacation on a premier level.

Chase RitzCarlton Rewards Credit Card

These are the credit cards that can give you an amazing hotel experience at any of the Ritz-Carlton properties worldwide.

Chase Fairmont Visa Signature Creditcards

Here are the credit cards that will benefit more the frequent guests of Fairmont properties.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

These rewards credit cards can provide you premium rewards by merely using the card on your regular daily purchases.

Chase Sapphire Card

Chase Sapphire credit cards can make you earn points that you can redeem for travels, hotel stays, cash, and more.

Chase Marriott Rewards Visa Signature Cards

If you are a frequent traveler, these Chase Hotel Creditcards are one of the best cards for you. You have the opportunity to maximize accumulation of your rewards and use them for travel and hotel stays.

Beyond Hotel Stays Offered by Chase Hotel Creditcards

Often, Chase Hotel Creditcards come with remarkable perks that are not usually highlighted during offers, but are worth to be considered when choosing a new credit card.

Chase Hotel Creditcards - Shopping

Some of these perks can be obtained without spending anything or earning something; by merely presenting Chase Hotel Creditcards you can already achieve benefits.

Benefits such as priority in boarding the aircraft, waiting at airport lounges, and free checked luggage can provide savings on time and money while traveling.

A late checkout and free room upgrade are most helpful, especially if you are traveling with your family or children. The extra time and convenience will provide less stress and worry.

If you want to learn more about the benefits that Chase hotel rewards credit cards offer beyond hotel stays and free tickets, visit their website at to help you select the best card for your purpose.

Why are Chase Gas Creditcards Very Convenient to Own?

Have you owned any of the Chase Gas creditcards before? If you did, then you would know how these credit cards can really help cardholders.

With the high prices of gasoline nowadays, people are finding ways to minimize their gasoline consumption. Some are resorting to car pools and cut down on trips using cars.

Chase Gas Creditcards - Convenience

Finally, Chase saw the needs of people and came up with a special type of credit cards to solve consumers’ concerns.

These credit cards are the gas credit cards, which allow cardholders to receive rebates, discounts, bonuses, and numerous promotions.

Together with Chase are the gas companies and other credit card issuers that offer different deals in order to entice customers to obtain gas credit cards from them.

What are these offers? Some are offering rebates up to ten percent during the first two or three months of card membership and then lowered to five percent after the introductory period.

Others may offer zero APR on balance transfers, and others may include a non-payment of annual fees on the first year of membership.

Whatever is the offer, people are encouraged to apply for Chase Gas creditcards because they know that these cards will help them lower their expenses for gasoline.

Do You Have the Right Chase Gas Creditcards?

We know for a fact that Chase Gas Creditcards are part of the rewards credit cards from Chase. Being such, gas credit cards may also include some offers and not just rewards that focus on gasoline and gasoline products.

But, the question is if you have the right gas credit card? In order to know if you did get the right one is to know how to choose for one.

Chase Gas Creditcards - The Right Card

First, gas credit cards are unlike other rewards cards that carry attractive offers. However, gas credit cards have the ability to let consumers save substantial amount of money. This is very true with the continuously increasing rates for gasoline.

Also, gas credit cards are for those with excellent credit score and pay their balances in full every month. Therefore, if your score is low and pay only the minimum payment required each month; get other types of cards.

If gas is a big chunk in your monthly expenses, you may consider getting a gas credit card. These cards can help lower your expenses for your daily gasoline consumption.

Determine if a gas credit card tied to a particular brand of gas is most helpful to you, or you need a generic gas credit card to provide more convenience.

It is also important to determine if the gasoline stations where you regularly pass accept the credit card you intend to obtain. Definitely, you wouldn’t want to go around and look for a gas station that will accept your card and waste gasoline in doing so.

Therefore, in choosing the right Chase Gas creditcards; you must balance savings and your spending habits.

What Chase Gas Creditcards Offer

Chase Gas creditcards provide you opportunities to earn rewards or points every time you purchase gasoline or gasoline products. You are also offered to claim your rewards in different ways.

What has Chase to offer for a gas card? Currently, the credit card being offered by Chase as gas cards are the BP Visa with PumpRewards.

Chase BP Visa with PumpRewards

Chase Gas Creditcards - Card Offers

With Chase BP Visa with PumpRewards, you have the ability to minimize the cost of your gas.

At BP branded gas stations, you can earn twenty five cents for every purchase of gasoline worth one hundred dollars for the first sixty days.

After the sixty days introductory period, you earn fifteen cents for each one hundred purchases at BP stations and five cents for every hundred-dollar purchase everywhere else.

Also, after the sixty days introductory period; you can earn five cents rebate per gallon for each one-hundred purchase you made practically at any station.

You can redeem your earned rewards either through gasoline fill-up or credit to your statement.