Establishing your Business with Chase Business Creditcards

Will Chase Business creditcards really help establish your business during these times of uncertainties?

Chase Business Creditcards - Business Owners

The trend during these times is to make your business flexible and reachable.

Acquiring fixed assets is a no-no since you want your funds to be flexible and not attached to anything that are not frequently used for the business.

With ready funds available any time, you can easily innovate to keep your operations going and become competitive.

At this point, business credit cards from Chase are great help.

You can use the credit lines these cards provide for daily expenses and use your cash on things that will make your business move forward faster.

The Different Chase Business Creditcards

The different Chase Business creditcards have offers and incentives that will particularly suit your type of business.

Check out below which among these credit cards work best in making your business grow and succeed.

Chase Business Creditcards - Card Choices

  • Ink Cash Business Creditcards. If your business spends a lot on office supplies, communication services such as cellular phones, internet, landline, and cable TV; then these cards are the best for you. You can earn as much as $250 during the first three months of your card membership and continue earning on almost all your purchases. These cash back credit cards have no annual fee, which is an additional savings for your business.
  • Ink Classic Businesscard. These rewards credit cards can help you save on your travels and some merchandise. Earning points is easy and simple with the 5x, 2x and 1x points system applied on most of your purchases. You can also redeem your earned points for gift cards.
  • Ink Bold Charge Cards. Great credit cards if you often travel and make international purchases since you don’t have to pay any foreign transaction fees. The bonus points on your first purchases can give you travel worth $625 or rewards worth $500. Your spending limit is flexible and because you pay your balance in full monthly; you will not incur extra expenses on interest charges.
  • GM Business Cards. These are the best business credit cards for obtaining limitless earnings on all your business purchases. With no annual fees, you can also have extra savings every year of your card membership. What‘s more exciting about these credit cards is the opportunity to obtain a new vehicle with your earned points.

Why You Need Chase Business Creditcards for your Business

After choosing, which among the Chase Business creditcards is appropriate for your business and before finally applying for a card, you must first determine if you really need business credit cards.

Chase Business Creditcards - Business Use

There are various reasons why businesses need to have business credit cards and the most obvious reason is the ability to keep track of your business expenses. It is very important that your personal and business expenses are separated.

As we all know, credit cards are more convenient and safe when traveling because they eradicate the need for checks and cash, but business credit cards can provide more spending limits than regular personal credit cards.

Another good thing about business credit cards from Chase is the ability to set limits on the spending of your employees and you can easily track their credit card spending.

Remember that similar with personal credit cards, you only use your credit card when necessary for your business and that you maintain enough level of available credit for emergency purchases.