Introducing Chase Debit Cards by JPMorgan Chase

The Chase Debit Cards offered by JPMorgan Chase is their commitment to low-income consumers.

Chase Debit Cards - by JPMorgan

If you are a consumer without any regular bank account, these debit cards will give you an access to banks, automated teller machines and service convenience of bill-payment facilities.

Although most prepaid cards have high fees, Chase offers low fees on their debit cards. The cards would carry a monthly fee of less than five dollars and will not be charging the customers on withdrawals and deposits made at other Chase locations.

Chase is the latest among the banks that recently adopt prepaid cards and according to a Chase official, these cards would be a breakthrough product in terms of convenience, pricing transparency and simplicity in favor of the consumers.


What are the commitments of JPMorgan Chase through Chase Debit Cards?

How does Chase Debit Cards differ from other prepaid cards? Can Chase deliver their commitments to the consumers?

Debit Cards from Chase prove to be a better way in making your daily purchases in terms of control, convenience and security.


If you have a line of credit, it is essential that you be in total control of your spending. Chase encourages control over the use of their debit cards and your finances.

  • At the start of the day, know exactly how much is the balance of your account through alerts by phone or e-mail. This service is free of charge. Cardholder should sign up for alerts to avail of this feature.
  • Monitor your account wherever and whenever. This is available upon enrollment in the “Chase Mobile.” Send text request and receive a reply of your account balance.
  • You have an opportunity to review your detailed purchases and check monthly statement through Chase online banking.


Experience the convenience of using Chase debit cards just like having a regular credit card.

Chase Debit Cards - Features

  • You can make purchases and enjoy shopping using a debit card in place of cash or checking account. These cards are highly acceptable to many shopping locations anywhere in the world.
  • Pay your monthly bills such as utilities, insurance, internet access and other monthly dues using your debit cards through phone or online.
  • Never stay on checkout lanes longer by making use of Chase Debit Cards.


Stay secured in all your online transaction with the Debit cards from Chase. You can completely rely on Chase when it comes to online safety.

  • You do not have to worry if your card was used in unauthorized transactions with the Zero-Liability feature of these debit cards.
  • Always be aware of your safety through Real-time fraud monitoring. Any unusual debit card transactions detected, Chase customer service may opt to contact you to be sure that the card being used is yours.
  • Chase debit cards guarantee reimbursement of unauthorized withdrawals or purchases from your card before the next business day ends. There is no need to wait on the investigation conducted for the purpose.
  • Get security alerts free by signing up with Chase debit cards alert feature. Chase will call or send an e-mail whenever a purchase or withdrawals.