Latest Offers on Chase Featured Credit Cards

Chase Featured Credit Cards present the latest Chase offers and promotions on its credit cards that have been created particularly for the consumers’ benefit.

With the different available features, consumers may be overwhelmed and will have difficulty choosing which card offers and features to consider.

Chase Featured Credit 
Cards - Benefits

Chase Featured Credit Cards offer introductory interest rates where purchases made within a particular period upon account opening are either interest free or with reduced rates.
Offers of reduced or no interest on balance transfers are also made available on some credit card issues. Remarkable savings can be achieved by transferring your current balances to the new credit card you will get.

One of the most exciting features that consumers seek is the rewards programs. Chase rewards cardholders with points that they can redeem for shopping coupons, airfares, hotel stays, or other products. This feature is best suited to consumers who use their Chase Featured Credit Cards regularly and pay them of in full on or before due date each month.

One feature that aims to attract new business is the no annual fees offer. For this feature, the annual fee is usually waived on the first year of card membership. Sometimes, the annual fee is waived indefinitely based on certain conditions.

Another feature that is popular among cardholders is the cash back feature where cardholders can get back from their purchases when using Chase credit cards.

The Different Chase Featured Credit Cards

Interested in getting any of the Chase Featured Credit Cards? See below the different newest offers and select the one you need.

Chase Fairmont Visa Signature Creditcard

Through this credit card offer, you can have the opportunity of enjoying two complimentary night stays at any of the Fairmont worldwide destinations for two with free breakfast, after making a total purchase of one thousand dollars during the initial three months after opening your card account.

You can also enjoy not paying for any foreign transaction fee, gain Fairmont rewards on every purchase you make, automatically be upgraded to Fairmont Premier status, get annual complimentary to Lounge Club memberships, and free annual fee on your first year of membership.

Chase Featured Credit Cards - Cards

If you are able to make purchases with your card each year in the amount of twelve thousand, you will receive one free night stay at any of the Fairmont hotels.

Chase BPVisa with Pump Rewards

These credit cards provide ways of lowering your gas prices. On the first sixty days of care membership, you can earn twenty five cents in form of rebates for each one hundred dollars purchase at BP branded gas stations.

You still have the opportunity to continue earning points for rebates after the first sixty days of membership and even on your other purchases. You can redeem your earnings either at the gas stations or through a statement credit.

Chase BritishAirways VisaSignature Card

If you are interested in flying business class with luxury, these Chase Featured Credit Cards are the best. These credit cards present ways of earning Avois bonus points for free round-trip tickets on business class.

These cards also feature the Smart chip technology, earning Avios points with your every purchase, and the no foreign transaction fees.

Every calendar year that you make purchases worth thirty thousand dollars on British Airways Visa Signature credit card, you can earn Travel Together Ticket available for two years when you get a flight on British Airways.