Why are Chase Gas Creditcards Very Convenient to Own?

Have you owned any of the Chase Gas creditcards before? If you did, then you would know how these credit cards can really help cardholders.

With the high prices of gasoline nowadays, people are finding ways to minimize their gasoline consumption. Some are resorting to car pools and cut down on trips using cars.

Chase Gas Creditcards - Convenience

Finally, Chase saw the needs of people and came up with a special type of credit cards to solve consumers’ concerns.

These credit cards are the gas credit cards, which allow cardholders to receive rebates, discounts, bonuses, and numerous promotions.

Together with Chase are the gas companies and other credit card issuers that offer different deals in order to entice customers to obtain gas credit cards from them.

What are these offers? Some are offering rebates up to ten percent during the first two or three months of card membership and then lowered to five percent after the introductory period.

Others may offer zero APR on balance transfers, and others may include a non-payment of annual fees on the first year of membership.

Whatever is the offer, people are encouraged to apply for Chase Gas creditcards because they know that these cards will help them lower their expenses for gasoline.

Do You Have the Right Chase Gas Creditcards?

We know for a fact that Chase Gas Creditcards are part of the rewards credit cards from Chase. Being such, gas credit cards may also include some offers and not just rewards that focus on gasoline and gasoline products.

But, the question is if you have the right gas credit card? In order to know if you did get the right one is to know how to choose for one.

Chase Gas Creditcards - The Right Card

First, gas credit cards are unlike other rewards cards that carry attractive offers. However, gas credit cards have the ability to let consumers save substantial amount of money. This is very true with the continuously increasing rates for gasoline.

Also, gas credit cards are for those with excellent credit score and pay their balances in full every month. Therefore, if your score is low and pay only the minimum payment required each month; get other types of cards.

If gas is a big chunk in your monthly expenses, you may consider getting a gas credit card. These cards can help lower your expenses for your daily gasoline consumption.

Determine if a gas credit card tied to a particular brand of gas is most helpful to you, or you need a generic gas credit card to provide more convenience.

It is also important to determine if the gasoline stations where you regularly pass accept the credit card you intend to obtain. Definitely, you wouldn’t want to go around and look for a gas station that will accept your card and waste gasoline in doing so.

Therefore, in choosing the right Chase Gas creditcards; you must balance savings and your spending habits.

What Chase Gas Creditcards Offer

Chase Gas creditcards provide you opportunities to earn rewards or points every time you purchase gasoline or gasoline products. You are also offered to claim your rewards in different ways.

What has Chase to offer for a gas card? Currently, the credit card being offered by Chase as gas cards are the BP Visa with PumpRewards.

Chase BP Visa with PumpRewards

Chase Gas Creditcards - Card Offers

With Chase BP Visa with PumpRewards, you have the ability to minimize the cost of your gas.

At BP branded gas stations, you can earn twenty five cents for every purchase of gasoline worth one hundred dollars for the first sixty days.

After the sixty days introductory period, you earn fifteen cents for each one hundred purchases at BP stations and five cents for every hundred-dollar purchase everywhere else.

Also, after the sixty days introductory period; you can earn five cents rebate per gallon for each one-hundred purchase you made practically at any station.

You can redeem your earned rewards either through gasoline fill-up or credit to your statement.