Gift Giving with Chase Gift Cards

The Chase Gift Cards are great way to give a gift. These cards are non-establishment issued, and therefore have better flexibility in terms of use, amount and personalized features.

Chase Gift Cards - Debit Cards

Whether you are giving gift cards for your family, friends or to someone very special, you are giving the right thing because you are providing them with the gift of choice that can be use freely to purchase anything they want.

Having gift cards is comparable to getting the convenience of using credit cards without the need of any tedious requirements. Additionally, gift card is simple and easy to apply. It is secured as well.

Gift cards from Chase are accepted just as anywhere the visa logo is displayed. Use them in your favorite electronic shops, supermarkets, shopping malls and other stores. There are simply unlimited ways and establishments to use this type of card.

Moreover, people who have Chase gift cards can use them in making purchases online and even over the phone.

Chase Gift Cards in Different Amounts

Most of the time, people want to express thoughtfulness by giving gifts. However, they are sometimes reluctant as to the value.

Although they say that it is the thought that counts, you can express it in the form of gift cards in the amount of your choice.

Give Chase gift cards on birthdays, present for weddings, or simply giving them to express appreciation.

Can you give gift card in the amount of $75? Yes, by all means.

There are many occasions and many ways to give these cards from Chase, and these can be given in any amount from $25 to $500.

Chase Gift Cards Personalized

Many prefer to personalize their greetings when giving gifts, and Chase has considered this.

Chase Gift Cards - Features

If you order online, Chase gift cards have greeting cards that can be customized with no extra cost.

Take the option of choosing and image, adding the name of recipient and include one of the available messages such as “Happy Birthday”, “Thank You” or “Congratulations.”

Surely, the one receiving the personalized gift check will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Better yet, personalizing it (gift check) is securing that the person to whom it is intended will receive the same.

How to Order Chase Gift Cards

In ordering gift cards from Chase, you can go the one of the websites that offer the card, and do the following:

  1. Select the card art you want among the selections available.
  2. Provide the necessary information on the card including the amount, the message you wish to say, and the reason for giving the card.
  3. Input the recipient Information such as name, phone number and email address. You may opt not to notify the recipient by indicating that the card is a surprise gift.
  4. Finally, choose to whom the gift card will be shipped and the method of shipment.

Take note that some websites have limited area of servicing.

You should also be responsible in reading the terms and conditions that are applied to the Chase gift cards you are getting.