Maximizing Business Opportunities with Chase Merchant Services

Do you know how the Chase Merchant Services can help you in your business?

Chase Merchant Service - Business Purposes

First, if you are a business owner that has a shop or doing business online, you should be aware of the necessity of having merchant services.

Today, it is crucial to accept credit cards as mode of payment because of their widespread use in acquiring products and services.

Therefore, if you have a merchant service, there is a wider opportunity to serve your customers in terms of accepting payments, which means having greater chances to earn.

If you want to have a better understanding about the merchant services of Chase, read on and know the payment processing system.

Payment Processing through Chase Merchant Services

Merchant services involve the application of payment process to transactions using credit card as mode of payment.

As a merchant, you need to know vital information about the system including the types of payment, recognition of terminologies and other merchant service related matters.

Payment Processing Basics

The three main parts of the payment process are authorization, settlement and funding.

Authorization involves confirmation of customer’s card as to validity and if it has sufficient balance to cover the products or services being purchased. This is crucial process because failure to get authorization means lost sales.

Settlement is managing the electronic payment transactions in order to clear the sale and be funded. In doing this, the merchant should present the approved card transactions to Chase Merchant Service.

Funding finally, is the actual deposit of money in the merchant’s bank account to compensate the processed transactions.

What does Chase Merchant Services provides?

Businesses chose the merchant services of Chase because they trust the company of their products and technology. Accordingly, Chase has advance and secure payment facilities that provide superior payment solution for businesses, both at point of sale or online.

Chase Merchant Service - Payment Acceptance

  • Online Payments. – You can get comprehensive payment products for fast and easy online sales processing such as Payment Gateway, Virtual Terminal, Paypal and Web Store Builder.
  • Point-of-Sales (POS) Payments. – Obtain the benefits of debit and credit card use with the point-of-sale facility. The Chase Merchant Services has efficient equipment to facilitate point-of-sales transactions. Get highly reliable connectivity and accept payments through mobile devices.
  • Methods of Payment. – Provide your business the opportunity to earn more revenue by offering customers with the convenience and flexibility by paying through different payment methods. Give your patrons the ability to use the payment method they prefer including gift cards, debit cards, e-checks and international payments.
  • Protection Tools. – Chase Merchant Services introduces an integrated system that will protect merchants and their customers from fraud. It also has an advance data encryption technology to secure handling of credit card transactions.

Usefulness of Chase Merchant Services in Different Businesses

Get started now with Chase Merchant Services and use the best facilities of Chase in processing payment of your customers.

Whatever your business may be, you can avail of the merchant services provided by Chase. Whether you are in restaurant business, trading, online shopping, travel, professional services and others, you can trust the handling of every transaction with the merchant services of Chase.