Do Chase Rewards Credit Cards Really Rewards Consumers?

Chase Rewards Credit Cards are created by Chase to reward card members for their patronage by providing opportunities to earn points on their everyday purchases with the use of the company’s rewards credit cards.

Chase Rewards Credit Cards - Rewards

With this aim, consumers are ensured that they will really be rewarded by owning Chase Rewards Credit Cards. Reports and reviews have shown that numerous consumers have benefited by the many rewards options provided by Chase.
There is a variety of rewards cards that consumers can choose from. Airline rewards cards let you earn points for air travel, while the hotel rewards cards can provide points for hotel stays.

Chase Rewards Credit Cards are beneficial for those spending regularly on groceries, gas, medicine, and more. The best with Chase rewards cards is the opportunity to choose how to use the earned points.

What are the Currently Available Chase Rewards Credit Cards?

In order to enjoy and take advantage of the Chase Rewards Credit Cards is to know the different rewards credit cards that are currently available including their outstanding features.

The rewards credit cards that Chase currently offers include:

Chase Rewards Credit Cards - Cards

  • Chase British Airways Visa Signature Cards.These credit cards allow consumers to earn Avios points and more free flights. For every dollar you spend using these cards, you can earn up to 2.5 Avios points. The more you spend, the faster you can earn Avios towards your reward flights. You can even earn special bonuses for a companion.
  • Chase Freedom Credit Cards. These cards are cash back rewards cards where an owner can earn a hundred dollar bonus cash back, obtain a zero percent introductory APR for the first fifteen months. These are also no annual fee credit cards. Cash back is five percent bonus in various categories.
  • Chase Sapphire Cards. These credit cards allow cardholders to earn ten thousand bonus points that are equivalent to one hundred dollars in rewards. These are no annual fee credit cards as well.
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred Cards. These credit cards can provide an earning of forty thousand bonus points that are worth five hundred dollars in travel redeemable through the Ultimate Rewards.
  • Chase Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Plus Cards. These are among the best travel rewards cards that can provide two roundtrip flights and three thousand points during each anniversary.
  • Chase Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier Cards.These credit cards also provide two roundtrip flights, but the bonus points every anniversary is six thousand points.
  • Chase United Mileage Plus Explorer Cards. Travel rewards credit cards that allow card members to earn up to forty thousand bonus miles and the annual fee for the first year is waived.
  • Chase United Mileage Plus Club Cards. These are the only credit cards that offer United Club membership, fifty percent mileage bonus, and Premier Access.
  • Chase Marriott Rewards Visa Signature Cards. Truly very rewarding credit cards where card members can earn six free night stays at any of the Marriott properties.
  • Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Visa Signature Cards. These cards make your vacation come closer by providing fifty thousand bonus points right after the first use of the credit cards. Enjoy a great vacation at any of the Marriott hotel and partnering resorts and hotels.

Chase Rewards Credit Cards – How to Redeem Earned Points?

Rewards or points earned from Chase rewards credit cards and redeeming rewards is done through their specific rewards programs.

Chase Rewards Credit Cards - Online

Chase Rewards Credit Cards linked to the Mileage Rewards program permits cardholders to use earned mileage for flights as provided on the Chase website.
In addition to free flights, mileage points can also be redeemed for a variety of products and services such as hotel rooms, magazine subscriptions, and car rentals.

The initial procedure in redeeming points is to register your credit card to the rewards program by logging to Chase website with your account ID and password. If you don’t have an account yet, create one. Follow the instructions provided at the website.

After logging in and accessing your account, you may know your balance by clicking “Show Rewards Balance” Then, click “Go to Ultimate Rewards” in order to view your options for redemption.

The usual available options include cash, travel or experiences, gift card, and merchandise.

The best ways to make your points earn faster are to keep your Chase Rewards credit cards active and never be in default.