Chase Student Loans Available to Cover Cost of Education

Are you still studying? Chase student loans are available for you to cover your educational expenses.

Chase Student Loans - Available for Students

Since having an education is your responsibility, financing the same goes with it. There are several loan options available for the students, which they can use for their schooling.

An example is the Federal student loans for students or their parents to apply as support for college studies. This type of loan has fixed interest and several available flexible repayment options.

Another is the private student loans such as Chase student loans that are made available to supplement other loans when they are not sufficient to cover the cost of education.

In applying for these student loans, all it takes is to fill out the required application forms that will be used to process the loan.

Chase Student Loans Help through Chase Select

If you are an undergraduate student, graduate or health professional graduate, you can avail of Chase Select.

Chase Select is a private student loan that is available exclusively for Chase employees and customers.

Chase is requiring that the student borrower or consigner should be a customer of Chase with a qualified account or has an existing loan relationship with the company.

The qualified chase accounts and loan relationships are as follows:

  • Savings or Checking accounts
  • An existing loan with chase
  • A credit card account
  • An employment relationship either current or retired

However, all applicants are encouraged to exhaust first all possibilities of financial loans before applying such as federal loans and grants.

What are the ways in paying Chase Student Loans?

The Chase Select provides different options to pay your student loan in order to give liberty of choosing what fits best to your paying capabilities.

Chase Student Loans - Repayment OptionsImmediate Repayment

This repayment option pays principal including the interest while studying. This yields more savings as compared to all the other options.

Interest-Only Repayment

Interest-only payment option saves money by avoiding all accumulated interests that are added to the balance when the repayment of principal and interest.

Deferred Repayment

You choose this option if payments cannot be done while in school. However, by the time of repayment, expect a big accumulated interest in addition to the principal. This option will tend to increase the cost of the student loan.

Valuable Tips when Applying for Chase Student Loans

Get Better Chances by Applying with Consigner

Applying for a student loan with a consigner increases the chances of approval and obtains more favorable interest rate. Afterwards, the student borrower can make a request that the consigner be released from responsibility after thirty-six on-time consecutive payments. In doing so, the borrower should have to meet Chase student loans minimum credit criteria and other requirements.

Paying While in School

Although you may choose the option to defer repayment, paying small amount monthly can reduce the overall student loan cost, and graduate with less debt.

Chase student loans are useful for qualified education expenses including the cost of attending studies, tuition fees, living expenses, computer and books. These expenses should be certified by the school.