Travel for Free with Chase Travel Creditcards?

Chase travel creditcards offer enormous opportunity to earn free or bonus points that are redeemable for hotels, airfare tickets or even cash.

Chase Travel Creditcards - Vacation

How is this done? In order to entice customers to obtain credit cards, most credit card issuers tie-up with different travel companies that offer potential customers with special discounts, sign-up bonus, and more.

In the process, you as a customer are benefited with lots of free airfare tickets, vacation, hotel rooms, and sometimes cash.

However, with so many options that you can choose from, often it is difficult which among the Chase credit cards is the best for you.

Actually, the truth is, there is no such thing as a perfect travel credit card. All these cards offer different benefits that suit different individuals.

So, when deciding which Chase travel creditcards you will choose, take into consideration what features or offers will benefit you most.

Things to Consider when Choosing among the Best Chase Travel Creditcards

Based on my personal experience, Chase travel creditcards have allowed me to earn points and redeem them for hotel rooms, airfare tickets, and cruises. There are several times that I have redeemed my earned points for clothes, gas, or dining.

Travel credit cards are also great ways for funding a big trip because the points can be redeemed to take care of the many costs of the planned trip.

After owning several travel credit cards for over a decade, I have learned to make my choice based on these few factors:

Chase Travel Creditcards - Airfares

Fees and Costs

A good travel credit card should be reasonably priced and the rewards and benefits should worth more than the annual fee you pay for it.

It is common observation that credit cards with annual fees tend to provide better rewards and special offers, better access to different services, and better travel protection.

In other words, you can save more on travel than what you spent on paying annual fees.


I call this factor how versatile the credit card is rather than how flexible it is. Definitely, you wouldn’t want to earn points or miles that you can’t easily redeem or redeem at all.

Being versatile means you can use your card anywhere and any time. The points you earned can be redeemed at different retailers, merchants, hotels, and airlines.

It would be more beneficial if you earn additional points by shopping at particular retailers.


You are probably wondering how a cardholder can expect to gain earnings from credit cards wherein the primary purpose of credit cards is for purchasing of goods and services.

The rewards program attached to the credit cards will enable cardholders to earn by spending. The most common is to earn one point for every dollar spent almost on anything using the credit card.

However, don’t be contended with only one point for your every dollar. If you can obtain Chase travel creditcards wherein you can earn two or three points for every dollar that you spend, it is much better and you can earn much faster.

The Different Chase Travel Creditcards

Currently, there are eleven credit cards under Chase Travel Creditcards that include:

Chase Travel Creditcards - Cards

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred Card
  • Chase BritishAirways Visa Signature Card
  • Chase SouthwestAirlines Rapid Rewards Plus Card
  • Chase SouthwestAirlines Rapid Rewards Premier Card
  • Chase United Mileage Plus Explorer Card
  • Chase United Mileage Plus Club Card
  • JP Morgan Select Card
  • Chase Sapphire Card
  • Chase Marriott RewardsPremier Visa Signature Card
  • Chase Marriott Rewards Visa Signature Card
  • Chase Ritz-Carlton Rewards Creditcard

Even which among Chase travel creditcards that you choose, such credit card should work best for you. Use your credit card wisely and start earning points for a free travel.