How do Chase Makes a Difference for the Americans

When you hear the word Chase, what comes into your mind? Of course, aside from pursue or hunt, most Americans will think of JP Morgan and Company.

Chase - The JP Morgan Chase Company

In terms of assets and number of branches, JP Morgan is the biggest bank in the United States. The latest reported asset of the bank is over two trillion dollars and with presence in over sixty countries.

It is the corporate responsibility of the bank to provide assistance and financial stability to clients and customers both in good and bad economic times.

Why do clients and customers trust JP Morgan? This bank has proven its capabilities and seamless execution of its services for many years as it continues to move forward.

Some financial experts are saying that this bank has become too big and complex to manage. But, top management is assuring the public that they are able to control all its transactions and will not fail the American people’s trust.

The Chase Credit Cards for Businesses and Individuals

JP Morgan has all the different types of credit cards that will surely suit every customer’s needs. Actually, most of their offers have helped individuals and businesses in their pursuit of financial flexibility.

The different credit cards offered by this bank include:

    • Featured Credit Cards. Under this category are the latest credit card promotions and offers from this bank that have been created for the benefits of most individuals. Currently, there are four credit card offers for this type.
    • Rewards Credit Cards. There are plenty of customers who are loyal to this bank. As a token to the people’s trust, the bank believes in rewarding its customers through their rewards credit cards.
    • Zero Intro APR Credit Cards. With at least twelve months of not paying any APR on all purchases is a big savings for cardholders, especially if offered for balance transfers.
    • Balance Transfer Credit Cards. These credit cards are very helpful to those who are consolidating all their credit card balances into just one card.
    • No-Annual Fee Credit Cards. Not paying any annual fee is an automatic savings for individuals and businesses every year.

Chase - Different Types of Credit Cards

  • CashBack Credit Cards.These credit cards provide the opportunity to earn money while making everyday purchases.
  • Travel Credit Cards. The best credit cards for obtaining free air tickets, hotel stays, and other benefits.
  • Hotel Credit Cards. Your everyday purchases through these cards will provide you luxurious accommodation at most reputable hotels almost anywhere in the world.
  • Airline Credit Cards.Your brand loyalty to certain airlines will provide you free air ticket to any destination of your choice.
  • Gas Credit Cards. The more gas you purchase the more rewards you will earn through these credit cards.
  • Retail Credit Cards. Cardholders with favorite brands are rewarded through these cards. Additional perks and benefits are also provided.
  • No Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Cards. People who fly frequently to different countries or those that deal with international purchases benefit most from these cards.
  • Business Credit Cards. It is one of the goals of this bank to assist businesses grow and succeed. These cards are geared towards this goal.

Some of the other cards and services provided by JP Morgan in order to provide financial flexibilities include:

Debit Cards – These cards are the best options in making your everyday purchases more secure, well controlled, and most convenient.

Gift Cards – If you are having difficulty choosing which gift to give to a friend or someone very special, you can give these cards. The recipients have the freedom to choose what items they want.

Student Loans – Exclusive to customers and employees of this bank are the Select Private Student loans.