Do You Have Questions About Citi Credit Cards?

Most of the people who live in urban areas own Citi credit cards. These credit cards allow them to purchase what they want or need from various stores without having to use cash for payment.

Of course, there are situations that it is best to use cash for payment. But, using cash can often pose risks to shoppers.

To protect yourself from thieves, it is best for you to use credit cards in paying for goods and services. With a credit card, you need not bring large amount of cash when shopping.

However, in order to enjoy the use of credit cards, you must know how to obtain and use them. So, if you have questions about credit cards from Citibank; read on and you might find the answers you need.

How to View Your Citi Credit Cards Statements?

Traditionally, in order to view your credit card statements; you have to visit the bank and request for copies of your previous statements or wait for your current statement delivered to your home or office. Today, with the advances in technology; you can already view your statements online. How do you do this?

First, you have to go to the website of Citibank. Then, by selecting Download Statement when you go to Account Activity menu; you can view your current statement.

You can also view your previous eleven months of statements and your statements as far back as your date of card membership.

Through this, you may check your statements for any errors, and analyze your expenses.

How Do You Pay Your Citi Credit Cards Online?

One of the conveniences and benefits provided by Citibank is the free credit card online payments. To do this, you have to go to the Citibank website.

Then go to Payments menu and select the link to either make a payment using an external source or your linked Citibank account.

If you will use an external source, you will need your ABA routing number and your bank account number in order to complete the process.

This system will authorize your bank to electronically debit your savings or checking account to pay your credit card bill.

However, your payments will not be automatically made. You have to sign every month to make a request for payment.

If in case the Citibank system is not able to validate your bank information after your initial payment, before making an additional online payment; you have to wait up to fifteen days.

How Do You Dispute a Charge on Your Credit card account?

Citi Credit Cards- Card Questions

Sometimes errors are committed while using your Citi credit cards when paying for goods or services that you purchased.

When errors happen, some charges on your credit card need to be disputed in order to correct the transaction.

You may dispute a charge on your credit card account by locating the charge you wish to dispute in your transaction list presented on the Account Activity page.

In order to get to that page, you have to My Citi and click the link on the credit card name. After locating the charge, you may submit that charge for dispute.

What are the Phone Numbers to Call for Assistance?

If you have concerns with your Citi credit cards, here are the important phone numbers that you should contact:

  • If you need assistance regarding accessing your Citi College Student or Consumer accounts online, you may contact 1-800-347-4934.
  • Help for accessing your online account for Citi Professional and Business accounts, you may contact 1-800-422-3091.
  • For lost or stolen credit card and any general account information, you may contact 1-800-950-5114.
  • If you want to report doubtful account activity or if you receive a fraudulent email, call the internet security specialist at 1-888-285-9696.
  • To get information on the status of your credit card application, you may contact 1-888-201-4523.

It is the aim of Citibank to give the best service to their customers all the time.