Make Shopping and Travel Easy with Citibank Credit Cards

Do you know the different types of Citibank credit cards? There are numerous types of Citi cards that are available in the market nowadays, which makes it easy for you to select the best for your shopping and travels. Citibank Credit Cards- The Widely-Used Credit CardsCitibank is the number one credit card issuing company in the world. All credit cards that come from Citibank are loaded with interesting and unique features.

The different types of credit cards from Citibank include low interest credit cards, student credit cards, rewards credit cards, business credit cards, balance transfer credit cards, AAdvantage credit cards, no annual fee credit cards, cashback and savings credit cards.

Almost all credit cards offered by Citibank are perfect for making purchases and traveling. It is not difficult to choose the best credit card that will perfectly suit your needs.

What you must do is to check your eligibility based on the different criteria and make an application online. Whatever credit card you choose, you will surely enjoy the best customer service from a global bank that possesses the expertise in providing you with a very positive experience.

Application Guide

for Citibank Credit Cards

After you have determined, which card among the different Citibank cards will suit your needs; you need to fulfill all the following criteria before you proceed with your application:Citibank Credit Cards - Different Types of Credit Cards

  • You must meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years old.
  • You must possess a satisfactory credit rating.
  • You must be eligible to the income requirement for the particular credit card you have selected.

Applying online for a credit card from Citibank is a simple process. All you need to do is to provide all the information needed that include:

  • Your complete name together with your date of birth, home or office address, email address and all contact telephone numbers.
  • Your current employment status and actual occupation.
  • Your present financial state, including major assets that you own, your current income and expenses.
  • If in case you are self-employed, provide your accountant’s name and the name of the company he works for together with all contact telephone numbers.
  • If the purpose of your application is transferring your balance from a different credit card, you need to provide the name of your account, type of your account, the account number, the issuing credit card company name, and the total amount you like to transfer.

Normally, the entire online application process would take about ten minutes. After you have forwarded your online application, you will receive an answer at your email within a minute together with the Application Reference Number. With the reference number, you will be able to check the progress of your application by logging in.

Should Citibank need additional information; they will make a call at the telephone number you have given.

Prepaid Citibank Credit Cards

The Alternative

Citibank Credit Cards - Owning a Citibank CardIf you lack qualification for any of the unsecured Citibank credit cards, and you need a credit card to build your credit or to enjoy the benefits of using credit cards; you may consider a prepaid credit card from Citibank as an alternative.

Citibank Cash Card is a reloadable, pre-paid card that you can use anywhere MasterCard and Visa are accepted. The card has your name on it, and it is more convenient and much safer for you to carry than cash.

Using a prepaid card will help you make a budget, spend wisely, and build a good credit in order to achieve your financial freedom. Your shopping and travels are made easy and rewarding with any of the credit cards from Citibank.