Are Citibank Student Creditcards Necessary?

Before we discuss if Citibank student creditcards are necessary or not, let us first discuss the different student credit cards that Citibank offers.

Students can choose from various college credit cards that can help them build sound credit history without the need for any co-signer and with very low introductory APRs on every purchase.

Here are the popular Citibank credit cards for students: Citibank Student Creditcards - TypesCitibank Forward for College Students

This is a good credit card to build and maintain a healthy credit history where you can have up to two percent APR reduction every time you make a purchase, pay on time for three consecutive billings, and keep on being under your credit limit.

A co-signer is not required in applying for this card, which provides you the opportunity to build your own credit history while enjoying bonuses from purchasing books, movies, music, foods, and others.

Citibank DividendPlatinum SelectVisa Credit Card for Students in College

The best Citibank student creditcards for earning five percent cash back at gas stations, supermarkets, drugstores, and utilities for six months, and one percent thereafter.

There is no annual fee, no requirement for a co-signer, and zero liability on unauthorized charges are only some of the benefits you get from these credit cards.

Citibank Platinum-Select Visa Credit Card for College Students

You have the privilege of enjoying tremendously low rate on your purchases and take advantage of accessing great discounts online with these credit cards.

There is no annual fee, zero liability on unauthorized charges and a co-signer is not required when you apply.

Citibank Platinum-Select MasterCard for College Students

For the first seven months, you can enjoy an introductory zero APR on your purchases while taking advantage of Extra Cash from Citibank, a free benefit that provides you access to online discounts.

A co-signer is not required when you apply for this card and there is no annual fee and zero liability on unauthorized charges. These are great opportunities for students like you who are building their own credit history.

Citibank DividendPlatinum Select MasterCard for College Students

There is no annual fee for these credit cards. Cardholders will enjoy earning five percent cash back at drugstores, gas stations, supermarkets, and utilities for the first six months and one percent thereafter.

Students can also enjoy two percent cash back in rotating categories such as apparel, department stores, hotels, restaurants, and many more, and one percent cash back on all other purchases.

Necessities of Citibank Student Creditcards

Citibank Student Creditcards - UsersIf you are a student, you would probably not have any difficulty in finding the best Citibank Student Creditcards that will suit you perfectly since there are numerous offers from Citibank.

The question some people may ask is if these credit cards are really necessary. As a student, definitely you must minimize your expenses as much as you can.

It is crucial that you keep a tab on all your expenses in order for you not to overspend and become heavily indebted. It may be easy to get a student credit card, but it is beneficial to know why it would be necessary to own one.

Necessary for Payment of Tuition

Student credit cards are helpful when you need money to pay for your tuition. Most student credit cards have zero APR, no annual fees, and cash back features that can run for a long period. Therefore, these cards can come in handy for tuition payment and other needs, which the student can pay back gradually over specified period.

Good as Emergency Money

Student credit cards are the most convenient and quickest solution for immediate payment. Credit cards can work as cash for emergency expenses such as paying for medicine, and other unexpected bills.

Safer To Carry than Cash

Cash is very liquid and easily spent aside from being prone to theft. On the other hand, credit cards are easier and with proper care safer to carry around than cash.

Therefore, when used wisely and efficiently, student credit cards are the best cards for students to take advantage of.