Rewarding Travels with CitiBusiness AAdvantage World MasterCards

CitiBusiness AAdvantage World MasterCards - Business CardsCitiBusiness AAdvantage World MasterCards are results of a combined effort of Citibank and American Airlines in forging an improved rewards program providing bonus miles to business card holder’s purchases.

It is timely to many business owners in making a choice between a standardize travel with a preferred airline network or look at bargain bookings in websites for a reasonable fares.

With the remarkable new benefits of CitiBusiness AAdvatage cards, the choice would be obvious.

Many of these benefits will get the interest of business owners that travel a lot, and take advantage of rewards that offer great values and savings on their part.

Spend and Earn with CitiBusiness AAdvantage Cards

The same as many airline credit cards, business can earn with CitiBusiness AAdvantage World MasterCards from frequent flyer mile on every dollar they spent.

Since this business card belongs to the network of Thank you Rewards cards, choosing it benefits the company’s travel program and ways of spending.

Look at some of these benefits:

  • Double up miles each time you make payment for an American Airline journey using the credit card. Obtain big return on purchases made using the free employee cards to selected merchant partners including stores of office supplies, telecommunications and car rentals.

CitiBusiness AAdvantage World MasterCards - Rewards

    • CitiBusiness AAdvantage doubles the miles on every acceptable purchase, which turns the payment process of a company as valuable free travel generator.
    • Business owners can take advantage of the waived baggage fees. Normally, American Airlines charges $25 for every checked bag.With the CitiBusiness AAdvantage World MasterCards booking, the first bag is free of charge as well as the first bags of the people traveling with you up to four companions.
    • Spending $30,000 using the business card within a calendar year would earn the card holder an Annual Companion Certificate that allows in bringing a companion on any round-trip flight costing only $150 or even less.
    • New cardholders have a chance in redeeming a 30,000 miles sign-up bonus after spending $1,000 in the first three months using the card.

Maximizing Rewards on CitiBusiness AAdvantage Network

Companies that often travel through cities such as Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami and New York can choose American Airlines as their preferred airline.

American Airlines remains to be a member of the known “one world” airline group that opens valuable opportunities in reward travel with several numbers of partner carriers.

Although American Airlines are a bit expensive comparing with other discount airline, their commitment to business travel with CitiBusiness AAdvantage provides better flexibility in visiting your clients and attending company conferences.

Many speculations in the industry predict the possibilities of American Airlines merging with other legacy airlines such as the US Airways.

Whenever this happened, it is a common knowledge with major airlines that it would take several years for merged airlines in linking their rewards program with their partners.

As for now, if you prefer American Airlines as your airline of choice, the CitiBusiness AAdvantage World MasterCards are the best for your business travel plans, taking advantage of their money-saving perks.