What Makes CitiDividend College PlatinumSelect MasterCards Platinum Cards

If some people envy students owning CitiDividend College PlatinumSelect MasterCards, would you know why?

CitiDividend College PlatinumSelect MasterCards -College Student Card

You may even know of students boasting that their credit cards are platinum cards without knowing why.

Being a platinum card simply means that the cardholder has enrolled into an elite group of cardholders who receive superior and first-class services that are not being offered by regular credit cards.

Citi Dividend Platinum Select credit cards being platinum cards are first and foremost the supreme cards fitting for those students and other people who have outstanding credit history.

Platinum credit cards provide a variety of elite benefits and services to the cardholders that include

  • cash back option,
  • high credit limit,
  • lower interest rates,
  • lower APR,
  • online fraud protection,
  • cash advance facility,


  • insurance packages.

Getting a platinum type credit card is desired by many, but the card is not meant for all.

In order to obtain this type of card, the applicant should be qualified for it.

Platinum Features of CitiDividend College PlatinumSelect MasterCards

Citibank offers CitiDividend College PlatinumSelect MasterCards for college students to help them manage their finances and obtain the capability to purchase goods and services necessary for their studies.

The platinum features of these credit cards that make them the remarkable credit cards for college students include among others:

  • Cash Back

Cardholders can enjoy earning five percent cash back at

  • drugstores,
  • supermarkets,
  • convenience stores,
  • gas stations, and

utilities for the initial six months and earn one percent on the mentioned items after the six months period.

Students may also enjoy earning one percent cash back on their other purchases and at least two percent cash back in rotating categories that coincides in each quarter of their enrollment.

When cardholders shop at the more than 400 retailers on the Citi Bonus Cash Center, they earn a typical rate of five percent cash back without any limit on the cash back that they can earn.

CitiDividend College PlatinumSelect MasterCards - Credit Card Features

  • No Annual Fee

Having the opportunity of not paying annual fees is a big help and savings for students who spend a lot for a college education.

  • Payment Aid

Part of the optional feature is the protection of the account of cardholders against unforeseen loss of revenue with PaymentAid.

Citibank will credit the account of the cardholder with an amount equivalent to the minimum payment due stated in the monthly billing if their revenue is interrupted because of unexpected events.

  • Citi Identity Monitor

With identity theft being rampant nowadays, this optional benefit is a great help to students in protecting their purchases and monitoring their credit standing.

Cardholders are provided with credit report and score, and receive credit monitoring.

  • Co-Signer Not Required

Building a credit history of their own is often the waterloo of college students.

With the feature that co-signers are not required in applying for this type of credit card is a big help for students.

Through these CitiDividend College PlatinumSelect MasterCards, student can now very well build their own credit history and obtain good credit rating.