How Can Students Benefit from CitiDividend College PlatinumSelect VisaCards?

Will college students really benefit from CitiDividend College PlatinumSelect VisaCards?CitiDividend College PlatinumSelect VisaCards - Student Card

Many students are complaining that most of the time, they experience difficulty in building their credit history.

Often, they are denied when applying for credit cards. So, how can they obtain good scores if they do not own any credit cards?

This situation is common, especially to college freshmen.

Without any credit history, they are forced to use debit cards or prepaid credit cards instead of the regular credit cards with great perks and bonuses.

Why CitiDividend College PlatinumSelect VisaCards are Great Cards

CitiDividend College PlatinumSelect VisaCards are rewards cards specifically offered by Citibank for college students.

These credit cards also offer a low APR for those who will qualify.

However, students should be careful not to be trapped into uncontrolled spending when taking advantage of the rewards program.

It is very difficult to bounce back when in deep financial indebtedness.

CitiDividend College PlatinumSelect VisaCards - Credit Card Types

These Citi credit cards are appropriate for college students who want to obtain cash back rewards on their purchases.

In order to be qualified, the applicant should have at least a fair credit score of 660 and above.

With the very generous rewards incentives created particularly for college students indeed make these credit cards great for students.

However, these rewards and other benefits are both a bane and a boon for the students. Why so?

The rewards program can provide savings for students, but at the same time; the same program can cause the students to be heavily indebted.

Unless they are wise in their spending and pay the card balances on time each month, they will be fine.

Outstanding Features of CitiDividend College Platinum Select VisaCards

CitiDividend College PlatinumSelect VisaCards are marvelous cards created for the young students building reputable credit history while earning fantastic cash back rewards.

The initial credit limit for these credit cards is based on the applicants’ credit history.

But, as the cardholders are able to pay off their balances responsibly, their credit limit is increased accordingly.

Contrary to the observation of several credit cards reviewers, the primary aim of the credit cards’ features is to develop students to become financially responsible.

Several of the outstanding features of these credit cards include:CitiDividend College PlatinumSelect VisaCards - Application

    1. Zero Introduction APR

For the initial seven months, all purchases are subject to zero APR.

Cardholders with satisfactory credit history are qualified for this feature.

Seemingly, even if this is a great benefit, not all students can benefit from it because many students don’t have established credit history yet.

    1. Five Percent Introduction Reward Offer

Cardholders are entitled to five percent cash back for the first six months on purchases at gas stations, bookstores, grocery stores, and others.

The cash back is also applicable when paying for utilities and other ordinary monthly expenses.

    1. Limitless Cash Back

There are not limit on the amount of cash back that cardholders can earn every time they shop through the Citi Bonus Cash Center.

    1. Other Features

Cosigners are not required when applying for these credit cards.

There is also no annual fees and many more optional services.

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