Are CitiForward Creditcards for College Students Only for Students?

If you are a college student, having CitiForward Creditcards for College Students is a great advantage.CitiForward Creditcards for College Students - Best for Students

Unlike debit cards, these credit cards can help in establishing a credit history and building a good credit score in due time.

Having a good credit history and good credit score is essential in finding employment after graduating from college.

But, is this type of credit cards only for students? Actually, CitiForward cards are also for non-students.

However, there are some features made especially for college students in CitiForward credit cards for college students such as sending of email to credit card users when they are approaching their credit limit.

The CitiForward credit cards reward you if you pay your bills on time and you are able to stay within your credit limit.

These rewards cards give you points for purchasing, which you can redeem for various rewards.

CitiForward cards are standard Visa cards issued by Citibank for people who are in college.

These credit cards are among the popular student credit cards in the U.S. nowadays.

Why Do Students Prefer CitiForward Creditcards for College Students

What made CitiForward Creditcards for College Students credit cards well-liked by students?

Here are the detailed description and features of these credit cards that make students like them.

    • No Annual Fee.

Many consider paying annual fee as a wasteful expense. With these credit cards, the cardholder and any added cardholder will not the annual fee.

    • No Required Cosigner.

Cosigners are not needed when applying for these credit cards as long as the applicant has very good credit score.

    • 0 Percent Introductory APR on Purchases.

All purchases made within the first seven months are subject to 0 percent introductory APR.After the seven months, variable APR between 13.99 and 22.99 percent will apply depending on the creditworthiness of the cardholder.

CitiForward Creditcards for College Students - Rewards and Bonuses

    • Bountiful Rewards System.

With the bountiful offers, students can have many ways of earning bonus points and obtaining various rewards.Some rewards are earned by spending and others by not going over the credit limit and paying balances on time.

Five Thank You Points are earned for every dollar spent on restaurants, book stores, movie theaters, and video rentals. One Thank You Point is earned for every dollar spent on other purchases.

One thousand bonus points are earned when you sign up for paperless statements during the first three months of opening the credit card account.

How do you redeem the points? You can redeem your points for music, gift cards, cash, electronics and others through the network of Thank You.

    • APR Reduction of Up to Two Percent.

If you are able to responsibly use your credit card, you will be eligible for reductions totaling to two percent APR.

    • Low Interest Rate.

Most students don’t find it difficult to pay off high interest rates and education expense. These credit cards offer lower interest rates to qualified students.

    • Thank You Points Redemption.

The Thank You points you earned can be redeemed for great rewards such as gift certificates to various restaurants and shops, travels, merchandise, movie tickets and many more.

You can also redeem your rewards in cash, check, or as payments for mortgage or student loans.

Monthly 100 Thank You Points. If you are able to pay your bills promptly every month and you don’t go beyond your credit limit, you will earn up to 100 Thank You Points.

Overall, CitiForward Creditcards for College Students are good student cards because they offer great points reward system that can be redeemed for great prizes and the opportunity to lower APR.