Paying off Amex Corp Card but want release of liability.

by John

I left my company of 21 years, a year ago. I had a green Corp Card and when I went to make a final payment, I asked for written statement that I am released of future liablity with the card.

Amex told me that was between me and my company….my company said it was between me and Amex.

Neither would discuss the account with me and as crazy as this seems, the bill has yet to be paid.

I am willing, always have been, but won’t do without a release of future liability. Not sure how to get past this, not helping my credit of course.
Response to Paying off Amex Corp Card but want release of liability.

Dear Reader:

Sorry to hear about your issues with AMEX.

It is rather unfortunate for you that your company and AmEx wouldnt work on coming to terms on this issue.

Whatever you do, be sure of the consequence to you and your report before making any moves.

Otherwise you could waste money, time and still not fix the problem.

Hoping an AmEx rep would shade some more light on how to handle this



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losting of tasawaq visa card

by Ahmed
(najran KSA)

My question is that I have lost my tasawaq visa card 10 days before and then I stopped it permanently and applied for new card and got the new one.

I have some money in old card and I want to transfer the money from old new card or to my alrajhi account.

Please help me how this I can do ?

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Losting of tasawaq visa card
by: Zainab

Dear Ahmed:

Lost at the back of your new Tasawaq card, you will find a customer service number.

Call this number and talk to the staff. Explain your issues to them – that you need to transfer funds from your old card to the new one you just received. If they can not help you, ask to talk to their supervisor.

This should have been automatically done when you applied for a new card – provided you stated it was a replacement for the old lost card.

Let me know how this works out for you.


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