Does Credit Card Fraud Help Really Helps?

Credit Card Fraud Help - Works

Have you experienced requesting for a credit card fraud help and were rejected? Or perhaps, asked for help after you found out that your credit card was being used by someone else and instead of getting any help, you were harassed to pay for a debt you never made?

Credit card scam is widespread and most banks or credit card companies blame the victimized consumers for compromising their credit card or personal details instead of improving their security system or finding non-replicable devices.

Some consumers complain that there are instances where banks will offer only to write-off a portion of the debts that was acquired illegally by fraudsters instead of writing them off entirely. The credit card fraud victim will then be asked to pay for the remaining amount, which often is larger than the amount to be written off.

The worst part of it, sometimes the credit card fraud victims are being harassed to pay for the debt they do not know about instead of being helped in protecting the use of their credit card.

Policies on Credit Card Fraud Vary

People should understand that the credit card fraud help policies of banks and credit card companies vary. When fraud occurs, there are banks or credit card companies that will readily charge-back the purchases, while some will still have to investigate fully and will only release charge-back after the investigation report is finished.

The difference lies on the anti-fraud measures that the bank is adopting and the fraud protection program they implement. Some banks will only refund the amount allowed by the insurance policy covering the credit card and some will refund the full amount.

Getting a refund or charge-back when using a third party to pay for your purchase will also differ. When you buy something and used a third party like PayPal and the goods never came because you were scammed, getting a refund will depend on which credit card you used.

Why is this so? It is because banks and credit card companies have their own credit card fraud help policies and they have different agreement with a third-party payment system company regarding charge-back or refund.

How to Make Credit Card Fraud Help Really Helps

If you want to make credit card fraud help really works for you, you must take some measures and understand some things.

  • If you have a credit card that you haven’t used for a very long time and you think you don’t need it anymore, it is advisable that you cancel it instead of it being used by other people through theft.
  • As much as possible, always check your monthly statement for purchases that you never made and report the same immediately to your credit card issuer for appropriate action. If you report fraud after several months of its occurrence will make it more difficult for the bank or the authorities to work on your complaint.
  • When using a third party to pay for your purchases, make sure that you know and understand fully the policies on credit card fraud help they use. It will also help a lot if you use a credit card that can provide you the most help when it comes to being scammed.