Credit Card Merchant Account Service – Choosing the Best One

Credit card merchant account service is a must for business owners who will be accepting credit cards in their establishment as payment from customers.

However, making the right choice is an overwhelming task. With the many possible choices of service companies today, it is not easy to come out with the best one.

Doing comparison of services and costs is a huge challenge especially for those who are new to card processing.

However, this is the most brilliant way in order to have an intelligent assessment and make an educated choice.

Just recently, a review was made on the best credit card merchant account services. In their review, they break down the pros and cons to make the evaluation objective.

The review declares two leading service companies. Merchant Warehouse and Flagship Merchant Services are considered the top names in merchant account service.

They are the standard-bearers in all the categories used in the evaluation. Both of them offer quick set up time, high approval ratings and excellent customer service.

Accordingly, choosing one over the other with regard to great services is difficult. But the review was able to pick the best by using different categories.

How the two leading merchant services are evaluated?

Credit Card Merchant Account - Choosing the Best OneAverage Approval Rating

In the industry, when they say “approval rating,” it indicates the number of applications that were approved by the company.

The Flagship Services approves 98% of all the account applications that they received. Merchant Warehouse on the other hand, is at 99%.

Cost per Month

The two are weighted heavily in this category. Merchant Warehouse charges lesser fee per month comparing with Flagship Merchant Services.

The deciding factor is on the minimum monthly transaction required by the two service company.

Flagship service requires their merchants to make at least $20 in transaction each month while Merchant Warehouse is at $25.00.

Startup Costs

Both companies are excellent in this category because the two charge zero startup fees.

Account Set up Time

This category is crucial since when a business starts accepting payment through credit card, it has to be fast.

Both Merchant Warehouse and Flagship can set-up the system in a day or less. They hold an exceptional standard in this category.

Internet Based Features

More retailers today are doing business online, and a reliable internet service connection is absolutely necessary.

The online feature of a credit card merchant account service is the payment gateway.

Flagship has a single gateway option, and Merchant Warehouse offers multitude payment gateways.

Merchant Account tools

This category deals with the variety and reliable hardware such as POS, card swiper, and PIN pads.

Customer Service

The standard is 24-hours customer service a day and both of them deliver this.

The review came into conclusion that Flagship Merchant Services take the top spot.

It was a close contest and it is the opinion of the reviewers that either company would provide great services.

If you are paying attention as a merchant, the review should serve as an example of how you should handle your assessment in order to make an excellent choice for your own credit card merchant account service.