The Goodness of Samba Good Creditcards

With Samba Good Creditcards, you can easily shop and make cash withdrawals wherever in the Kingdom or outside.

Samba Good Creditcards - Good Spending

The good thing is you can conveniently pay the amount following the manner that is consistent with Islamic Shari’a provisions.

Moreover, the card can be used to pay basic utilities including phone bill, electric bill, mobile phone bill and even school fees.

In general, Samba credit cards including the Good credit cards are packed with essential features that greatly benefit their users both in the Kingdom and around the world.

Most Common Features of
Samba Credit Cards

The features of Samba Good Creditcards are those that are most common to Samba credit cards.

Convenient Payment Options. With Samba credit card, users can make purchases and pay for them only at 5-percent of the monthly account balance.

Withdrawing Cash. Cardholders have an access to instant cash withdrawal according to their cash advance limit. They can do this at local ATMs and Samba branches. If they are outside the Kingdom, withdrawals can be made from many participating ATMs, and other financial institutions around the globe.

Worldwide Acceptance. Samba credit cards are highly accepted in stores and business establishments worldwide. Therefore, using the card during travels is never a concern.

Bills Payment. Card members can pay their utility bills conveniently and free from extra charges. These bills include water, electricity, mobile, school fees and others. Cardholders can access payment through SambaPhone number 800 124 2000 or at Good Creditcards - Samba Cards Features

Taqseet (Instalments). This system facilitate cash advances or purchases using Samba Good creditcards and have an option to pay them in extended monthly installments.

Dial-A-Draft. Pay aside from Samba credit cards by calling SambaPhone and request for a draft, which will be issued in the name of the company you wish to pay.

Bonanza Program. Cardholders can take every opportunity to obtain continuous offers of special deals and privileges available at the finest shops in Saudi Arabia and abroad.

Supplementary Cards. You can take the advantage of getting four more supplementary cards for the other members of the family free.

Low limit Card. This card is offered by Samba as back-up card and works just as the primary card.

Card Replacement. Get immediate replacement of your credit cards should they be lost or stolen.

Payment Convenience. Samba credit cards provide several methods of payment to cardholders for easy settlement of their monthly billings.

Samba Good Creditcards
and Shari’a

Accordingly, when paying for Samba Good credit cards account, the payment should be in compliance with Islamic Shari’a.

Shari’a most commonly means Islamic law, it is the system of religious law that is still in forced today among the fundamentalist.

Shari’a undertakes to define human acts as detailed as possible and divide them as permitted and prohibited.

These acts are further subdivided into diverse level of good or evil like obligatory, neutral, recommended, forbidden or objectionable.

Samba Good Creditcards - Shariah Compliance

Such broad guide of rules tend to regulate all matters concerning devotional life, ritual purity, worship, criminal offenses, personal conduct and commerce, the latter being related to making payments among others.

Accordingly, Islamic Shariah law imposed particular restrictions related to finance and investments in the Muslim community.

The most significant effects among these restrictions are applied to usury (riba) or payment of excessive interest and impermissible (haraam) investments.

The idea of interest payments as it was applied in traditional banking is impermissible according to Shariah law. Payment of interest is considered usury, which is therefore, unjust.

The basis of Islamic finance is on the ownership of assets and sharing of risk. These concepts greatly distinguished Islamic finance principle from that of Western finance that is mostly based on the principle of debt, interest and risk transfer.

Incidentally, payments of account with Samba Good creditcards are in compliance with Islamic Shariah.

Why Is Secured Credit Card Best For Building Credit?

Secured Credit Card - Your aid in building credit historyApplying for a secured credit card is often the last resort for people without credit history or bad credit report. When you browse on the internet about how to build credit, you will definitely read articles and financial advice stating that secured cards are one of the best options.

Why is it so? What are secured credit cards? Actually, these cards are similar to other regular credit cards, but with only one difference.

When you apply for a secured card, you need to deposit money that will serve as your collateral. The amount that you will deposit is dependent on the type of secured card you choose. The amount usually ranges from a hundred to five hundred dollars.

The amount of money you deposit is also equivalent to your credit limit. In other words, if you deposited five hundred dollars, your credit limit is five hundred dollars.

People Who Need Secured Credit Card

Secured Credit Card - For people with no creditWho are the people who need secured credit card? Generally, there are two major groups of people who seek these types of cards.

The first group is composed of people that have no established credit card history. Often, people without any established credit histories such as students and other first time users are being denied when they applied for unsecured credit cards. So, a secured card will work better for them.

The second group consists of people who need to re-establish good credit rating. Usually, people with bad credit are having difficulty obtaining approval for unsecured credit cards, so they use secured cards to regain good credit score.

How Can a Secured Credit Card Build Credit?

Whether you accept it or not, in our present economic society it is crucial that you own a credit card. People with clean and established credit have no problem of being approved.

What about others that don’t have credit history? Well, a secured credit card is what they need. How can secured cards help?

As mentioned earlier, secured cards function just like any regular credit cards. These cards can be utilized to purchase goods and services, and reserve for hotels, car rentals, and airline tickets.

When you use these cards, you have to make payments monthly. Then, your payment record is reported to the different credit bureaus just like other regular credit cards.

With your payments being reported to the credit bureaus, you are able to establish your credit history that will eventually help you qualify for an unsecured credit card, bank loans, and mortgages.

However, in order to make secured cards effective in building your credit history, you must make your monthly payments on time and never miss even one payment.

How to Choose and Apply for the Best Secured Credit Card

Secured Credit Card - Choose the best for youApplying for a secured credit card is actually not a problem because there are numerous banks that offer these cards. All you need to prepare is the cash for deposit that you will use as collateral.

Take note that not all secured card offers are the same. So, you must carefully read the fine print to find out if the card is the best for you.When checking the details for the secured card, here are some points that you should consider:

  • Look at the annual percentage rate. Is the APR of the card the lowest that you can obtain? This is important if in case you will encounter problems with your monthly payments.
  • Does the card have an annual fee? The annual fee is what you pay the card issuer for using their secured credit card. The lower the fee is of course better, but having no fee is the best.
  • Check the length of the grace period provided in the terms and conditions. The longer the grace period is better for you. The grace period is the amount of time you have to update your current balance in full in order not to incur interest charges.

If everything is checked and you have made your choice for the best secured card that suits your needs, then you are more than ready to get your secured credit card and start building a good credit history.




Things to Do to Get Lowest Rate Credit Card

With the present economy still unstable, most people are depending on lowest rate credit card to get by.

Therefore, it is crucial that you get the lowest rate credit card before you even start charging your purchases to augment your finances.

Another way how getting the lowest rate will help you is when you are trapped in a very tight credit card debt situation.

Consolidating all your debts into one single card with the lowest rate is a better way of eradicating debts.

A balance transfer is also favorable if the balances are going to be transferred to the lowest rate credit card.

Things to Do to Ensure Lowest Rate

Lowest Rate Credit Card - Your aid in time of crisis To ensure that you get the lowest rate credit card, there are several things that you must do that include:

  • Improve Credit ScoreNot all interest rates that are advertised are the rates that you can get for a credit card.

    Sometimes, applicants can have different rates depending on their credit score.

    Therefore, if you want to get the lowest rate, you should have a good credit score.

    If have been consistent in having good credit score before your credit card debt mess, there is a strong possibility that you will be given the lowest rate applicable to your situation.

  • Good Payment HistoryYour credit score is also dependent on how you handle your payments.

    If you always pay your credit card bills on time and in full, you will likely get the lowest rate.

    But, if are always delayed and you only pay the minimum amount, the bank will not be willing to give you the lowest rate.

    Why? Because the bank will consider you as a bad debtor and even if they will give you the lowest rate, it is possible that you still cannot pay on time.

  • Do Your ResearchEven if you have a good credit score and always pay your balances in full every month, but you are not able to find the lowest rate credit card; you will not end up with the lowest rate.

    In order to get the lowest rate, it is vital that you do

    your research.

    Go online and visit different websites that offer lowest rate credit card and compare the offers.

    Do not only focus on major cards, but try to check out small companies.

    Sometimes, smaller companies may offer the lowest possible rates.

    If you scrutinize carefully and fully each offer, you are sure to find the lowest rate credit cards that you can be qualified to apply for.

    Benefits of Lowest Rate Credit Card

    Lowest Rate Credit Card - Enjoy the benefits of low ratesWhen choosing the lowest rate credit card, there are some features to consider to maximizing the benefit you can get from having the lowest rate.

    Aside from getting the lowest rate, if the card also has a rewards program; it is much better.

    You can enjoy both lowest rate and earning points for rewards.

    Check also if the annual fee is waived.

    Take note that often, low interest rate or zero interest rate are only offered as introductory rates that would last for only about six months.

    If you are planning to incur huge purchases, do it during the introductory period and pay off everything before the period ends.

    Lowest rate credits card is beneficial and help you with your finances if used properly and efficiently.




More Tips To Obtain Lowest Credit Card Offer

Lowest Credit Card Offer - How to get the lowest offerAre you frustrated with not obtaining the lowest credit card offer?

Yes, this could be difficult because most of the time, we are enticed by so many offers that we become overwhelmed and cannot think logically which offer to take.

When you check your mail, you can still see several offers from different credit card companies.

Even some credit card issuers are becoming more cautious in approving applications due to our unstable economy and fraud, they still give out certain credit card offers to maintain their business and keep up with competition.

This is good for us, as we are able to take advantage of the many promotions and deals that these cards companies offer.

Now, why most people, like us want the lowest rate offer?

Why Consumers Need The Lowest Credit Card Offer?

Why do consumers, like you, need the lowest credit card offer?

There is only one reason I know, and that is to have savings.

With the difficult economic situation that most families experience nowadays, any kind of savings is a tremendous help.

Credit cards are tools that provide convenience by allowing you to pay for goods and services without outright taking cash from your wallet.

However, there is a danger with this convenience.

Often, cardholders go beyond their capacity and purchase things that they are not able to pay when the bill comes.

Sometimes, they cannot even pay the minimum amount.

Continuing with this practice will lead most families to bankruptcy.

If this happens, the low credit card rate offer did not help the cardholder.

How To Obtain the Lowest Credit Card Offer

Lowest Credit Card Offer - Provides savings for cardholdersGenerally, there are two ways that I consider for obtaining the lowest credit card offer.

To get the most advantage, you can use both ways.

The main requirement in getting the best deal is to have a good or excellent credit score.

If your credit history is worthy, it is much easier to get favors.

  • Credit Cards with Promos and Special DealsDue to excessive debts, most consumers are turning away from using credit cards.Because of this, many credit card issuers are doing everything just to attract new customers.Credit companies and banks do this by giving out promotions and credit card deals.The kind of promo or deal that you will take will depend on your purpose and how you do your finances.

    If used properly, these cards can provide you savings.

    If you prefer cash, you can get cash back credit cards and if you prefer earning points for flight ticket or hotel stay, then you can get the travel rewards credit cards.

    If you are into big purchases and you want to save on charges, you can get a low or zero APR credit cards.

    The only downside for these types of credit cards is that it has time limit.

    Most especially, if you are thinking of getting the low or zero APR credit cards that are offered only for introductory period of twelve months, the most.

  • Regular Rate Credit CardsDo you know that you can obtain savings not only from promotional credit cards, but with regular rate credit cards, as well?Yes, you can have savings from regular rate credit cards.How to do it? Before you apply for a credit card, search online for websites that compare rates of different credit card companies.Minus all the promos and incentives, look for the credit card with the lowest regular rate.

    This way, even if you only pay the minimum each month, the interest will still be the lowest in the market.

    You can also get the lowest interest rate by negotiating with your credit card company.

    However, before you request for a lower rate; make sure that you have a high credit score and your payment history is excellent in order to get a positive response.



Are Low Rate Credit Cards Helpful?

Low Rate Credit Cards - Credit cards for debt reliefA number of companies now offer low rate credit cards, but most of these cards don’t come with any rewards program.

If you have built up hefty debt on your credit card, you may consider transferring your balance to any of these cards.

But, you have to make sure that you completely understand what is being offered; some of these cards are misleading.

Usually, low rate credit cards are offered for the first six months and then it returns to a regular rate.

These types of cards may offer you debt relief for a short period of time, but you must understand all the provisions that are affixed to them.

If the low rate is offered for six months, make sure that you know at what rate you will be paying after that period is over.

It might be more than what you are paying with your current credit card.

If you are interested or really need to transfer to a low rate card, the following guidelines may help:

  • Determine the rate of interest that will be charged when the low rate period ends.You wouldn’t want to end up with an interest rate that is higher than what you are currently having.
  • Find out the rate of interest that will be charged for additional purchases.This will prevent unnecessary purchases.
  • Know exactly how the repayments are calculated. Are the repayments applied first to the balance transfer?
  • Make sure that you find out all the fees that are included in order to determine if you are getting a good deal.
  • After transferring your credit card balance, to a new low rate credit card, make sure that you cancel the old card in order for you not to be tempted to accumulate debt on it again.
  • If you can afford, pay more than the minimum repayments in order to be out of debt sooner.
  • If your purpose of transferring your balance onto a low rate credit card is to provide you some short-term relief, you need to consider frugal spending.

Are Low Rate Credit Cards the Best for You?

Low Rate Credit Cards - Best for large purchases and balance transfer How do you use your credit card?

Do you pay your credit card bill in full and on time?

Or you are always delayed in your payments?

If you do not pay your credit card balance in full or pay late, you will be paying interest.

Interest rate could add up over time and if you are not paying your balances properly, you will end up in huge debt.

Therefore, if you are paying a high interest credit card and have accumulated enormous debt, switching to low rate credit cards will provide you with a short period relief to get on top of your credit.

The key to maximize the advantage of low rate credit cards is to pay your account in full on or before the due date.

When Should You Apply For Low Rate Credit Cards?

Low Rate Credit Cards - Take advantage of reduced ratesIf you read the terms and conditions of most credit cards, you will notice that low rate cards are being offered by credit card companies for introductory period only.

Often the introductory period lasts not more than six months.

Therefore, if you need to transfer your credit card debt from high interest bearing card or you need to make large purchases; it is the best time for you to apply for low rate credit cards.

However, before you apply and take advantage of reduced rates, make sure that you read the fine prints carefully and remember that the low rates do not last forever.




Important Things You Must Know About Low Interest Rate Credit Cards

Low Interest Rate Credit Cards- Why having low interest rate important?Have you ever wondered if low interest rate credit cards do not exist? I don’t know about you, but for me; I think it would be a disaster.

Why? It is because most people will end up with hundreds and thousands of dollars more on their credit card balances.

And where would that lead to?

For sure, it will lead to bankruptcy. Let us face it, even how careful and frugal you are in handling your personal finances, unexpected events or expenses may always occur that will force you to miss a credit card monthly payment.

And if that happens, a high interest rate on your credit card will make it even more difficult for you to catch up with your payments.

Therefore, it is essential that you learn the importance of low interest rate credit cards and how to obtain them.

Why are Low Interest Rate Credit Cards Important?

Low Interest Rate Credit Cards - What consumers should consider First of all, you must understand that the rate of interest on your credit cards affect the amount you have to pay in finance charges if you carry a balance. High interest rates will give you high finance charges.

So, here are some reasons why low interest rate credit cards are important.

  • Lower Finance ChargesMany credit cardholders do not realize that when they use their credit cards for purchasing goods and services, they have to pay interest on their purchases. Most people complain that they incur more credit card debts when they use their credit cards due to interests.But, actually most credit card users do not understand how interest rates and credit cards really work. The first important thing that you must know is that if you will carry balances on your credit cards, it is beneficial for you to take credit cards with lower interest rate. It is because, the lower the interest, the lower the finance charges will be.
  • Easy Pay OffYou may not notice, but in the long run, low interest rate credit cards are easier to pay off. As mentioned earlier, the lower the rate, the lower your finance charges will be when you carry balance on your credit card.Therefore, in effect, the added amount is more manageable than when the interest rate is higher. It would be easier for you to pay off your debt because the total amount wouldn’t be that big.
  • More Opportunity for SavingsOwning low interest rate credit cards give you more opportunity for savings. How? Let us take this comparison: suppose your interest rate is 10% and the interest rate for your brother is 20%. If both of you will hold a balance of $5,000 for the whole year; you are going to pay $500 and your brother $1,000 in interest. The difference is $500 that you can save from paying lower interest.So, if saving money is a priority for you, it is important that you find credit cards with low interest rate.

How to Find Low Interest Rate Credit Cards?

Low Interest Rate Credit Cards - How to find the lowest rate?The best way to find low interest rate credit cards is by doing an online comparative analysis. There are numerous websites that allow people to compare offers and interest rates on credit cards.

Look for the lowest rate that you can obtain. Then, determine the other benefits that are attached with the offer that will suit your needs.

The only downside of low interest rate credit cards is that you cannot have many other perks such as cash backs and rewards to go with them.

But, these credit cards often come with no annual fee and rates between seven and ten percent. Credit cards with low interest rate are also great if you intend to carry a balance.




Interest Free Credit Card – Great deal to Save Money

How can an interest free credit card save you some money?

When owning a credit card, there are times that we spent more than what we should.

At this point, many will be thinking of the best way to settle the accumulated debt in a more favorable manner.

An analysis was conducted recently by a comparison site that reveals you can actually save great amount of money by simply moving the balances of your credit cards to the zero-percent credit card deal.

How do you go about the Interest free Credit Card deal?

Interest Free Credit Card - Great deal to Save MoneyIf you already reach the point that you cannot afford paying your card debt in one settlement, then your best option is to move the balance through balance transfer credit card.

Here is how to do it, assuming your credit card have $3,000 debt balance, all you need to do is move or transfer the balance to interest free credit card.

What will happen is that you will be paying $125 every month for twenty-four months without any interest.

This is far better deal than keeping the debt balance under your existing credit card that has an average interest rate of 18.40% APR.

With the existing credit card, you will be paying an approximate amount of $702 extra over the period of twenty-four months over and above the $125 monthly payment.

With the above illustration, you can see that hundreds of dollars can be saved in interest if you chose to move the debt balance to an interest free credit card.

In addition, you can actually compare the latest card offers using website’s price comparison.

Additional Information on the Zero-percent Credit Card deal

In order to ensure that you are able to take advantage of the zero-interest period, you have to provide a budget accordingly.

Meaning, if your debt balance is $2,500, and you adopt the interest free credit card for twenty-four months, you have to prepare paying $105 per month religiously to make sure that the interest free period will not expire.

Another thing to remember, when you decided to take advantage of the long-term balance transfer card, you should not miss a single payment.

The moment that you missed out payment, you are going to lose the promotional deal.

In order to ensure that your payment will always be on time, it is a brilliant idea to put up a direct payment arrangement.

However, by any chance you are not capable of paying the monthly payment religiously over the promotion period; it is more advantageous to opt for a personal loan instead.

Just remember also that you can choose the best deal by using comparison sites.

With the personal loan, you can fix the repayment of your loan over a longer period. It can be that you can have a lesser monthly payment, but you are exposed of paying back a higher amount because of the interest.

So, it is great news for you to have an option of transferring your credit card debt to interest free credit card, in order to save money.



Are Instant Credit Cards for You to Apply?

Instant Credit Cards - Online Application

Instant Credit Cards

Instant credit cards are popular to consumers nowadays.

In our society where instant commodities abound, these cards are gaining a good acceptance.

Several companies offer online credit card applications that can provide an immediate response in less than a minute.

However, it is crucial to understand that neither account number nor information of credit limit is provided at this time.

Whenever approved, it would take some five to fifteen days waiting time before the plastic card will actually arrive in the mail.

Things to Check when Applying for Instant Credit

When applying for instant card, you need to consider some essential details to make sure that you are making the right decision.

  1. Inquire whether the card has an annual fee. Most credit card companies are offering cards with no annual fee. They even provide for low APR applicable for a certain period. You are making good savings if a credit card has no annual fee.
  2. If you have been applying for credit cards with many card companies lately, there would be several inquiries already made to your credit score. This may affect your approval for an instant card.
  3. Your current income is an essential factor for card approval. Other than the credit score, this information is immediately available for credit card companies, and your application can be easily declined if your income is not good enough.

What are the available Instant Card Credits?

Instant Cards - Credit Card Offers

Credit Card Offers

Several cards are categorized as an instant credit card and are offered to meet the needs of consumers under different conditions.

Credit Card for People with Bad Credit

This type of card is for individuals that are not qualified for regular cards due to bad credit history.

Most credit card for people with bad credit are unsecured. Meaning, the prospective cardholder need not to present any collateral in order to have the card. However, it will have a higher interest rate.

If you have a bad credit, one of the essential benefits of having instant credit cards is the opportunity to improve credit score.

Credit Cards for Students

Student credit card is designed particularly for students in high school or college. This card has great features that aim to help the students to their financial needs while studying.

Student credit card is also the most convenient way for parents to transfers money for their children and ensures the responsible management of expenses at the same time.

When applying for credit card, parents and students should be able to verify the basic details such as APR and other related fees. They can also compare credit card offers for rewards and other benefits.

Credit Cards for Business

Approval for instant credit cards for businesses would take less than 24 hours. This provides business owners the convenience of using the card almost immediately to pay bills or make purchases.

Most card companies offer credit cards to businesses with cash rebates, big discounts, and promotional repayments. Businesses are encouraged to utilize their cards in order to receive more benefits and incentives.

Instant credit cards for business are also available in stores where companies usually purchase their supplies, materials and business equipment. This is not only helpful for immediate use, but it is a big help for businesses with limited capital.


Instant Credit Card Approval – What does it implies?


Instant Approval Credit Cards

Are you having thoughts about what instant credit card approval really means?

Does it imply being approved of a credit card right on the dot?

This type of credit card provides the applicant with an instant reply whether he is approved or not.

There would be no information on the credit limit or the credit card account number yet.

What your instant credit card gives you is a conditional approval to satisfy you while the issuer is working on the your full credit reports.

The card issuers also refer this process as instant decision, but it is not a ticket for an immediate gratification of your hope to use the credit card right away.

Normally, it would take some five to fifteen days before your new plastic card will actually arrive in your mail.

Upon receipt of your card, there would be a sort of identity validation for the purposes of protecting the bank and you from identity theft.

This involves calling from the listed home phone in the application information as well as verification of the cardholder’s last four digits of the Social Security number.

Major credit card companies offer instant credit accounts in order to encourage consumers in making big purchases.

They provide this type of card with extra incentives to avail certain percentage off from the initial purchase.

Points of Consideration for Instant Credit Card Approval

Instant Credit Card Approval - Points of Consideration for Instant Credit Card Approval

instant online approval credit cards – A summary of the various ways …

If you are interested in getting an instant credit card approval, there are some things to put into consideration in order to assess whether you are making the right decision or not.

On Credit Card Fees

You may want to Inquire immediately if there is an annual fee imposed to the credit card. If the answer is “yes” there is, then consider dropping the application.

There are many other available credit cards out there that have no annual fee and yet provide superior rewards and competitive APR rates.

Current Credit Score Condition

Before you even consider to apply for an instant credit card approval, you have to know the condition of your credit score.

Most of card issuers are basing their assessment on FICO score.

If your credit score is not at its best, then you have to hold your horses on trying to apply for instant credit card.

Take note that frequent inquiries for credit degrade the credit score.

The Annual Income

One decisive factor of credit card issuer in giving instant approval is your annual income. If your annual income will not be able to justify having a credit card, chances are you will be denied.

When you finally decided to get an instant credit card approval, you can utilize online application for faster facilitation.

Either way, you can also apply through telephone lines. Other credit card companies can even facilitate the application immediately if you will fax to them your application.

Applying for instant credit card approval is far better than waiting for several weeks just to know whether you will be approved for a credit card or not. It saves you from unnecessary worries and anticipations.


Are You Interested in Getting Instant Approval Credit Cards?

Instant Approval Credit Cards - Is it the right card for you?

Instant Approval Credit Cards

Before you consider any of the instant approval credit cards, understand first how these cards work and what will it benefit you if you own these cards.

These types of credit cards are offered because some consumers need to get a credit card urgently.

You may immediately need to make an online purchase or reserve a hotel room.

Instant approval card is your help in quickly obtaining the credit you need.

The approval of these credit cards is based only on the summary of your credit report score.

The said score is quickly obtainable by keying identifying information.

For example, a social security number if you are an individual, or any corporate information for a business entity.

You are instantly approved if your score is good or excellent, but you will be instantly denied if your credit score does not meet the credit cards issuer’s set guidelines.

If in case your score is at the borderline, your application will be subjected to a review and the process for approval would be based in the traditional method.

This means, your application will be reviewed, which will take a few days and the decision e-mailed or mailed out to you.

Limitations of Instant Approval Credit Cards

Instant Approval Credit Cards - Is Instant really instant?

Instant Approval Credit Cards

It is more often that you read the benefits of instant approval credit cards.

But, knowing its limitations is more helpful for you to have a better evaluation if these cards will benefit you.

    • Instant is not Really Instant

If you have a good or excellent credit score, you are instantly approved.But, you may not instantly make any purchase using your card because the actual plastic credit card will still have to be delivered to you, which commonly takes about three to four weeks.

However, prior to receiving the actual card, you may be able to make online purchases provided you have an account number assigned to you and you are allowed to activate and set up your account online.

    • Minimal Credit Limit

Commonly, you will only be instantly approved for a minimum credit line using the instant approval application method.Only after you have established a good payment history will the credit card company provide you with additional credit.

You may also be given a higher credit limit if you can provide them additional information to justify your credit worthiness.

    • One Card for One Account

If you intend to have additional cards on your account for your spouse or child, this type of card is not the appropriate one because instant approval credit card normally means only one card.You will only be allowed to order additional cards on your account for other users after you have established your account.

How to Use Instant Approval Credit Cards to your Advantage?

Instant Approval Credit Cards - Maintain a good credit score

Instant Approval Credit Cards

Like using any credit card, with instant approval credit cards, it is crucial that you always stay within your credit limit.

Actually, it would be better if you can make your purchases at a minimal level.

Paying on time is very important.

In fact, you must see to it that you have the available cash on the due date before charging any purchase to your instant approval account.

If you are able to maintain a good credit using your instant approval credit cards, you have more chances of getting better deals from the credit card company.