GoPayment Credit Card Reader Redesigned

Credit Card Reader - GoPayment Credit Card Reader Redesigned

The GoPayment Credit Card Reader has undergone redesigning by its maker Intuit.

The device is very useful for small businesses and those who push their products on the go.

In today’s business transactions, most sales processes are either made online or mobile.

This means that lesser processing was made utilizing hard copy such as purchase orders, invoices, or receipts.

It becomes more favorable to small business owners to be flexible in their marketing efforts.

The same is true with consumers who are benefited with faster service and accurate transactions.

This is the reason for designers and manufacturers in creating devices that do not require cables or expensive equipment to run and maintain.

What exactly is GoPayment and its Improvements

Credit Card Reader - GoPayment ImprovementAbout GoPayment

GoPayment is described as a compact, cylindrical device that can be connected o the audio jack of any mobile phone units or tablets.

The fact that it is mobile is a plus factor for businesses. When handling their operations, they are not only limited in the confines of their offices.


GoPayment is now improved with a silicon sleeve for good fitting on mobile devices. This helps in keeping the reader steady and avoids spinning or moving when card is swiped.

The new design positioned the reading slot at an angle to make it longer and leveled.

GoPayment credit card reader is expected to read cards accurately with the current improvement made.

What Benefits GoPayment Card Reader has to Offer?

Credit Card Reader - BenefitsAccordingly, Intuit redesigned the device based on the customer’s feedbacks, which include expectations for an easy to use credit card reader for payments wherever they are located.

This is the very reason why mobile devices are popular in today’s business transactions whether it will be delivery of goods or performance of services.

The basic benefit of this device is to make sure that the users will never miss a sale by processing the data on the go.

This makes this device an ideal credit card reader for many mobile retailers and service providers such as photographers, caterers, landscapers, hair stylists and many others.

This card reader runs with the corresponding GoPayment app in order to assist the users in maximizing their sales.

Users can accurately and quickly swipe a credit card or a debit card rather than inputting the data manually.

With the new design, the device increases accuracy of every swiped card, and the end-to-end encryption protects customer’s card data.

Customers can expect improved security by making a request in approving transactions or receiving receipts that shows the locality where the purchase has taken place.

Additionally, it is affordable and has a free card reader and app. What can be a better deal than utilizing a system with its corresponding device free?

With all of these benefits, the small business owners will only pay a certain fee every time they accept a credit card and swipe it to process a transaction.

The redesigned GoPayment credit card reader will go a long way in providing quick processing of payments as well as simple and easy flow of business