Chase’s JP Morgan Select Card for your Exceptional Requirements

JP Morgan Select Card is one of the high-end credit cards from Chase under the J.P. Morgan brand. Being such, you would likely think that this card is very expensive and difficult to obtain.

On the contrary, the requirements for applying with this credit card are not different from regular applications.

You will most likely be approved if you have above-average income and excellent credit history.

For your exceptional requirements, this credit card is the best choice because of its exceptional features. Are you wondering what makes this card your best choice?

Before we discuss the many great features and benefits of this card, let us first learn what type of a credit card JP Morgan Select card is that makes it exceptional.

Actually, JP Morgan Select Card falls under three types of credit cards that include:

JP Morgan Select Card - Credit Card

Travel Credit Cards – Travel credit cards or travel rewards credit cards are good for saving certain amount for your travel or vacation by rewarding cardholders like you in points, miles, or cash for each dollar that they spend on specific and everyday expenses.

This type of credit cards are loaded with amazing travel perks like access to VIP lounges at airports, free check-in for your first bag, travel insurance and many more.

Airline Credit Cards – Airline credit cards provide the opportunity to earn airline points or airline miles that you can use in obtaining airfare tickets.

Sometimes, you can even get free tickets as part of the many airline perks that are offered with the credit cards.

No-Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Card – Do you know that almost all credit cards are being assessed for a foreign transaction fee for each purchase made when traveling abroad?

This means that foreign transaction fees can add up to the cost of your purchases. Therefore, a credit card without any foreign transaction fees will provide you more savings and lower your purchase cost.

The Many Benefits of J.P. Morgan Select card

As mentioned earlier, JP Morgan Select card has many exceptional features and benefits that make it ideal for a person who travels frequently or wants to go on vacation with family.

Among the many benefits and features of JP Morgan Select Card are:

No Foreign Transaction Fees

Again, as mentioned earlier, with an annual fee of ninety five dollars; you get the benefit of not paying any foreign transaction fee for your purchases when you travel abroad.

Other credit cards with this feature will definitely charge you more than ninety five dollars in annual fee and getting approved will be very difficult.

JP Morgan Select Card - Features

Earning Points

You can earn double or times two points for each dollar that you spend on airlines, hotels, and car rentals. For each dollar that you spend on your other regular purchase, you can earn single or one point.

No Over-the-Limit or Late Fees

Isn’t it beneficial that you do not pay any fee when you go over the limit or become late in your payments? Not all high-end credit cards have this feature.

Bonus Points

If you are able to spend one hundred thousand dollars or more annually, you will earn bonus points worth twenty five thousand points.

You have no limitation to how many points you can earn and your earned points will not expire as long as your credit card is active and not in default.

Smart Chip and Signature System

Your international travel is made more convenient with the use of Smart and Signature technology. With this credit card, you can travel anywhere in the world and use the card for purchases.

JP Morgan Select Card carries a lot more benefits with very few disadvantages. But if you travel a lot this card is good for you, especially with the accident or emergency sickness coverage, delay and trip cancellation insurance, delay or lost baggage coverage, emergency evacuation or repatriation coverage, and car rental insurance that it carries.