How a student can use a student Credit Card to Build a good credit history

Student credit card – College or high school students have to meet one of three requirements in order to able to apply and receive a credit card per the new laws regarding giving credit to those under age 21.

Capital One student Credit Card

One of the ways they a student can obtain a credit card is if they are 21 when they apply. If a student is under age 21 then they must provide proof of income or apply with a credit worthy co-signer who is age 21 or older. This is how to obtain high school student credit cards, use a co-signer.

Below are some of the ways a student can use student credit cards to build their credit history. Students who do no have credit cards should consider one of these options so they can begin to build the credit history they will need for purchases they may want to make after college.

Obtaining Student Credit Cards

If you are a student and looking to obtain your first credit card then you will want to seek out student credit cards to apply for.

Low APR Student Credit Cards

These cards generally offer many benefits which are not available to older credit card holders.

Some of these benefits include giving credit card cash back or other credit card rewards for purchases commonly made by students.

Look for the best student credit cards which may even offer larger cash back rewards for commonly made student purchases over other purchases made on the credit card.

One card offering such credit card cash back benefits to students is the line of Capital One Student cards.

Capital One Student cards.

Some of Capital One Student cards offerS include

  • 2% back purchases such as food, entertainment, and textbooks with
  • 1% cash back on all other purchases.

Also check the series of chase student credit cards with all its featured reward program.


What to Do Once You Get a Credit Cards For College Students

  • When to start using your new credit card?

After you receive a credit card then you will want to begin using it wisely from the start in order to establish a positive credit history. One thing you should keep in mind is that student credit cards are listed the same and has the same credit reporting power as any other credit card.

This means all of the same rules apply to a student cards as another listed on credit reports. One of these rules is that in order to obtain and maintain a high credit score you need to not carry a balance of more than 50% of the cards credit limit.

Zero 0 APR credit card student

  • How you use your credit card and make your payments?

Another thing to keep in mind is how you use your card credit student and make your payments. For students it is a good idea to only purchase items which were going to be purchased with cash in hand.

The cash in hand which was going to be used to buy the items should be used to make the payments on the credit card and not for something else.

The reason for this practice is to prevent you from getting into overwhelming debt by making purchases beyond your means.

The other reason is that credit cards which are reported to credit bureaus as carrying only a 50% or less balance, monthly activity and punctual payments help to boost a credit score.

Best student credit cards
Spending and paying off cards using this method should achieve all of these goals and avoid student credit card debt.

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Union Plus Credit Cards – The Right Card for the Right People

Union Plus Credit Cards - Card  of the Union

Union Plus Credit Card Rewards Services.

Union Plus credit cards are consumer friendly cards that offer great benefits for union members together with their families.

Being union member, if you are interested in having a credit card, it is beneficial to check over more than what the big card companies have to offer.


According to a study, among the twelve biggest credit card issuing companies and twelve biggest issuers of credit union card, the latter has better consumer-friendly offers.

Union Plus credit cards claim to provide valuable goods and services available for their card members.

However, prospective members of this card must be certain that the Union Plus card is really the card for them by checking on some details.

Union Plus Credit Card Services
What is all About Union Plus Credit Cards?

  • Union Plus Cards – Card Membership

The Union Plus cards are owned by the members.

It works as a non-profit organization with a goal of giving valuable services to members.

The Union Card accepts application for home loans, car loans, credit cards and others.

It has wide range of terms concerning cash advance, overlimit, and late payment fees.

  • Union Plus Cards – Applicant’s Second Chances

What is more convenient for applicants than having a chance to seek for reconsideration?

When your application with the Union Plus card is turned down, you can actually ask to look at your application once again.

Most credit unions have committees composed of members and employees that can look over the declined application. All it requires is a letter containing your request.

The committee takes into consideration the applicant’s income and expenditures, credit history, as well as your intention in applying.

They may even ask the applicant to attend seminars for personal finance courses in order to educate them.

  • Union Plus Cards – Help in Times of Needs

Union Plus credit cards provide excellent customer service by attending to the needs of their members especially during financial difficulties.

They extend loan and credit card term modifications in order to assist members who want to improve their financial situations.

  • Union Plus Cards – Accessibility

Although it is a fact that Union Plus card have few branches, they are linked with the network that is affiliated with thousands of Automated Teller Machine across the U.S. and other countries.

Union Plus Credit Card Rewards
Benefits of Union Plus Credit Cards

Union Plus Credit Cards - Members Benifits

Union Plus Credit Card Rewards

The Union plus card offers benefits to its members that they deserve.

  • The card members have assurance of available help to resolve concerns and problems.
  • The card has competitive rates and do not have penalty rates on the balances of members who miss payments or gone overlimit.
  • The members are eligible to apply for Job Loss Grants, Disability Grants, Hospital Care Grants, Furlough Grants, Strike Grants, Disaster Grants, and Union Plus Scholarship.
  • Whenever needed, the members are given free counseling on credit and budgeting, as well as counseling for bankruptcy and debt management plans that are all free of charge.

Union Plus card credit technically have no rewards; however, they are loaded with many benefits and valuable discounts for their card members.

Additionally, if you are reluctant of applying and thinking you will not be qualified because of poor credit history, a Union Plus secured credit card is made available for you.



The AlrajhiBank YouVisa Creditcards for Ladies

Women would love AlrajhiBank YouVisa Creditcards for Ladies because they are made for them.

AlrajhiBank YouVisa Creditcards for Ladies- Card Features

The You Visa cards have privileges that are tailored made for women. These Sharia compliant cards provide special offers and remarkable discounts on goods and services at many retail outlets that are exclusively for women credit card users.

The card features no fees or commissions if you fail to pay in time. It lessens the burden of women concerning payments, and they can concentrate on other things they need.

Cardholders can take advantage of the rewards program by earning points while enjoying their shopping. This adds value to over their usual spending.

Women can share the benefits of AlrajhiBank YouVisa Creditcards for Ladies by getting additional cards for the other members of the family or get another card with lower credit limit for use in online purchases.

The Relationship of Women
and Credit Cards

Do you have any idea why credit cards such as AlrajhiBank YouVisa Creditcards for Ladies have to be designed exclusively for women?

According to an ABC News article, women are paying for their credit cards more than men do.

In a study, ladies pay at half a point more interest rate on their cards than that of the men do. They arrived with the average after considering the factors such as the level of income, educational aspect and financial literacy.

Moreover, the study reveals other facts that women are:

AlrajhiBank YouVisa Creditcards for Ladies- Card Users

  • More likely in carrying credit card balance, 5-percentage points
  • More likely in paying at minimum only, 4-percentage points
  • More likely being charged with late fees, 6-percentage points

However, on the last three, the statistics are at least equal among the financially literate group of men and women.

Meaning, it pays off to women in having higher level of financial literacy. Becoming more knowledgeable financially, helps women in keeping more of her money.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Owning Credit Cards

Regardless, which gender you belong, it will help a lot to be more credit card literate. This is crucial because we tend to spend more money on credit cards.

People should understand that owning credit cards such as AlrajhiBank YouVisa Creditcards for Ladies cost them something, and that is interest rate.

Therefore, lessening credit card interests will save cardholders more money over their lifetime.

The Do’s

AlrajhiBank YouVisa Creditcards for Ladies - Card Responsibility

Pay the Debt. Pay credit card debt whenever you have fund. It is useless of having savings, but at the same time having card debt.

Make Timely Payment. Consistency of paying on time helps your credit score. It will help setting up auto payments, if you are always busy and tends to forget paying on due dates.

Keeping the Ratio Low. This concerns the ratio of credit utilization (amount of debt versus amount of credit). The fact is that cardholders should only charge not more that 10-percent of their credit card limit.

The Don’ts

Applying many cards at the same time. The FICO scoring tends to lower the score of those who apply many cards at once. People who do such thing have more tendencies to default statistically.

Closing accounts. More credits lead to better credit utilization ratio. The closure of old accounts has negative impact because the length of credit history accounts for 15-percent of the credit score.

Co-signing loans. Refrain from co-signing loans as much as possible because whenever the individual you co-signed will default payment, it will provide negative effect on your own credit report.

Ignoring minimal account balances. Many businesses still use the conventional FICO scoring scheme that considers late payments to be against the cardholder regardless of amount.

These guidelines are generally applicable to both men and women cardholders including those who have AlrajhiBank YouVisa Creditcards for Ladies.



The Best Use of AlrajhiBank Visa MasterCard Silver Creditcards

What makes AlrajhiBank Visa MasterCard Silver Creditcards an ideal card for you?

AlrajhiBank Visa MasterCard Silver Creditcards - Ideal Card

These cards are packed with superior flexibility and power in one. The card that is ideal in meeting your essential and extraordinary needs.

Apply for these Sharia compliant cards and get instant issuance at any Al Rajhi Bank branches in less than 30 minutes.

Get the necessary shopping convenience stores and take advantage of instant discounts and special offers as soon getting the card.

Moreover, take the opportunity of earning points while shopping with the card and use them in redeeming great rewards.

Most of all enjoy using AlrajhiBank Visa MasterCard Silver Creditcards in your online shopping safely.

How to Avail Credit Cards
in Saudi Arabia

Do you want to know how to apply for AlrajhiBank Visa MasterCard Silver Creditcards?

If you are an expat, applying for a credit card in the KSA is easy as long as you can provide the necessary requirements.

Initially, you have to secure approval from your employer about the intention of applying for the card. When approved, you should request for a certification of your monthly pay.

The required document will be released to the company together with the seal stamp of the KSA Chamber of Commerce upon approval of the request and issuance of certification.

The Application Requirements

AlrajhiBank Visa MasterCard Silver Creditcards - Application Requirements

Iqama. This is Arabic for Residence Permit. The document certifies that the expat is working legally in the Saudi Arabian company that hires him. It contains all the information about the employee and works as an identification card for all the transaction he will enter in the Kingdom.

Passport. The passport will be the source of information regarding the applicant’s country of origin, full name, nationality and other pertinent information.

Correctness of Data. Banks are very particular about the completeness and correctness of data submitted. As an example, the name in the Iqama should match with that of the passport.

Endorsement Letter of Monthly Pay. This document will help the bank to determine whether the applicant qualifies for a credit card.

The bank will also record necessary information including:

  • The justification of being a legal employee of the company in Saudi Arabia.
  • The name in Iqama and the one in the passport should refer to the same person.
  • The information about the term of the applicant’s employment and his/her particular work assignment
  • The address of the company and the contact number
  • Information of the basic salary, food allowance, travel allowance, housing allowance, and others

The applicant with the complete documentary requirements can proceed to the bank and fill-out an application form. The application form together with the necessary requirements will be submitted to the bank for processing. It will usually take 10 to 15 days for the applicant to receive the card including important agreements, instructions and other bank policies.

Credit cards such as AlrajhiBank Visa MasterCard Silver Creditcards do not only offer convenience, but provides savings to cardholders in many ways. Using cards is a practical way to purchase goods and services.

The people with the right attitude in staying within the budget and consistent in paying their monthly billing on time are good indication of responsible card owners.




Considering AlrajhiBank Visa MasterCard Platinum Creditcards

Are you considering which AlrajhiBank Visa MasterCard Platinum Creditcards are the right card for you?

AlrajhiBank Visa Mastercard Platinum Creditcards - Benefits

The Al Rajhi Bank lined-up varieties of credit cards designed in compliance with Sharia. The cards provide flexible features and high acceptance worldwide.

One beneficial aspect of Al Rajhi Bank is the Rewards Program, which is part of their continuous commitment in providing essential benefits to cardholders.

The Rewards Program gives an opportunity to cardholders in redeeming points every time they use their credit cards on purchases.

Most of the card types are useful for purchasing and withdrawals of cash, which supplements the Rewards Program.

Whatever your needs may be, Al Rajhi Bank credit cards can meet your requirements.

Easy Means in Getting AlrajhiBank Visa MasterCard Platinum Creditcards

If you intend to get Al Rajhi Bank Visa Mastercard for reasons such as making hotel reservations or seeking travel assistance, there are easy and simple ways in getting them.

Customers can conveniently apply through the following means:

Al Mubasher Retail – is a large online platform of Al Rajhi Bank that provides Internet banking service. Customers can transact anywhere, any time conveniently under secured environment.

  • Get the credit card of your choice by registering and logging into the site.
  • Select “Credit Card” from the options
  • Select “Request for new Card”
  • Provide the necessary information to apply

Once approved, you can expect the card through courier.

Branches of Al Rajhi Bank – Interested parties can visit the bank branches nearest to them and get an immediate issuance of the card.

Applicants should complete the form with the required information and submit to the bank’s representative.

AlrajhiBank Visa MasterCard Platinum Creditcards of Choice

Consider one of the Al Rajhi Bank credit cards to take advantage of the benefits they offer. These cards are designed with security, convenience and flexibility that you need for daily living.

Infinite Card

This Sharia compliant card has high credit limit. It is useful for access to airport lounges and special assistance worldwide.

Platinum Card

AlrajhiBank Visa Mastercard Platinum Creditcards - Card Choices

This card with high credit limit provides access for special offers as well as discounts at high-end stores.

Gold Card

The Gold Card can be instantly issued at Al Rajhi Bank branches and is useful for purchasing and withdrawals. You can also earn points when shopping with the card for rewards.

Silver Card

This card offers the benefit of Rewards Points Program and is useful for shopping as well as withdrawals of cash.

Qassit Credit Card

Qassit card provides special offers and great discounts at many selected merchants. It has easy installments monthly and charges no additional costs on outstanding balance.

Ladies Card “Laki”

Ladies Card “Laki” is Sharia compliant creditcard that are instantly available at bank branches. It is included in Rewards Points Program and great for special offers and special discounts at all selected merchants.

Ensan Card

A Sharia compliant card and can be used to charitable work contributions. It supports orphans through charitable society called “Ensan”.

Tawasaq Card

This card is an essential tool in purchasing and cash withdrawal. This Sharia compliant creditcard can be issued instantly at bank branches.

Customers can make their best choice from these AlrajhiBank Visa MasterCard Platinum Creditcards.


AlrajhiBank Visa MasterCard Gold Creditcards for Your Family

Make AlrajhiBank Visa MasterCard Gold Creditcards part of the family, and consider getting almost anything that you desire by just using the card.

AlrajhiBank Visa MasterCard Gold Creditcards - Family Card

Having the Gold card from Al Rajhi Bank does not only provide family shopping convenience, but it supports the cardholder in many ways.

The card gives you the privilege of instant discounts even upon obtaining the card. This Sharia compliant card does not charge fees on late payments.

Cardholders are benefited by their regular spending by earning points every time they use the card that is useful in redeeming rewards.

Above all, cardholders are well protected due to the fact that AlrajhiBank Visa MasterCard Gold Creditcards are safe for online shopping.

AlrajhiBank Visa MasterCard Gold Creditcards and Family Budget

Some cardholders may have concerns on how they can relate the use of AlrajhiBank Visa MasterCard Gold Creditcards with their budgeting. They arrived with the conclusion of paying more attention on the things they buy and track their expenses better.

Accordingly, these people charged credit cards with most of their usual expenses such as store purchases, restaurant. The reason is, they wanted to have a record of their spending.

These cardholders also settle their bills in full, and practice not to forward a balance. However, they feel of spending whatever they have every month, and simply hope it does not exceed what they are earning.

Their confusion is about tracking the expenses. Do they have to base it on days such as 1 to 30 in a month? Alternatively, should they base it according to the credit card cycle?

AlrajhiBank Visa MasterCard Gold Creditcards - Family Budget

One answer refers using the credit card cycle and tracking the expenses as they are made. A budget (preferably in excel format) can be kept on a monthly basis, and whenever the card is used, the expense is noted under the month when it is incurred. The rationale is that money is already spent even if no immediate payment is made.

Now as the bill comes in, the items are checked and marked as paid. Markings are easily done using color format applied in the specific cell.

When applying this scheme, you are not considering the money in your bank balance as currently available.

Other answers suggest of using a roll-over budget scheme since most of their expenses are variable from month to month. This system may require checking the statements of the past year and averaging the expenses. For example, a certain expense is incurred by a family member every 90 days and another family member incurred the same expense in three to four weeks. The amount of such expense monthly will be computed by taking the average of amount incurred by the two members of the family considering the days the expense was incurred.

Yet, another simpler approach states that whenever you use your credit card, the receipts may be saved and you can tally the expenses weekly. Assuming, the family spent a total of SAR600 in one week, payment can be sent for the credit card at the same amount on payday.

In many cases, the use of cards such AlrajhiBank Visa MasterCard Gold Creditcards in relation with the family budgeting would simply require responsibility and common sense in handling.


Why Settle for AlrajhiBank Visa Infinite Creditcards?

Would you want to obtain AlrajhiBank Visa Infinite Creditcards?

The Visa Infinite credit cards of Al Rajhi Bank are created to conform to your lifestyle. These cards are designed having the excellence in meeting exactly your needs and requirements.

AlrajhiBank Visa Infinite Creditcards - Elite Cards

The Visa Infinite cards are the best choice of card for flexibility and convenience. It is either you have this card or you have nothing at all.

Individuals preferred to live with luxury of living will have the best treat of their lives using the card.

The bank ensures cardholders of only the best features placed in the card in order for them to experience the pampering of good living.

Shopping would be easy having the right credit limit to start with. Besides, what is the use of having a credit card if it will not suffice your needs?

Additionally, getting some special treatment such as lounge access and other special services are convincing reasons why you need to have the AlrajhiBank Visa Infinite credit cards.

What are the Features of AlrajhiBank Visa Infinite Creditcards?

Great cards such as Visa Infinite are loaded with excellent features that provide the best for cardholders.

Sufficient Credit Limit. Visa Infinite offers a credit limit that start with SR 375,000. This is supposed to be sufficient enough in doing your shopping and getting other essential services.

Airport Lounge Access. Get the convenience of airport lounge access, first class. This is applicable at more than 175 international airports worldwide.

AlrajhiBank Visa Infinite Creditcards - Card Features

Supplementary Cards. Get additional cards for your loved ones even up to five cards. This will provide your family member the necessary benefits that the AlrajhiBank Visa Infinite credit cards can offer.

Special Services. Avail of first class services when using the card during your travel around the world. The card is providing the extra-ordinary services that every cardholder deserved.

Special Offers. Take advantage of generous offers and discounts on your shopping. Get them firsthand when using the Visa Infinite card on your purchases.

How to Get AlrajhiBank Visa Infinite Creditcards?

Visa Infinite card is obtainable only by invitation. In order to get the card, applicants have to call their relationship manager of Al Rajhi Bank.

Accordingly, credit cards that are obtainable by invitation are somehow difficult to get even with an excellent score.

Among the known cards that share this elite status is the Black Centurion of American Express. These cards normally have unique terms and conditions. The advantage is that these cards have high acceptance anywhere around the world.

According to experts, cardholders of cards by invitation charge at least $250,000 or more. They are also willing to pay an initiation fee of $5,000 and maintain the card with $2500 annual fee.

The benefits that are known about these cards are great travel perks, exclusive discounts, free upgrades on carriers and other pampering features.

AlrajhiBank Visa Infinite Creditcards share the same unique features and provides the same great benefits for the people in KSA.

If you are qualified indeed in getting the card, only the superior features of the best card is in-stored for you.



What Makes AlrajhiBank Shopping Creditcards Ideal for Shoppers?

Consumers typically use AlrajhiBank Shopping Creditcards to purchase products and services in stores and online.

AlrajhiBank Shopping Creditcards - Features

Did you know that an instant issuance of these cards is available at any Al Rajhi Bank branches? This provides shopping opportunity at the earliest convenience.

The card is designed with great features that are essential for shopping activities of cardholders.

These credit cards normally have lower credit limit and allow payment of merchandise using POS terminals or online facility. They also allow cash withdrawals through automated teller machines.

These cards are Sharia compliant and very simple to maintain because you will not be charged with late payment fees.

Many shoppers will benefit in the instant discounts that they can take advantage even as soon as they get their AlrajhiBank Shopping Creditcards.

Al Rajhi Bank Provision of Secure Online Shopping Service

Protection is a crucial consideration while using AlrajhiBank Shopping Creditcards.

The Al Rajhi Bank answers the concern by providing service for secure online shopping. The service is put in place to protect the cardholders from any form of credit card fraud and misuse when shopping online.

An added secure code will be sent through SMS message to the cardholder’s registered mobile number. This is done whenever a shopper completes purchases online.

This is to ensure that you can shop online with confidence and not fearing about unauthorized use of credit card information in any unlawful transactions.

The bank offers the service free to all credit cardholders of Al Rajhi Bank with the cooperation of Visa and MasterCard.

The Al Mubasher Retail Service

AlrajhiBank Shopping Creditcards - Protection

Al Rajhi Bank extends banking convenience even further by providing internet banking service known as Al Mubasher Retail.

This banking service allows cardholders to conduct their banking transactions at anytime and anywhere under a reliable and secured environment.

What are the privileges you will get from Al Mubasher Retail as AlrajhiBank Shopping Creditcards cardholder?

  • The facility lets you inquire about the details of your credit card account.
  • There is no need to waste your time going out just to settle your utility bills such as mobile phone, telephone, water and electricity because you can pay them online.
  • You can also pay government fees such as civil service, passport service and traffic using the internet service facility.
  • Handle stock investments fast and easy and you can readily subscribe and sell IPO stock with a click.
  • Facilitate money transfers to any of Al Rajhi bank accounts as well as to local and international bank accounts.
  • Shoppers can easily inquire of their current credit card balance and they can make payments as well.
  • You can also handle activation, modification and cancellation of standing orders online through this facility.
  • Conveniently purchase Internet ADSL cards, stock price cards, phone cards and many others.

Cardholders of AlrajhiBank Shopping Creditcards can now avail of the latest version of Al Mubasher Retail, which makes internet banking even better.

The version 5 offers customization, budget tracker, favorite transfers, ATM and bank branch locator, mail box and chat facilities.

The system claims to have over a million online users at the rate of three million monthly transactions.



What Makes AlrajhiBank Premium Creditcards Premium?

Let us see whether AlrajhiBank Premium Creditcards deserve to be labeled as premium credit cards.

There are several banks and credit card companies that offer their respective premium card brand. These premium cards have become status symbol in our modern life today.

AlrajhiBank Premium Creditcards - Card Features

If you intend flashing a card, it would be great to show a platinum or a purple card to make an impression.

Premium cards do not only show prestige, but are known for perks. They offer wide range of great rewards to card members such as travel benefits and concierge service.

These exclusive cards are labeled as premium because they are not commonly available to everybody. One may need to be earning high income range or linked to premium current account in order to qualify.

Moreover, most of these cards are obtained by invitation, and an excellent credit rating is a major requirement.

Most premium cards are maintained with an annual fee that can be burdensome to people with lesser income.

Does AlrajhiBank Premium Creditcards have Premium Benefits?

As it was already mentioned, the big thing about premium cards are the perks they provide. Various brands present different rewards, and the most common of them include exclusive access to airport lounges, travel insurance, concierge service.

Concierge service gives a card member access to an assistant who will provide personal help concerning bookings in hotels and restaurants. They can even arrange a flower delivery or assist in doing your laundry.

Moreover, other premium cards offer the point system that is similar to reward scheme, which allows earning cash from various services.

Using a premium card offers great flexibility because of high credit limit, and card members can borrow much larger amount than with a standard credit card.

What are the AlrajhiBank Premium Creditcards?

The Al Rajhi Bank offers their brand of premium credit cards that are Sharia compliant. These cards provide great flexibility and are widely accepted around the world.

Visa Infinite Card

AlrajhiBank Premium Creditcards - Infinite Cards

This card from Al Rajhi Bank is Sharia compliant. It has high credit limit that will suit every lifestyle.

The card provides access to international airport lounges and gives card members special service assistance anywhere in the world.

Cardholders can conveniently do their shopping and get discounts and special offers at many first-class stores.

Visa Infinite Card is created to be in line with sophisticated lifestyle. It is designed in accordance with the standard of AlrajhiBank Premium Creditcards and capable of meeting every needs and aspirations.

Visa Platinum Card

AlrajhiBank Premium Creditcards - Platinum Cards

This Platinum card is Sharia compliant that has high credit limit to match your lifestyle.

On top of great perks that a premium credit card can offer, it provides application of up to five additional cards for your loved ones.

Card member can definitely enjoy convenient shopping and take advantage of special offers and superior travel assistance in any part of the world.

As one of AlrajhiBank Premium Creditcards, Platinum card is capable of meeting your convenient living.

The card is your ideal companion to experience the enjoyment of luxuries and getting the best comfort in life that you deserve.


AlrajhiBank Credit Card Man for Charity

AlrajhiBank Credit Card Man is designed to do good for the less fortunate through charitable means.

The world has a great need for charity today. The numbers of people that are seeking for help abound around the world.

AlrajhiBank Credit Cards - Charity

Fortunately, institutions and individuals alike are answering the call to help, and share through whatever means possible.

Here is where charitable credit cards come in. These cards work just as regular card does such as purchasing products or services.

The card accumulates points as you use them, and the points earned are applicable in redeeming rewards by the charity that the cardholder is supporting.

In a way, the rewards system facilitates charitable efforts through the usual daily spending, and does not require extra means of extending charitable works.

The AlrajhiBank Credit Card Man is set up in helping the charity of your choice. Cardholders can choose numbers of charitable causes that can be tied-up with the use of the card.

How to Use AlrajhiBank Credit Card Man for Charity

The points earned from using the credit card from Al Rajhi Bank in purchases are redeemable for rewards. The rewards are donated to charity with the orphans as beneficiary.

According to the system followed by the bank, donations will help people in need through the rewards points that will be converted into cash. The money will be directly deposited to the account of the recipient.

Participating cardholders should charge their card before using them by converting the desired amount of cash from the current account into the credit card account.

Features of  AlrajhiBank
Credit Card Man

The card is designed compatible with the existing provision of Islamic Law.

AlrajhiBank Credit Cards - Features

Immediate Availability. Applicants who are approved for the card can expect the instant release of their cards at any branches of the bank.

Discounts and Offers. Cardholders who just have their cards can already take advantage of instant discounts and special offers at many shops.

Card Protection. Shoppers that use the card in shopping online are safe through the facility of the card score control.

No Payment of Fees. The card does not charge any late payment fees or commission. This provides flexibility of payment to the cardholders.

Most importantly, Al Rajhi Bank Credit Card Man is the means of continuous contribution to charitable work of supporting orphans through the facilitation of Charitable Society for Orphans.

This feature of the card is the ideal way of helping without directly providing the fund. Through the bank or the credit card company, participating in charitable cause is connected to the use of the card.

There are instances in our lives that we are being touch by the needs of other people especially those that have no particular family.

Through the unselfish works of people that organize charitable initiatives, you as AlrajhiBank Credit Card Man cardholder can participate in their endeavor by simply using your credit card.

The rewards earned for charity, no matter how humble can make a big contribution to charitable cause. This is making use of what seems to be a small token of help that will go a long way for humanitarian cause.