Practical and Easy Steps to Eliminate Credit Card Debt

How to eliminate credit card debt is one of the major concerns of many people around the world.

With the ongoing economic crisis in many countries including the U.S., it is unavoidable for most people to get into burdening credit card debts.

Different solutions are being offered by different companies and agencies to help people get out of their credit card burden, but most of these entail high interests that put people more into the pit of indebtedness.

Some of the methods to fix credit card debts are debt consolidation, balance transfers, lower rates negotiations, and filing for bankruptcy.

There is no such thing as a method that suits all kinds of credit card indebtedness.

Each case is different and distinct.

However, there are practical and easy steps that you can follow to eliminate credit card debt no matter how large or complicated your case may be.

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Step One – Acceptance

This very first step deals with you.

More often than not, people like you who are up to neck with credit card debts are not wiling to accept that you are part to be blamed for your indebtedness.

Often, you are using economic crisis as an excuse; but the truth is, you can’t control your spending and the use of your credit cards.

Unless you accept that you are part of the problem and do something about it, you will never be able to eliminate credit card debt and proceed with the next steps.

Step Two – Resistance

Eliminate Credit Card Debt - Using credit cards efficientlyAfter dealing with you in first step, this second step deals with your credit cards.

If you are serious to eliminate credit card debt, you should resist using your cards.

Continuous use of your card will pile up your debts and ruin your budget. Instead of getting out of debt, the more you will fall into the pit.

Falling deep into the pit will make it more difficult for you to recover.

Don’t bring your credit card with you and use only those with low interests for very important purchases.

Try to pay with cash as much as possible.

Step Three – Abstinence

This step is about how you should spend or make purchases.

You must learn how to make cutbacks both on essential and non-essential things.

Abstinence is buying only what are necessary and getting rid of the luxuries and unnecessary items.

If you want to eliminate credit card debt fast, you must be frugal in the way you spend.

How would you do this?

This is done by spending for less quantity and substituting for less expensive brands such as for soaps, lotions, detergents, shampoo, conditioner, colognes, and others.

Instead of eating out for lunch or family dinners, why

not prepare packed meals for lunch and dinners at home?

It is cheaper and healthier.

Step Four – Budgeting

Eliminating Credit Card Debt - By budgetingA workable budget will help you eliminate credit card debt efficiently.

The savings you made from cutting back on some expenses should be treated separately.

You will treat those funds as your emergency fund, which should not be included in your available cash for expenditures.

Budgeting is simply about how much you are spending versus the amount of your available cash from all sources that include your salary or profit from business.

Make a complete list of all your expenses on the left side of a notepad or notebook starting with the necessities, then your debts.

Start the list of your debts with the least amount to the largest.

Beside that list put the monthly amount for each item.

On the right side, list your entire income source, including your salaries and profits from investments; if any.

Total both columns and compare.

If you have more expenses than income, then you have to adjust your expenses to make both sides with equal amount.

With this budget, you now know how much you can spend each month.

Stick to this budget and do not make additional expenses unless it is very important or necessary.

If in case, an unavoidable or unexpected situation happens and you need to spend, get the funds from your emergency fund and not from your budget.

Step Five – Payments

When you reach this step, you already have an emergency fund that you can use for unexpected expenses in order not to ruin your finances, a workable budget to stick to, and money to pay for your debts and necessities that include utilities.

Therefore, there is no reason to be delayed in payments of miss a payment.

Make sure that you always pay on time.

If you are able to save more in your emergency fund, use that to pay for your debts in order to eliminate credit card debt faster.

Effectiveness Depends On You

Eliminate Credit Card Debt - the Ultimate goal

These steps to eliminate credit card debt are practical and simple, but their effectiveness will largely depend on you.

If you will seriously follow these steps, it could be the start of your freedom from credit card debts.