Is Low Interest and Interest Free Credit Cards Really Being Offered?

With the ongoing economy, plenty of people are searching for low interest and interest free credit cards on the Internet. But, are these cards really being offered? If they do, how will they help you with your finances?

Some people may resort to getting a better paying job just to have more income. There are even some that get two jobs to earn more.

Still, several people would use loans or mortgages in order to get extra funds to augment their budget. Some are getting into home-based businesses for additional income.

What am I leading to? As we all know, the most utilized financial tools today are credit cards. This is the main reason people are searching for credit cards that have no interest, low interest, or those that carry rewards in order to save money.

Therefore, if there are really credit cards being offered that have no interest, then it will be a big help for those who need extra money.

Defining Interest Free Credit Cards

Free Credit Cards - Understand how it worksIf you are searching for free credit cards, I am sorry to say, but there are no such credit cards. Credit card companies are in business to make money from the interests that you pay them.

Otherwise, credit cards will not exist and we will not have the convenience and benefits that we get from using them.

However, credit cards that have low interest or no interest are really being offered, but only for a certain period. The length of period depends on the offer for each card.

No interest cards mean that when you pay back your credit from the purchases you made, you will not pay any extra charges or interest.

Usually, the no interest period runs up to fifteen months from the day you get your credit card. This period is commonly called the introductory period.

This offer is presented by the credit card companies to entice people to apply and get a credit card from them. As I mentioned earlier, credit cards are the most utilized financial tool. Thus, competition is stiff among issuers.

Interest Free Credit Cards Offered On the Market

Free Credit Cards - Issued by different banksTo let you know that interest free credit cards are really being offered, here are some of the credit cards that are available on the market.

  • Discover More Card with no interest for fifteen months and variable APR after intro period, plus five percent bonus for every purchase.
  • Advanta Platinum Rewards MasterCard that has no interest for sixteen months and APR of 7.99 percent.
  • Platinum Select MasterCard that has no sign up fee and no interest for fifteen months.
  • Discover Platinum has no interest for twelve months and an APR of 10.99 percent.
  • American Express Blue Credit Card with no interest for fifteen months and an APR of 11.74 percent.

There is no need to wonder because interest free credit cards are really being offered. These cards are ideal for balance transfer and making big purchases.

Through these cards, you can save money by not paying any interest on your purchases and paying only the minimum before the intro period ends.

Just put in mind that the cards that are really interest free are those that you pay off in full each month. Not carrying a balance will provide you the benefits of interest free cards all the time.