Home Depot Credit Card Delivers your Needs

Home Depot Credit Card - Home Depot Credit Card Offers

Home Depot Credit Card

Home Depot Credit Card promotes cards ideal for consumer and commercial need. You can consider this card whether your project is for home or business.

The card is also offered to assist consumers and business owners for the following:

  • Home improvement loan to finance renovation. You can use the card in purchasing products online or in the store.
  • Use the card in getting special orders or availing of installation services from Home Depot.
  • The card takes pride on their home repair loans given with stress-free flexibility.

What Home Depot Credit Card Offers?

  • Interest will not be charged if full payment of the balance is made within the first six months. The cardholder cannot apply this offer when the payment is late. This is applicable for purchases in the amount of $299 and up.
  • The penalty APR is at 29.99-percent.
  • The purchase APR is set at 17.99-percent up to 26.99-percent.
  • The card has no annual fee
  • Efficient online customer service is available.

What are the Types of Home Depot Credit Cards?

Home Depot Credit Card - Credit Card TypesConsumers Credit Card

  1. Consumer credit card that can only be used in Home Depot stores both online and personal purchases. The card offers no interest payments advantage on purchases of $299 and up at six months period.
  2. Consumer credit card with rewards entitles the cardholder to receive points on their purchases from both Home depot stores and other retailers.

Commercial Credit Cards

  1. The commercial account applicants may choose their Home Depot credit card between commercial account card and revolving charge card. The plus factor in revolving charge card is the free cards that can be given to employees. The revolving card is ideal for independent contractors.
  2. Business credit card offers identification number for every authorized user and provides an itemized billing. Commercial accounts can choose to pay monthly or settle the amount due in full.

Credit Cards Choice

Home Depot credit card provides options in choosing the best credit card that will fit every customers needs. Both contractors and individuals can get credit cards for their specific projects.

Things to Know When Applying for Home Depot Card

Home Depot Credit Card - Home Depot StoresBefore submitting your application, it is advisable to make a research and make comparison of the card offers. A tool for credit card finder is available for use free to help you on your search.

Home Depot offers credit card to its patrons. The card can be used to finance big purchases with ease and convenience.

Home Depot individual consumers may opt for a deferred payment program using their cards. This facility is advantageous because the customers can get all the supplies and materials they need for their home improvement, instead of breaking the purchases into stages.

Home Depot made available retail credit cards that are useful in its stores, and cards for purchasing from different retailers also.

Consumers should take the opportunity to review and compare credit cards carefully in order to get the right Home Depot credit card according to their needs.